Dr. Christian Birkedal top rated by Patients


Dr. Christian Birkedal top rated by Patients

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Dr. Christian Birkedal

Dr. Christian Birkedal

Dr. Birkedal is a board certified general surgeon with over 15 years of providing exceptional service and care to his patients. He specializes in performing minimally-invasive surgeries that allow a patient to recover quickly and with less discomfort. He grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. He completed his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at Florida State University. He then earned his medical degree at the University of Alabama School of Medicine. During his time there, he received the Tinsley-Harrison Scholarship for academic performance and the Gross Anatomy Instructor honor for academic performance, leadership and teaching ability.He also completed a surgical residency at the Baptist Health System in Birmingham, Alabama.
He has presented internationally on several topics, including “Biopsy Fragment Supernates: A New Modality for the Rapid Diagnosis of Lung Cancer” and has written textbook chapters for Emedicine Textbook of Surgery.
Christian Birkedal is Board Certified in General Surgery and is a member of the American Medical Association, the Florida Medical Association, American College of Surgeons and Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine Society.

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