Air Conditioning Marketing Online


Air Conditioning Marketing Online

fanApprenticing, learning and becoming certified as a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) technician takes years of work. The growth of your skills has led you to the point where you are ready to make a go at starting your own HVAC business. You have all the tools you need, found a small office to work out of and you even have a few customers already that you cultivated while working on your own. You’re all set, except that you’re not sure how to go about gaining more customers. This is the time to consult with a marketing SEO company like Axiom Internet Marketing and put them to work for you pulling in new clients. We are experts in marketing online and we will work with you to get the results you need.

Getting Started

Of course, the main idea of any marketing is to gain more customers and sell more of outsidewhatever it is you offer. Determining the best ways to accomplish this is up to you and the advertising firm you are working with. Axiom offers a full range of traditional products and services such as print, graphic and direct mail options, however, our main focus in on Internet marketing. With Internet marketing, customers are looking for you, not the other way around. When they land on your webpage, you know that you have what they are looking for. It’s Axiom’s job, not only to put your website where potential customers can see it, but also to make sure that they click on your link, stay on your site, and then purchase your services.

The center stone of any online marketing campaign is creating a website, by someone who knows how to design a website. Web design is vitally important because it needs to be professional, but also inviting and friendly to visitors. It needs to be visually pleasing and easy to navigate so that visitors can find the information they are looking for.

Search Engine Optimization

hotelOnce you have a website designed for your HVAC business, you need to start your marketing campaign by utilizing search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO tools will take your website to the first page of search engine results, where people looking for businesses like yours are going to find it. Positioning SEO efficiently means that your website will appear in first page results in the organic search results – that is results that weren’t paid for.

Three of the most important aspects of marketing online are the title tag, the meta description and the page content. The title tag is the first thing that a person sees when they conduct a query; something like “experienced, affordable, HVAC service, Ormond Beach.” The meta description is a summary of your website contents written to entice the reader to click on your link. Page content is of course, the information that a visitor will find on your webpage. The can include information about your business, hours of operations, services you provide, etc. It should also providing interesting information to the reader that they can take away from the experience. This kind of blog creation needs to be updated frequently to keep search engines returning to your site. Keywords are also one of the most important aspects to search engine optimization. They are words that relate to your business. The frequency of various keywords on your website is one of the ways search engines determine relevancy to a person’s query.

Additional Toolsrepair

Marketing with social media is increasingly becoming more important to the success of a company. Social media networking takes advantage of the explosion of the many ways people use the Internet to link to and stay in connection with each other. This kind of word-of-mouth advertising can have people buzzing about your business in no time because one of your customers posted a positive comment about the service you provided.

Axiom Internet Marketing is also involved in the creation of videos that can be used to advertise your business: give them a peek at you, your office, employees and service trucks. Video production and video editing can help a prospective customer feel like you have nothing to hide and are therefore worthy of their trust to fix their air conditioning or heating unit.

Call Axiom Internet Marketing today for a free consultation. We can show you how we can increase your customer base at a price that is easily affordable.

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