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Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingMany who are fairly new to marketing on the Internet may wonder exactly what social media marketing is. The short answer to that question is that social media marketing, or online marketing, is marketing or advertising, a service or product on the Internet using social media. Now we know what it is; how it is done is another question.

Create a Web Site

Before you can do any social media marketing, you have to make a web site. It is usually best to hire a professional team that knows web design and will know how to design a website. In addition to the graphics, the company you hire needs an in depth understanding of search engine optimization (SEO), social media networking, blog creation, Internet marketing and even video editing.

When creating a web site, positioning SEO is vital to your business. Deciding how to design the web site must put focus on making keyword placement a priority. Optimal keyword placement will provide excellent results when a user enters a search term and receives organic search results.

What is Social Media?

When you come down to the brass tacks of social media, it is as simple as one person telling another person something. The term ‘social media’ has grown with the Internet and generally, when someone is talking about social media, they are referring to the Internet. There are probably millions of social media platforms that people use to network and interact with each other. The most well known are Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. However, these are by far not the only platforms where people will flock. There is a platform and/or a blog out there for anything you can dream up, from muscle cars to camel lovers.

Where to Start

The process of social media marketing is to increase traffic of interested people to your business web site and then turn them into customers, through the use of social media. Hiring social media marketing services that know all about Internet marketing is the way to get the best results. Axiom Internet Marketing will provide you with the best marketing online that is possible.

To start, you need to determine which social media paths to choose. For instance, create a page on Facebook that represents your company. Through other advertising, you get people to visit your page where they can learn about you. You can post interesting information on your page about your product, offer a coupon; most anything that will get people sharing information about your web site. This other advertising could be a click-on on another web page, a radio, television or smartphone ad.

Social Networking

This is all about individuals interacting with each other and with companies with a presence on the Internet. Using social networking sites gives a company the opportunity to interact with individuals and hear their opinions. At the same time, it gives individuals the chance to have their voices heard and this can instill a feeling of loyalty.

The use of blogging is an excellent way to put content about your business out on the Internet. Joining a platform related to your business and interacting with other members can situate you as an expert and gain followers for your business.

Mobile Phones

This is a format that is becoming ever more popular as smartphones are able to provide more services. With the ability to connect with social networks, individuals can receive information in real time. With cellphones connected to social networks, advertising is literally right in their hand. With sites such as Foursquare, when a user visits a business or restaurant, they can immediately post their opinion about it so that others in the area can see it. Companies are also using QR codes on products or advertising that a user can scan with their cellphone and be taken to the web site or obtain a special offer.

One thing that all of these methods will have in common is word-of-mouth. If Joe used your services and liked it, he will tell Jim, and then Jim will tell someone else, and so on. This is how marketing with social media works.

Social media marketing is about creating a business-consumer relationship. Pick a couple of targeted platforms and get people talking about you. In a good way, of course.


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