Expanding Your Business Through Social Media


Expanding Your Business Through Social Media



A newspaper reporter once asked legendary bank robber Willie Sutton why he held up banks. Sutton’s answer was simple and direct: “That’s where the money is.” While Sutton’s business methods were – to say the least – unconventional, he did understand a basic fact of business. If you are interested in acquiring something, whether it is dollar bills or new customers, you have to go where you can find it. In the world of online marketing, that means finding out where potential customers for your business hang out online and reaching out to them there.


Establishing a Social Media Presence

Today, one of the best places to find a large online audience is on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, Tumblr, Flickr, and Instragram, just to name a few of the seemingly endless variety of such sites popping up on the Internet. Facebook alone is estimated to have over a billion members worldwide. The number and diversity of people who you can reach through social media is truly limitless. The challenge is figuring out the best way to take full advantage of that vast market of potential customers.

Axiom Internet Marketing has years of experience planning online marketing strategies designed to help you identify potential customers through social media and determine the most effective way to reach out to them. Social media campaigns can be much more cost-effective than traditional Internet advertising and they present a more personal and less commercial environment in which to raise awareness of your business. Not only will we help you design a winning social media strategy, we’ll be there to assist you in implementing it and make sure that your social media presence enhances your company’s image and reputation.


Finding Your Customers Online

Of course, the staff at Axiom is not simply going to create Facebook and Twitter accounts for your firm. The point of social media marketing is to use those types of sites to target the people who are looking for the goods and services in which you specialize. That means helping you decide on the sites that are most likely to attract people who may be potential customers, and creating custom-designed content for all of your social media accounts to make sure your message is seen by the people you want to reach.
The content Axiom provides is not just limited to engaging, relevant written copy. In addition to top-notch marketing copywriters, our staff includes accomplished video and graphic design production professionals who can offer a wide variety of dynamic media to supercharge your social media presence. At Axiom, we keep your content current and relevant, constantly updating your social media accounts with the latest information about your business. Our multi-faceted approach to social media management aims to ensure that when people need a contractor, they think of your name first.


Your Image Is King

In addition to being accurate and complete, you want to be sure that anything that appears in your social media accounts reflects well on your professionalism and judgment. You don’t want anything appearing online that potentially could be embarrassing, offensive, or uncomfortable for your visitors. Axiom will keep a close watch over all content that is posted to your social media accounts so that nothing appears there that could compromise your business. While other firms may be content to post lots of content without closely monitoring its appropriateness, Axiom takes care to screen all the content posted to your accounts to make sure they portray the best possible picture of your business for your visitors.


Axiom’s Approach

Contact Axiom Internet Marketing today to see how we can help you dramatically expand your customer base by taking advantage of the capabilities of social media. Not only does Axiom have the technological know-how to create a winning social media strategy, we also have a depth of experience in the mechanical and electrical contracting industries. We know what it takes to build a winning business in your field and we bring this industry knowledge to the table along with our outstanding IT skills. Let us put this winning combination to work for your firm.


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