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Why Internet Marketing is Important to Your Practice, Part 2

Web-Marketing-198x198Most public sector businesses realize the impact and power of social media and online advertising; these Internet marketing techniques are especially vital for medical practices, since their reputation and public image are dependent on satisfied patients and positive impressions. Building a larger patient clientele and promoting new or unique procedures can be accomplished very effectively by employing a dynamic and creative online marketing campaign. Over 85 million “surfers” use social media to research medical advice or information; any practice, whether it be a small family one or a multi-location clinic, needs to be one of the sites these interested parties lands on. The traditional face-to-face patient/doctor interactions have been supplanted by the Internet’s pervasive presence. Internet marketing has far outdistanced the accepted print advertisements of many years ago. A professionally designed and maintained website is now critical for any medical practice; without an Internet “presence,” that enterprise will remain invisible to a very large segment of potential patients.

Online Marketing Tools

One incredibly useful element of an online marketing effort is participation in medical blogs, both on the individual practice’s own website and on general medical blog locations. Internet marketing experts have determined that blogs produce at least 55% more business for enterprises actively engaged in contributing informational and professional background pieces. These articles serve to keep the patient informed and impressed with the doctor’s expertise and skills, while also linking the doctor and the practice to other colleagues and institutions.

Videos of both procedures and facilities available within the practice are also powerful Internet marketing tools; these allow potential patients insights into the caliber of the participating physicians, as well as providing valuable follow-up information to current patients. This marketing tool can actually save the patient and practice valuable time, since follow up visits can be accomplished via video links. Likewise, routine questions and concerns can be dealt with, without the need for visits to the actual facility.Healthcare marketing graphic

Online press releases and announcements also add to the credibility of the practice among the general public. Articles announcing new procedures or equipment, physicians’ awards and certifications—all of these contribute to the public’s respect and trust in the practice overall. Marketing online any community involvement and activities also adds to the practice’s image as a caring, concerned group.

An attractive, up-to-date and visually dynamic website offers potential clients valuable information and conveys the care and professional attitudes of the practice. Complete details concerning office hours, contact information, as well as background on the member physicians, all contributes to a sense of security and dependability potential patients hope to find on a website. Ease of navigation among the various pages is a must as well. Downloadable forms are also an impressive and integral part of a successful online marketing strategy.

The ability to contact and conference with colleagues is another basic advantage of an online marketing platform. The capability of discussing cases or new procedures with colleagues, as well as being able to capture conference lecture feeds save the practice’s members’ valuable time and efforts.

In today’s highly competitive medical field, the ability to communicate a practice’s services and superior customer care is critically important. Simply advertising in journals and in the print media is passé. To convey your practice’s mission and motivation convincingly and completely, you need an aggressive, comprehensive health care marketing campaign. A vibrant, engaging presence in social media is the proven way to draw exiting and new patients to the practice. Axiom Health Care Marketing, with a proven record of helping medical professionals throughout Florida, in communities such as Daytona Beach and Palm Coast, will present your practice’s unique and dynamic services with the most effective media methods.

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