Direct mail marketing is still an effective tool


Direct mail marketing is still an effective tool

Direct mail marketingBecause we often concentrate on web-based media topics like SEO strategies, SEO techniques and professional SEO services, there can be a tendency to forget the very basic business of direct mail marketing. But direct mail marketing still works! If you do not believe this, go to your mail box and take a look. If you are like most people, you will find a few pieces of direct mail marketing material. You probably get one from a dental practice a few times a month and here is the clincher: direct mail marketing from your internet service provider.

Cable and internet service providers (ISPs) continue to use direct mail marketing to make their customers and potential customers aware of the new or additional services they can supply. There is a very basic principal in free enterprise: practices that do not work die! Well, direct mail marketing has not died, so it must still be working.

AXIOM has known this for years. Direct mail marketing has worked in the past and it continues to work. The people who pay to send you this material would stop if their return on investment did not justify it! So, do not ignore the power of direct mail marketing as a part of your overall branding strategy.

AXIOM has the skill, experience and professional staff needed to create a direct mail marketing campaign as well as a logo design service that will make your branding strategy stand out. Contact AXIOM now to learn about our full range of services from digital marketing solutions and search engine optimization services to direct mail marketing services. Call us at (800) 888-6348 or use the link to find out more: AXIOM ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES.


About Those Do-It-Yourselfers

mobile friendlyTelevision and the internet are filled with commercials claiming that you can have a beautiful website up and running in just minutes, even if you have no web experience. If you have visited YouTube in the last few weeks, you have almost certainly seen a beautiful young woman telling you that she just put up her own website “in just minutes” and it looks great! Well, she looks great and I bet that her website looks pretty good too. But, I suspect that she had a little help with the product.

Earlier this year, AXIOM put up an article about “Do-It-Yourself” websites, and you might be surprised to learn that we think the DIYs have a definite place in the web spectrum. If your webpage is a hobby, a family site or personal use effort, then a do it yourself effort may be worthwhile. On the other hand, if you need to reach the maximum possible audience with a compelling message and a reason to use your product, service or professional practice, it will pay to turn to a professional online marketing consultant. Axiom Administrative Services can handle:

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Web Design – professionally done by expert web designers and graphic design artists
  • Internet Marketing Strategies created by professionals
  • Email Marketing Services, email campaigns and direct mail

Can a do-it-yourself web design be effective?  Well, yes. If your needs and purposes are limited and personal, DIY may work for you.  If you are serious about promoting your business, professional practice, nonprofit or other organization through internet marketing, you would be better served by the web services and web design provided by professionals like AXIOM. AXIOM understands the needs of small businesses, professional practices and nonprofits. Please visit AXIOM’s small business services page by clicking the link or call Axiom at 800-888-6348.

PS.See a beautiful example of AXIOM’s work for the organization by visiting


Well-written content is key for good SEO

SEOA lot of factors must combine to make your website successful. Good web design, professional SEO, a comprehensive internet marketing strategy, device responsiveness, and good search marketing are all important. However, there is an even more basic element: solidly written content. Your webpage ranking and internet marketing efforts can be seriously damaged by poorly produced, out-of-date or plagiarized content.

Google has a term for websites that can affect a viewer’s happiness, health or wealth. This is the “YMYL” (Your Money or Your Life) category, Google’s term for sites that ask you to spend money, frequent a professional practice, buy a product or service, shop at a given store, or make life-changing decisions. In short, these are the types of webpages that are produced and maintained by a business marketing organization or an online marketing company like Axiom Administrative Services.

If you are keeping a website for purely personal purposes, for family communication or simply as a hobby, professional content writing will not help you. On the other hand, if your website is there to promote your service, professional practice, product or non-profit organization, professionally written content is indispensable. Content writing is just one part of a successful web marketing, digital marketing and internet advertising effort. The professionals at Axiom Administrative Services (AAS) can help you to master the digital marketing techniques needed to achieve an effective web presence. You can learn more about the critical importance of web content by reading “Should You Hire Someone to Write your Blog?” in the AXIOM ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES blog archives.


Digital marketing and search marketing are powerful in business marketing

Digital marketingYou may think you know your own communication devices, but have you ever thought about what your computer, your browser, mobile device knows about you?  They probably know your present location, your home address, where you shop and what you buy. If you have been looking at new car ads lately, they know you may be in the market for a car loan, auto insurance or auto repairs.

