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The Keys to Keywords

GoogleNot all keywords are created equal. Find out in this article how to optimize your keyword strategy and ensure that the keywords on your site are doing the most to attract visitors:

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The Importance of Keywords

Keywords are one of the most important aspects of a successful SEO campaign, cultivating a solid online presence, and expanding your influence in the online market place.

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Making the Most of Your Website

Learn more about how specialized healthcare SEO, can help bring your website and internet presses to the forefront.

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Keys to Keywords

The principal job of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm is to increase the visibility of a client’s website so that it draws more visitors who, hopefully, will become that client’s customers. Most SEO firms employ a wide variety of techniques and strategies to boost a website’s viewership. These range from very technically-oriented practices such as updating and rewriting computer code to “softer” strategies that include creating and maintaining blogs and deploying dynamic video.


online presenceKeywords and Relevance

One of the more commonly used, but infrequently mastered, approaches to website optimization is the creation and placement of keywords in a client’s site. A keyword (or, just as often, key phrase) is a word or words that appears on a website and that is related to the content or purpose of the site. For example, common keywords that would appear on the website of a plumbing company might include “plumbing,” “plumber,” “pipes,” “leaky pipes,” “clogged pipes,” etc. The idea is to identify the kinds of words or phrases a person might enter into a search engine when looking for the types of products or services your business offers. These make the best keywords.


Search engines such as Google and Yahoo list the results of search queries according to a total “relevance” score they assign to each website. The sites that have higher relevance scores appear on the first page close to the top of the results; those rated as having lower relevance are father down, on the second, third, or later pages. Websites that don’t appear on the first page of results are much less likely to get traffic than those that appear at or near the top. The goal of SEO is to get the client’s website on the first page of search results, as close to the top of the list as possible. There are several ways to increase a site’s relevance score, and deploying relevant keywords is one of the most effective.


SEOWhat Makes A Good Keyword?

The more relevant content your website offers – content that includes keywords and phrases used to search in your industry – the higher the site will rank for relevance. However, not all keywords are created equal. Where a keyword appears on a web page, for example, can influence how it is ranked for relevance. Keywords and phrases that appear in headers on a page receive a higher ranking than those that appear in the text of an article on the page. Those that appear in sidebars – especially sidebars that consist of lots of keywords and phrases grouped together – rank even lower still.


Another key consideration when choosing keywords is to broaden as much as possible the number of words and phrases you select. While “air conditioning” and “heating” would be natural keywords for an AC/heating contractor, they do little to distinguish one contractor’s website or business from all the others online. Keywords should include as many industry-specific terms and phrases as possible, even those that you many think are unfamiliar to the layperson. General contractors searching for subcontractors online will probably be looking for those with specific experience or skills. Oftentimes, homeowners seeking a contractor or trade specialist have begun to gather information about their problem or the work they need performed. The broader your net of keywords, the more likely that your website will be at the top of search results.


Air Conditioning Repair - TeamworkSEO With Your Business In Mind

Although selecting the most effective keywords is critically important, many companies choose an SEO firm that has little or no background in their industry. The SEO firm must rely completely on the client’s knowledge and experience when creating keyword content because its IT specialists simply don’t have the industry background to inform and guide their decisions. That’s why it’s key to have an SEO firm that understands your business as well as it understands IT techniques and SEO strategy. The firm you pay to optimize your website should bring ideas to the table based upon a firm knowledge of how your business operates, which is what sets Axiom apart.


Axiom’s highly trained staff includes not only the best IT team in the business, but also professionals with a wide range of experience in fields including electrical and mechanical contracting, plumbing, roofing, air conditioning and heating, and even photography and the legal profession. Axiom believes that there is no substitute for real, hands-on knowledge of the client’s business when it comes to creating relevant keyword content that will enhance your online profile.


Whether you are looking to get online for the first time, or you simply want more out of your existing website, contact Axiom today. Find out how we do SEO and why our team of trained experts is just the group to give your website the jumpstart it needs.


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Video = Visitors

videomouseWant your site not only to attract visitors, but also to keep them coming back? Dynamic video is a great tool to increase your number of page views and  return visitors. Learn more about winning video strategies here:

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SEO for YOUR Business

Stethoscope and keyboard illustrating concept of digital securitIt pays to have an SEO company that knows your business as well as it knows technology. Read this article to find out why healthcare providers need a healthcare SEO:

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Why Healthcare SEO?

Stethoscope and keyboard illustrating concept of digital securitIn the space of about 25 years, the Internet has grown from a small afterthought for most businesses to a major force driving the growth of firms in virtually every industry. When the first commercial Internet providers began service in the late 1980s, only about 10 to 15 percent of U.S. households had a personal computer, and the idea of the Internet as a major venue for advertising, sales, and marketing was still nearly a decade away. Today, over 75 percent of homes in the United States have at least one computer, and over 71 percent have Internet access. What was once a small niche occupied by a technologically savvy few has become a mass market peopled by everyone from children to grandparents.

The tremendous growth and vastly increased scope of the Internet has wrought a profound change on the way companies of all sizes do business. Both large corporations and small storefront operations have grasped the possibilities of the Internet as a channel for reaching new markets and potential customers. Virtually every large and medium sized company maintains an Internet presence and over half of all small businesses also have a website. The Internet has become indispensable to modern day marketing and advertising for most American firms.

