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New Year with Good Health and Optimism

cup of cheerAll of us at Axiom Health Care Marketing hope that you face the New Year with good health and optimism for a happy year ahead.


New Year Greetings

sparklersThe crew at Axiom Internet Marketing hope that you and your crew greet the New Year with a happy heart, and surrounded by family and friends.


Make a Mark

Physicians reading xray.Axiom Health Care Marketing has all the tools necessary to take your practice all the way to the top of search results.


We’re Working for You

busy peopleIt doesn’t matter what time of year it is. Axiom Internet Marketing will make sure that your Internet marketing is always working for you.


Merry Christmas

merry christmasAll of us here at Axiom Internet Marketing wish to send you wishes for a happy, healthy, very Merry Christmas.


Holiday Greetings

bright happy holidaysAt Axiom Internet Marketing we hope that whatever your celebration is this time of year that it is filled with joy, family and friends.


We’ve Got Your Back

supportNo matter what your business is, if you are looking for reliable Internet coverage, Axiom Internet Marketing will back you up and make your business a power to be reckoned with.


Children’s Dentistry

childrens teethIt takes a special kind of dentist to work with children. Let Axiom Health Care Marketing put your name on the lips of parents everywhere.



Make You Their Dentist of Choice

neon dentistAs a dentist, it may be safe to say that a majority of your patients come to you through their insurance company. They usually have a list of dentists from which to choose. You want to do everything you can to be sure that you are the dentist they choose.

Trust in Axiom Health Care Marketing

At Axiom Health Care Marketing, we know the health care business and we know all about Internet marketing. We have the tools necessary to move your name to the top of the list of patient’s choices. We know, as you do, that patients are given a list of dentists from their health insurance from which to choose. Putting your name at the top of their list is our priority, as much as it is yours. We know that the more a prospective patient sees your name and can learn about you, the more comfortable they will be in making you their choice of dentist.

Giving Patients What They Want

Although many people will initially choose a dentist based on their location, most will also choose one with which they feel they have some kind of connection. Connecting you with your prospective patients is our primary goal. When your prospective patient gets their list, probably the first thing they are going to do is get on their computer and start checking out the names on the list. If they come to a name, a picture, an address and office hours this is definitely not interesting and really provides nothing that a patient really wants to learn. We want to be sure that when they check your name and see your website, they see something they like and want to investigate further. Patients want to feel that you are a person they can trust with their health.

Starting With a Well Designed Website

If you already have a website, we will provide you with statistics that let you know how it is doing in pulling in patients. We will make suggestions for improvements and then show you a comparison of how the changes made a difference.

If you don’t have a website already, we will create one for you using the latest in website design meant to bring you maximum exposure.

Your website should be friendly and inviting. Photographs of you and your staff, waiting area and treatment areas will give prospective patients a feel for what they will see when they actually come to your office. This will provide comfort to them because they have already seen these things on your website. Having a short biography and listing of your schooling and any awards or memberships will help a patient feel more comfortable. They will know your qualifications and know if you are well respected by your peers. This can give patients peace of mind.

dentist3Getting to the Top of Search Results

Having your name appear at the top of search results, or even just on the first page, will give the prospective patient confidence that your business is successful and popular. We have numerous techniques in internet marketing to make sure your practice appears prominently in search results. Backlinking, strategic use of keywords, search engine optimization and creating an active blog are all ways to keep web crawlers coming back to your website.

Making use of popular social media is a way to get your name in front of patients that is sometimes overlooked by other Internet marketers. This is another way to get your name in front of people. It provides them a way to connect with you personally, and you with them. We will help you take advantage of social media marketing with websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other Internet social outlets.

You can be confident that Axiom Internet Marketing is in your corner every step of the way to getting more patients on your appointment books. We have an effective arsenal of tools that will put your practice at the top of every prospective patient’s list.

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