Try this- choose a professional practice in your local area, an ophthalmologist for example. Then search for their office phone number. That’s all, do not actually call them. There is a good chance that you are going to start seeing pop-ups for laser eye surgery soon. You may get ‘buy-one-get-one-free’ offers for eyeglasses or ads for contact lenses. Digital marketing, especially search marketing, has made it possible for businesses and service providers to target their advertising dollars directly at the people who need them.

Digital marketing and search marketing have had a powerful effect on internet marketing strategies and business marketing in general. It is no longer enough to merely have a good business website, or even an effective SEO marketing plan. Today, new techniques like social media marketing and social network marketing are making the old web marketing strategies obsolete.

If your business marketing, digital marketing or internet advertising plan is more than a year old, it is probably out of date. The digital marketing and search marketing experts at AXIOM ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES are ready and able to bring your internet marketing into this new age. The power of social media marketing, search marketing and social network marketing is simply too great to ignore.

If you are struggling with your internet marketing and online advertising problems, it would pay you to turn to a professional online marketing consultant. Axiom Administrative Services has the professional digital marketing skills needed to guide your web presence to the rankings it should have. Visit AXIOM’s small business services page by clicking this LINK or call Axiom at 800-888-6348.


Axiom can help your small business through internet marketing

Digital marketingA lot is written and said these days about the concentration of economic power in the hands of a few large companies. Many people worry about organizations like Apple, Facebook and Amazon that did not even exist 30 years ago, amassing such huge commercial power. While this is true in a sense, the professionals at AXIOM see a counter-trend that actually favors the small, local business person or service provider.

Digital marketing, especially search marketing, has a powerful democratizing effect on markets. Until recently, a startup, a small business or service provider could not possibly afford to buy a 30-second spot during ‘prime time’ or even a short commercial during off hours. Even if they could afford the air time, the production costs were prohibitive. Mobile devices, mobile marketing and search marketing has changed everything.

Now, ‘prime time’ is any time that a potential patient, client or customer is searching the internet for a local professional practice, service provider or product. It is foreseeable that search marketing or mobile marketing on smart phones will eclipse traditional advertising methods like television, radio and print. Most people will go to their smart phones or other mobile devices to find a rug cleaner, a dentist or a chiropractor.

A local small business, professional practice or service provider can compete very effectively in this new market. They can even use online video marketing techniques professionally produced by AXIOM to show the world their products or skills. Click on AXIOM VIDEO to see a YouTube example of AXIOM’s video ability.


Axiom can help your non-profit with SEO

seoWhy do “Do-Gooders” sometimes fail to do well?  Almost all non-profits have good intentions, but those intentions alone are not enough to fulfill your mission. The principals and rules that apply to professional practices, service providers, and for-profit businesses also apply to non-profit organizations. It is no longer enough to merely have a webpage. The page must be mobile device friendly or “responsive,” there must be good web design, SEO (search engine optimization), utilization of video formats, and management of social media marketing platforms.

Not-for-profit organizations like churches, charities, NGOs, or social services operate on limited budgets. Often, there is no room in those budgets for an on-staff IT manager or an internet specialist. But without those services, the non-profit is at a significant disadvantage. Potential volunteers and contributors, as well as the people who need your services, will be less likely to locate or even be aware of your organization. Today, the ‘net,’ the ‘cloud’ and mobile marketing are the keys to a non-profit’s success, just as they are for giant companies. Learn how AXIOM can help you fulfill your non-profit’s mission by clicking INTERNET MARKETING FOR NON-PROFITS.


A short video can greatly improve your marketing results

Have you ever thought of incorporating video into your internet marketing mix? Online advertising is a dynamic and rapidly changing field. The incredible rise of search marketing propelled by the use of mobile devices has changed the landscape. Direct mail and email marketing are still useful and effective, but there is a completely new factor in online advertising: video.

The website for the well-known streaming service Roku publishes rankings of its most-watched channels in all categories. As you might expect, Netflix, the pay-by-month entertainment giant is number 1, but what is your guess for 2nd place? Would you believe that it is YouTube?

This is surprising because YouTube is free, open source and (in many cases) very amateurish. Much of YouTube’s material is poorly produced or barely understandable, yet it is getting more Roku views than HBO, Sling, Hulu or Amazon Video. These organizations pay tens of millions of dollars to get professionally produced content. Why does YouTube ‘outclick’ them?