Making the Most of Your Website


Despite the fact that small business use of the Internet is on the rise, only about a quarter of small businesses who maintain a website have a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan in place. Search Engine Optimization is the process of ensuring that your firm’s website is being seen by as many potential visitors as possible and that those visitors are turning into actual patients for your practice. It involves designing a website that will rank as high as possible in search results on sites such as Google and Yahoo. When people are online looking for the kind of healthcare services you provide, well-optimized sites will be the first ones listed in search engine results.11 1 12 Axiom Internet Marketing Pic

There are many different strategies and tactics that can be used to optimize a website, but all of them come down to one basic factor: relevance. Everything that appears on your website – every article, every video, every blog post, and every link to another website – should be relevant to your business and the services you provide. For example, a cardiologist will want his or her website to feature information about prevention, detection, and treatment of heart diseases; perhaps videos of crucial procedures; blog discussions about alternative treatments; or links to sites that provide more information about heart health. Material that is not germane to your business will be of no use – and may even harm – your search engine ranking.

Healthcare SEO for Healthcare Practice

That’s why it’s particularly important to find an SEO firm that understands your business, your industry, and your needs as a healthcare provider. At Axiom, our experienced staff not only includes the best technology team in the business, but also professionals who understand the healthcare business and know what it takes to succeed in today’s healthcare environment. We know healthcare, which means we know what kind of keywords, content, and features are best suited to increasing your online profile and generating new business for your practice.

CB 10 24 ArticleWith our experience and expertise in healthcare SEO, you can count on Axiom to pursue strategies that have been tested and proven successful in your industry. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all or prepackaged solutions to your SEO needs. We will work with you to ensure not only that Axiom SEO is bringing more visitors to your site, but also that they will continue to return to your site. Return visits are the key to turning online visitors into full-time patients. We’ll stick around to make sure your site continues to perform to optimum standards so that people who come stay longer, and that those who stay return soon and often.

Talk to Axiom today to see why our unique blend of IT savvy and healthcare industry knowledge is the ideal mix to supercharge your online strategy. Whether you are looking to launch your first website, or would like to update a site that’s not performing the way you feel it should, see Axiom for proven healthcare SEO solutions.

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Pump Up Your Website With Video

In today’s fast-moving competitive business environment, companies are seeking every strategic advantage they can gain in terms of planning, marketing, sales, advertising, and customer relations. In recent years, a great number of businesses of all sizes and types have turned to the Internet as an avenue for increasing their visibility and broadening their customer base. And while having a website can be an outstanding tool for advertising and promoting your business, the key to effective internet marketing is making sure your website generates traffic that will eventually turn into new customers.

youtube-1Why Video?

One mistake many business make when they launch a new website is failing to take advantage of the wide array of options they have to present information to their visitors. Most websites include articles about the firm and it’s work, probably photos and other graphics showing the kinds of products or services the firm offers, and maybe even a blog where the owners of the business can reach out to customers and potential customers can provide feedback to the owners. However, many business never think about adding one very powerful weapon to their marketing arsenal – video.

Academic research has shown that different people process information in different ways. Some people learn best by reading; they easily assimilate written material and enjoy that form of communication. Others are verbal and audio learners – they process information best when they hear it or when they discuss things with other people. Still others are visual learners. They may not pick things up as readily from the written page, but they excel at capturing and holding images in their memory and accessing that information when they need it.


One of the most powerful aspects of video is that it provides a way of presenting information that can work for many different types of learners. For example, a visitor to your website may have difficulty following a written description of a process, product, or service you offer. A series of still images might help in some cases, but if you are trying to communicate something a bit more complex, static pictures may be of limited usefulness. Video, however, offers a dynamic way to explain even the most complicated procedures. Not only does this benefit the visual learner, but a video accompanied by an audio soundtrack also addresses the strengths of the audio learner. If you add closed captioning, you have a communications tool that is suited for all three learning styles – the reader, the listener, and the viewer.

  Keys to Video Success

There are a few key rules to consider when choosing video to add to your website. First, make it informative and interesting. Don’t just describe the process, tell the viewer why it is important to him or her. Find ways to spice it up if possible, for instance by using humor or by providing interesting trivia related to the subject of the video. The job of the video should be to entertain as well as to inform. Second, keep it brief. The video is a tool to help sell your business, not a chance to win an Academy Award. Make sure your videos get to the point and stick to it; if you waste the visitor’s time you’ll lose their interest and likely their business. Third, make sure the video is clear and the soundtrack is audible. Poor lighting and editing or a grainy or inaudible soundtrack will simply confuse your viewers rather than help them. Finally, keep it fresh. Add new videos periodically to give previous visitors a reason to come back to your site. Repeat site visits are the key to turning a visitor into a customer.

Videos Help YOU Be Seen

Video can be a great way to attract and retain a following for your website, as long as the videos are high quality and engaging for the viewer. Not only will more people likely be drawn to a site that features video, they are also more likely to stay longer and return more frequently if the video is interesting. Video also can help increase your ranking in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. These search engines look for the presence of video on a web page and assign a higher rank to pavideoclipboardges with video that is relevant to the subject of the website. The more relevant videos a site contains, the higher its ranking. This means that when people search the Internet for a business in your industry, your firm’s name will appear closer to the top of the search results. High visibility means more clicks on your site and a greater chance to capture new business online.

Axiom Internet Marketing offers video production as one of a wide variety of tools to optimize your website and increase your online profile. Contact us today and let us show you how to realize the full power of video to pump up your online business.

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Make the Most of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)

socialMediaButtonsIf you haven’t been using social media to reach new customers, you’re missing a valuable marketing opportunity. This informative article explains how Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites can make a big difference to your business:

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