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I Sell Cars, Why Do I Need Content?

Selling cars, new or used, is like any other business; you need customers to survive. To get customers they have to know of your existence, what your product is and how to find you. Some of this can be accomplished by having someone make a website for you. However, having a website isn’t any good if no one sees it. Everyone knows this, but how do you make it happen? Having good, and frequent, content on your site is one of the ways. Having a company like Axiom Internet Marketing that knows how to design a website to include content is essential.

What is Content?

Web content is defined as the text, images, and sounds that a user sees and hears when visiting a website. This is all part of Internet marketing. In the larger picture, everything that is on a website is content, although a large portion of it is never seen by the public. When referring to content, most people are talking about what the web visitor sees as part of marketing online.

Your home page, About, Contact, FAQ, blogs, Comments, and product/services pages all require content. What makes all the difference in whether a website is successful is the quality and frequency of the content.

What is Good Content?

Good content is of immediate value and gives the visitor something. Hiring an excellent online marketing company such as Axiom Internet Marketing that knows how best to utilize search engine optimization can put your company in the position to be that website.

When the majority of people initiate a search on the Internet, they are looking for information. They are looking to be enlightened, advised, and perhaps even be entertained. Most are not looking to be sold something.

For instance, when a person initiates a query for how to replace a belt in their car, SEO kicks in and they are presented with hundreds of options. They are not looking for advertisements from establishments that sell cars or car parts. They are looking for information on how to replace a belt. If they click on a site and are presented with a 1500 word article on the benefits of taking your car to X car dealership for repair, the visitor is not going to be happy. X car dealership runs the real risk of alienating that visitor forever. However, if X car dealership’s website content contains information on how to replace the belt, he/she will be glad to have clicked on the site and will likely visit again and tell others about how helpful the site was. 

In the first scenario above, the company wanted something from the visitor – money. In the second scenario, the company gave the visitor something – what he/she searched for.

When a person visits a website and the content on the home page is interesting, easy on the eyes and easy to navigate, the visitor may stay a while, look at other content, and eventually become a customer. A large part of this success is accomplished by hiring a company that knows how to design a website and can offer first-class web design. If visitors have a positive experience while on your site, they are more likely to return and will also tell people they know.

Types of Content

The types of content that will draw visitors to your website are many. As either a car dealership of new or used cars, you know that your audience is interested in cars and probably car related topics. Drawing car enthusiasts to your site can be achieved by providing:

  • Editorials, on different car models
  • News, about new models, laws and regulations
  • Videos, featuring your dealership and staff or cars being featured
  • Announcements about upcoming sales, salesperson of the month, etc.
  • Interactive features such as polls, forums and discussion groups
  • Feature articles covering anything car related

The feature article is one of the most common forms of content – and one of the best. Providing articles that relate to your business gives visitors a better feel for your business and what you are all about. Articles can enhance the credibility of your website by offering informative subjects.

If you are a car dealer, contact Axiom Internet Marketing and talk with our team of experts. They can show you how we use Internet marketing, search engine optimization and other marketing techniques to make your website a super performer.


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