The ‘free factor’ is one element, but the rise of smartphones is where YouTube is really cleaning up. Short, interesting videos are perfectly suited to the mobile device user, and they click on YouTube all day long. This is a huge opportunity for small businesses, non-profits and professional practices. Imagine that you are a CPA or tax planner. If you put up an informative, well produced video on some area of your expertise or practice, it could reach hundreds or thousands of potential clients.

A retirement-age senior would be interested in learning about taxation of Social Security benefits. Many people would view a short explanation of ‘Adjusted Gross Income vs. Taxable Income.’ The opportunities for calling attention to your practice, getting new clients and building relationships are huge.

Axiom Administrative Services can provide professional help in producing these types of video presentations, placing them on YouTube and linking them to your other internet marketing vehicles like Facebook. Social media and video can combine to make your message more appealing. See how by clicking on AXIOM VIDEO IN FACEBOOK.


Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of JulyToday is our nation’s 241st Day of Independence. The 4th of July is a day to relax and enjoy some good fun with family and friends, maybe to have a cookout or go to a fireworks display. It is also a time to remember the men and women who fought for our nation’s independence and to honor the courage and determination they displayed. Without them, the history of the entire world would be changed for the worse!

Today’s business people and entrepreneurs would do well to follow the example of our Founding Fathers. They dared to take on an ‘impossible’ task, defeating the British Empire. Using new and unconventional tactics, the citizen soldiers of the American colonies drove out the best professional army of its time.

George Washington realized that he did not have to defeat the might of the British Empire. What he needed to do was to dominate relatively small battles in places like Saratoga, Trenton, or Yorktown, far from Britain and Europe. Eventually, he and his army prevailed against a far more powerful opponent.

Today’s small business person, service provider, entrepreneur or professional practitioner is in very much the same position. They do not need to outperform national powers like Home Depot or Lowes, they only need to dominate a few zip codes, neighborhoods or a small town for plumbing contractors, electricians or CPAs.  That is the specialty of the professionals at AXIOM Administrative Services. Like Washington, AXIOM tries to win those small, local battles that add up to winning the war!

Join the revolution now! Let AXIOM guide you and your enterprise to victory. AXIOM understands the needs of small businesses, professional practices and nonprofits. Please visit AXIOM’s small business services page by clicking this LINK or call Axiom at 800-888-6348.


The importance of social media marketing

FacebookToday, the importance of social media marketing cannot be overlooked. Facebook started out as a ‘toy’ for a few college students, but it has now become one of the leading web marketing tools available to digital marketing professionals. Each day, tens of millions of people all over the world look at their own Facebook page, their friends’ pages, celebrities or interest groups they like.  Facebook is literally a ‘web within the web.’

These pages often contain nothing but personal chatter, but there is also a huge opportunity for digital marketing. When your business, professional practice or service provider Facebook page is ‘liked’ by a single Facebook user, it opens the door to being seen by dozens of others in their social network. Often, these are people of similar age, background and tastes. The internet marketing potential of these social networks is obvious. A young woman who ‘likes’ a hair stylist or finds a bargain on her favorite shoes can let numerous friends of comparable taste know this information in seconds. In turn, they may pass the information on to dozens or hundreds of their social network friends.

These communications are sometimes trivial, but they often contain information, advice and opinions on serious subjects like, ‘how to choose a doctor,” “who to vote for” or “where to find legal” help. The digital marketing opportunity for politicians and professional practices is obvious.

If you provide a service, such as plumbing, carpentry, electrical contracting or hair styling, a single recommendation, referral or ‘like’ of your business Facebook page may bring exposure to hundreds of other people in the same demographic group and geographic area. Now, they know about you, they understand that someone they know and trust has endorsed you. When they have a similar need to fill, it is far more likely that they will call on you to do the job.

Search marketing and social media marketing are two of the most powerful forces in the internet advertising field. To learn more, read our blog article on SOCIAL MEDIA AND SEARCH MARKETING.


What’s the role of social media in business?

Facebook is the biggest social media site, but there are many others that cater to different sorts of audiences. Read, “The Role of Social Media in Business” to find out how social media can be part of your overall digital marketing and internet marketing plan.

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