Get Personal With a Blog


Get Personal With a Blog

 As a physician, you know that some of the most valuable insights into your patients’ physical and psychological health come not from the results of clinical tests, but from the opportunities you have to talk with them at length, one-on-one. In today’s busy world – and especially amid the hectic pace of modern healthcare – you are aware that those opportunities are becoming rarer, and when they do arise they are usually all-too-brief. While you would probably like to be able to spend more time simply talking and sharing information with your patients, your schedule and responsibilities frequently rob you of the time you need to do so.


 2nd opinion on surgeryThere is another way you can reach out to your patients and offer them the information, advice, and opportunity for communication that just doesn’t seem to be available when you’re in the office. By maintaining a blog on your practice’s website, you can open up an avenue for sharing with your patients the knowledge, experience, and expertise you have gained through your medical training and practice. Even if you don’t have the time to speak to all of your patients about the latest studies or advances in your field, you can make that information available to them through a blog. A blog is a great way to help your patients become informed so they better understand any treatments or procedures that they may be considering.


A Two-Way Street


What makes a blog unique, however, is that the communication goes both ways. Not only can you use a blog to touch base with your patients, they can use it to talk to you. While contact forms and company emails are fine for gathering basic patient information, they don’t offer the patient – or prospective patient – a chance to find out more about you or your practice. Visitors who may be reluctant to send information or questions to an anonymous email address may be much more likely to post to a physician’s personal blog. The availability of a space dedicated to patient-doctor dialogue invites greater openness and sends the message that you want to communicate with your patients.blogging-blog2

Opening Your Doors


There is also a very practical business reason to maintain an active blog – it helps you attract online visitors. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo give higher rankings to websites with blogs that remain active, contain relevant and interesting information, and that are regularly updated and maintained. That means prospective patients who search for physicians practicing in your area of specialization will be more likely to see your name at or near the top of the search results. Greater online visibility translates into more visitors to your site and more prospective clients.


Why Axiom for SEO?


Axiom Administrative Services has years of experience in helping physicians create a strong online presence by using a comprehensive suite of techniques that includes website design and creation, creating and maintaining blogs, providing content, creating and managing communications databases, media and video production, and much more.


We’re not just well-versed in IT and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Axiom knows the healthcare market and understands the challenges of running a practice in today’s healthcare environment.  Let us show you how we can leverage our dual strengths in technology and healthcare expertise to help ensure that your online presence is making a positive impact on your bottom line.


Let Axiom show you a range of options to optimize your website, including creating a dynamic blog, to increase your online traffic and improve your online presence. Our state-of-the art Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, combined with our healthcare industry experience, can help put you at the top of everyone’s list. 



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