All in the Family, Part 2


All in the Family, Part 2

doctor shapiro and girlAs a businessperson, you might ask why your family practice needs an Internet marketing plan because you already have a wonderful website. How is that website working for you? Has it brought in many new patients? The thing is that while you may have a wonderful website that is full of warm fuzzies and inviting to the whole family, it isn’t any good if no one sees it. Getting you seen on the World Wide Web is what a successful online marketing plan does.

Website Design

Of course, a good website design is integral to creating a successful online presence. Knowing how to design a website that is inviting to prospective patients takes an understanding of the medical field and what patients are looking for when they are looking for a new family doctor. It is imperative that your home page be inviting enough to urge a viewer to click on another button; it is also essential that clicking on that button and finding the information they are looking for is easy and hassle free.

While creating an inviting, visually appealing and easy to navigate website is paramount, what is happening behind the scenes is what brings people to the website to begin with.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, search engine optimization, is something that we hear all the time. “Keyword,” is also a term that is bandied about a great deal. Many people believe that placing keywords throughout your website is what brings traffic to a website. Keywords are essential to letting the search engine crawlers know what your website is about. However, they are not the only thing that attracts traffic. What really attracts traffic is getting your website listed on the first page of search results after a person makes a query: getting your website seen.Doctor and patient.

Effective search engine optimization requires a deep understanding of how search engines work, and they all don’t work the same way. Although similar, each search engine has a different way of rating a website and a good programmer knows how to accommodate each one. What a good Internet marketing design does is give search engine crawlers a lot of reasons to visit and index your website.

Basically, search engines rate a website based on it relevancy to the inquiry, and then it goes on to determine which website has the most relevant content. After the paid websites, the search results will list the most relevant websites in order of relevancy.

An important part of being most relevant is having connections to other websites. Having inviting and interesting content on your website draws other websites to link to yours and you need to do the same. The more websites you are linked to (called back linking), the more “weight” or relevancy is attributed to your site.

Creating Content

Creating interesting, and frequent, content and adding it to your website and then connecting it

doctor satish

to other websites brings web crawlers to your site on a frequent basis, thus upping your rating. Blog creation is an excellent way to create content for your website. Providing a newsletter to

patients is one way of creating content, as well as offering articles on health care and wellness strategies or healthy recipes. A good Internet marketing firm such as Axiom Health Care Marketing, can provide this service for you.

Social Media

As a physician, social media marketing may be one of your biggest allies. Maintaining accounts on Facebook, Twitter or similar social media outlets and linking them to your website can bring in traffic that is already interested in your family practice. Let patients know that you have a Facebook (or other social media) page and encourage them to “Like” your Facebook page and comment on the care their family receives from you. This type of word-of-mouth advertising is priceless.

Knowing about Internet marketing and marketing for health care providers is what we do at Axiom Health Care Marketing. We specialize in giving health care providers the best online marketing possible. We want you to be successful in reaching the patients that are searching for you. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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