How Social Media Marketing Can Drive Engagement For Healthcare Practitioners


How Social Media Marketing Can Drive Engagement For Healthcare Practitioners

social mediaHistory has shown that those who are in the healthcare field are somewhat slow to adopt the strategies of digital marketing. However, the fact is that social media can provide an ideal way for healthcare professionals to reach and engage their audience with content that is meaningful and interesting. The best part of this social media marketing adoption is the fact that AXIOM offers SMM management services, meaning that each healthcare professional can continue providing superior care for patients while reaching out to them via social networks, as well.

Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have allowed patients to have real conversations with the real doctors that they are planning to see, and then share these conversations in order to spark the interest of others to ensure more people become involved. The fact is that people love sharing their own opinion to win a competition, and the healthcare company can actually take advantage of this by simply creating a contest or survey that is deployed via social media.

In fact, a number of healthcare providers are seeing the benefits offered by AXIOM and becoming much more involved in SMM techniques. AXIOM partners with healthcare providers to ensure their social media content is tailor made for their potential audience.

Why SMM is so Important for the Healthcare Industry

Up to 25 percent of a person’s time spent online is on their social media accounts. This means that when your healthcare practice is available here you can reap all of the benefits that social media have to offer, including:

  • Conversion in real time;
  • A focus on community;
  • Building relationships with patients;
  • Providing transparent and open communication.

SMM for Healthcare Practitioners

Now, you may be wondering how AXIOM will customize SMM efforts to medical professionals. Understanding this can help you see how truly valuable this service is.

Recent studies have proven that up to 80 percent of people that are trying to choose a medical provider first search online for those that are in their area. However, it is not just on traditional computers that are being used to conduct these searches. It is important that health care providers ensure their site is also mobile and tablet compatible since up to 31 percent of cell phone users use their phone to find health information.

The simple fact is that social media marketing efforts are transforming the entire medical industry. It provides a platform for doctors and patients to connect, for doctors to offer valuable information about the services they offer and any specials that are going on. Additionally, patients can talk with other patients when evaluating a particular service to determine if it is the right one for them.

AXIOM offers social media management services for any person that is in the medical industry. The services they provide can increase traffic to your site, trust in your services and the number of bodies you have walk through your door, which will ultimately increase your entire bottom line. AXIOM can do this all within HIPAA Compliance to make sure all personal information is protected at all times.

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