Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Important to Auto Dealerships, Part 2


Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Important to Auto Dealerships, Part 2

seo blueAutomotive dealerships are always striving to maximize their web presence to attract new customers, effectively inform the general public of their services, and generate increased sales from new customer segments; all of these goals are achievable through Search Engine Optimization.

Through effective implementation of an internet marketing SEO campaign, your dealership will improve brand awareness, expand your reputation within both the automotive segment and the general public, and improve your overall reputation for customer service and professionalism.

It is absolutely critical that your SEO content be fresh, unique and constantly updated. Search engines, such as Google and Bing, require material be original, informative and current. Websites are ranked for the quality of their content and whether the keywords are trending. Content must “sound” believable and not just stock verbiage; these social media search engines will recognize and discount artificial usage of words and comments.

Inbound links are an important SEO option that brings new, interested customers to your dealership’s site. Your local community involvement with organizations and non-profit entities, such as those in Ormond Beach, can produce links back to your site through their press releases and advertisements, effectively driving countless potential buyers to your site. Not only are your contributions to the community appreciated and recognized, but this level of engagement also underscores your commitment to providing dependable, reliable service to fellow community members. Your reputation can only benefit from these links. You should make every effort to ensure chain link fencethey use keywords that are especially relevant to your site (such as a particular manufacturer you carry or service you specialize in) when citing your dealership in their articles or releases; these will increase your SEO rankings. Each of these in-bound links serves as a “vote” for your site and services, and search engines count them in their rankings.

Offering help and support to the community underscores your dealership’s caring concern and professional performance standards. It can also be an indicator of your commitment to following the highest business standards in order to maintain a sterling reputation within the community. It’s a win-win implementation of marketing with social media. Mentioning of your dealership’s specific locations, regions and states will also generate search engine “hits” for your enterprise. Axiom Internet Marketing deliberately mentions city and state locations of its clients, such as those in Hollywood or Pompano Beach, Florida, in their SEO efforts.

Blogs Help with Search Engine Optimization

Industry blogs are another SEO approach that can help tremendously boost visits to your website. The blog’s discussion can center on engine repairs and mention your specific dealership as performing quality repairs in this area. Making and keeping contacts with blogging sites is vital in an SEO campaign. Providing useful, informative articles and information will ensure they refer to your dealership repeatedly. Your contributions to newsletters and general websites will hopefully be retweeted and quoted on Facebook, helping your efforts in marketing with social media.

service bayCustomer testimonials, either written or in videos, are yet another aspect of online marketing to optimize your site. These are invaluable, unrehearsed endorsements of your customer service and demonstrate your dealership’s popularity. These genuine comments and recommendations help with your dealership’s web page dynamics, showcasing actual events and reaffirming your enterprises sincere, caring attitudes. Even a completely web based dealership such as AxiomCars.com needs to rely on the goodwill of past customers to generate new clients.

SEO activities will eventually produce increased traffic to the dealership’s web site and eventually the actual showrooms, but you must realize that this marketing tool will take time to build and generate interest. Capturing the top spot on a search engine involves creative and research efforts that are time consuming; achieving #1 listings is not an overnight phenomena, but certainly worth the wait!

Online marketing has become very complicated, and yet, despite its ever-increasing number of elements, most automotive dealerships recognize its potential sales generating possibilities. It is generally acknowledged that SEO is an integral part of the online marketing dynamic and the various activities related to this marketing component should be maximized.

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