Online Strategies for Plumbers


Online Strategies for Plumbers

Just like the pipes in a building, your website needs to be maintained to perform at maximum capacity. Over time, fittings loosen, joints weaken, pipes rust, and eventually leaks will develop. Much the same thing happens to your website without proper maintenance. If your links are out of date, your keywords are no longer effective, or your content is less than it should be, you will start leaking potential customers. If your website is not properly designed or maintained, it will be more difficult for potential customers to locate you online. And those visitors who do find your site will be less likely to stick around or return later.

Making Sure Your Website Works Harderpipes

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is the process of making sure that a website continues to be an asset by increasing the likelihood that online visitors will find it using a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. For some SEO firms, this entails a brief editing of a client’s site, or quickly adding a few links. At Axiom Internet Marketing, however, SEO is into a full-service process that includes editing code, working outside of the website, and linking to social media. We know it’s not enough to have a website, it needs to beat your competition’s website and steer customers to your business.

Our integrated SEO strategy does include tried and true methods including site edits and backlinks, but goes far beyond those techniques to take advantage of the power of modern online technology. This includes creation of online content, blog creation and maintenance, print marketing, and leveraging the flexibility and reach of communication databases. We don’t just focus on a couple aspects of your site, we take a multi-faceted approach to SEO to make your website more visible and more attractive to visitors and help you turn visitors into customers.

We Know Your Business

Contact Axiom today and let us show you our full range of targeted SEO solutions designed specifically for your needs. In addition to our technological expertise, our staff has wide experience in the mechanical and electrical contracting industries and understands what it your business needs to succeed in an online environment. Let Axiom help take your website to the next level and realize its full potential as a valuable piece of your marketing strategy.

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