Physicians of America: Axiom wants to know what is Your Position on The Patient Protection and Affordable HealthCare Act a/k/a Obamacare?


Physicians of America: Axiom wants to know what is Your Position on The Patient Protection and Affordable HealthCare Act a/k/a Obamacare?


Physicians of America: Axiom wants to know what is Your Position on The Patient Protection and Affordable HealthCare Act a/k/a Obamacare?

Two years after the Affordable Care Act passed the U. S. Congress political commentators see it as one of the country’s most divisive laws in decades.[1] As then Illinois senator Barrack Obama announced his declaration to become the Democrat’s presidential nominee, universal health care has been the topic of discussion all across America.

Dr. Farid Naffah, a physician from Warren, Ohio has penned an advertised piece entitled, “The Risks and Perils of Obamacare.” His piece, endorsed by 43 like-minded physicians, has brought up some serious issues with The Patient Protection and Affordable HealthCare Act. Dr. Naffah has taken the lead to question this law and brings up some serious issues and questions about it, just before President Obama might be elected to a second term. Based on his article, Axiom Administrative Services would like to see where you, as a physician, stand on this legislation.

Dr. Naffah believes this new health care law will discourage and prevent current doctors from running their own private practice. With new regulations and decreased rates of re-imbursement from the government for medical services, private practices are being squeezed financially. Doctor’s offices are “raided” on a regular frequency. Billing systems are regularly audited to obtain payments the government alleges physicians wrongfully billed. Claims of impropriety are often prematurely judged and labeled fraud. Cases of fraud incur massive government fines, which are determined by auditors that receive a financial cut of the total fine levied against physicians’’ private practices.[2]

The article also blames future doctor shortages on Obamacare’s financial disincentives in becoming a doctor. While nearly all people who become doctors do not do it primarily for the financial rewards, most people do expect to be compensated for years of education and residencies. Since physicians are less able to maintain their own practices, and Obamacare will prohibit physicians from owning hospitals, doctors will have their salaries severely limited. When this healthcare legislation is fully implemented, doctors will be lucky to make $150,000 per year; this will be the top of the salary range. Salary ranges for doctors, who on average, have $200,000 or more in education debt, along with the opportunity to pursue career such as lawyers or business owners with a much lower chance of getting sued, will plummet future enrollment figures at medical schools. [2

Dr. Naffah cites some startling statistics about the effects of the healthcare that will impact everyone now and into the future. 90% of all doctors are dissuading their children from becoming physicians. With Obamacare there will be 160,000 fewer doctors by 2025. Even though President Obama claims everyone will have health insurance, 20% of people won’t be able to get care because there won’t be enough doctors to treat everyone.[2]

The cost of health care will go up and the patient-physician relationship will disappear. This sacred and effective relationship will disappear because more and more patients will be forced to get treatment at a hospital compared to fewer private practices. Dr. Naffah points out that more and more hospitals will acquire private practices because private practices are folding at an alarming rate. The cost of health care increases because hospitals are paid at higher rates from Medicare and insurers compared to a private practice.[2]

Physicians will be forced to be part of accountable care organizations (ACOs). ACOs are comprised of a group of government bureaucrats in charge of delivering care to a selected population of patients. The organization, following pre-set, government-mandated criteria, is supposed to increase quality by working with physicians to cut waste. Dr. Naffah says ACOs will dismantle the relationship between the patient and their physician. These organizations have self-interest in reducing costs because they get a cut of the total waste they aim to save.[2]

Physicians will be forced to ration care in the name of cost cutting measures. The pressure to save on health care costs may override a physician’s primary duty to uphold the Hippocratic Oath to practice medicine honestly and ethically. However, Dr. Naffath believes Obamacare leaves physicians no other option than to unwillingly break it.[2]

Perhaps the most comprehensive points Dr. Naffah brings up is summed up by him as, “We will thus have established a new standard, one that the government will hail as thoughtful and well proportioned, that hospital administrators will label as coordinated and aptly delivered, and that regulators and accreditation agencies will honor as compliant. Regardless, the rest of us will recognize the new standard for what it really is: medical mediocrity.”[2] Essentially the new health care law will change health care in America forever, and for the worse. Medical care will be eseentially reduced to another government service, like others, that are provided by unaccountable and often untouchable government bureaucrats.

Now that we have covered the real and lasting effects of Obamacare, we would like to ask you the same question again. If you are a physician, where do you stand on Obamacare and the deleterious effects upon the economy, but more importantly the patients of America? You only have a few days to change the course of America and its health care system.

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