A Prescription For a Healthy Practice


A Prescription For a Healthy Practice

Physicians hailing from all backgrounds and practicing many different types of medicine are flocking to the Internet in search of new patients for their practices. A professionally-designed and built website can be a major boost to your marketing efforts, tapping into a pool of millions of potential new patients. However, some doctors are skeptical that having a website will really help their bottom line. Others don’t understand the online world and are intimidated by digital technology. At Axiom Health Care Marketing we can make the virtual world easy to understand and a real benefit to your practice.Opthamology The Specialty Final Pic


Website Design Made Simple

The layperson tends to think of website design and creation as merely building a pretty page for your business, perhaps adding a few links and including a contact form. While we understand the importance of an attractively-designed website – and employ only the best graphic design professionals to create your site – we know there is a lot more to building a winning website. You also need content that is relevant, interesting, and fresh and that will not only draw visitors to your site, but also keep them coming back again and again.


At Axiom, our staff includes both top-flight IT personnel who know the ropes of the technical world and professionals who know the healthcare industry. This makes us ideally suited to serving the online needs of physicians. We know what kind of content and features will draw attention to your website and are prepared to create a robust, full-featured site for you drawing from our extensive expertise and experience in both the digital and healthcare worlds.


Helping You Stand Out Online

A website can only be great if people know about it, and ensuring you the highest online visibility is our primary goal here at Axiom. By employing well-structured code and mobilizing the latest strategies in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Axiom is dedicated to increasing your ranking in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The higher your ranking, the closer to the top of search query results your firm will appear. Thus, when potential patients look online for a physician, your name will be one of the first they see, rather than being buried on the third or fourth page of results.11 9 12 AIM Picture


We are not content, however, just to build you a great website; we want to make sure it continues to remain an effective marketing tool for as long as possible. Axiom will stick with you to monitor your website and see that it is providing you full value. This includes refreshing your content, building larger and more diverse links from other websites, and offering continuing access to our full range of Internet marketing solutions. These include graphic and video production, marketing through social networking sites such as Facebook and GooglePlus, creating and maintaining a blog for your practice, and many others.


Axiom: Healthcare and IT Working Together

Contact Axiom Health Care Marketing today to learn about the many advantages of online marketing and to find out how we are different from our competitors. Our combination of IT skill and healthcare industry knowledge makes us the ideal partner to work with you to build a winning online strategy. Regardless of the size, nature, or location of your practice, Axiom is your number one choice for knowledgeable and professional web design and development.


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