Plus Sized Models – Is It a better choice?


Plus Sized Models – Is It a better choice?

A lot of parents today are alarmingly alarm that their kids are trying their hardest not to eat properly because of what they see in the magazine. A lot of super models are super thin and so teenagers see their selves not beautiful enough although they have a good shape and proper diet. They even under go through weight loss procedure just to look like a lot of their respectable models. But somehow don’t know that a lot of what is pictured in that magazine is Photoshopped.


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But now, the trend is changing and we may never know if it’s good or bad until something might happen. Instead of super thin models, plus sized model is now the trend of social and make-up magazine. According to a lot of critics, this trend nowadays promotes the idea that obesity or being obese is acceptable in today’s society. Just like what the thin models affects a lot of younger generation or even adult ones, magazine that promotes this kind of stuff might eventually affect its readers to have detrimental effect to their kind of lifestyle and way of living. Even their eating behavior might go to worse to people with problem on their weight to lose weight. So what they thought is just accept that thing. But studies show that people that was exposed to that kind of media tend to be more loose to their determination to have a healthier lifestyle. A great

But on the other hand, fat shaming or stigmatizing those kind of bodies, plus sized bodies, does not help or even encoura weight loss management in Daytona Beach is one of the few exceptions. But a lot of people are tending to neglect what they are aiming to, to have a healthy body.

What really is the problem being that these medias try to tell us that underweight and overweight is the right weight which is definitely a lie. This both thing can lead to a more complicated kind of body-related anxiety. Marketers should learn to use the middle ground. The right size. If this would continue, either a lot of people will undergo through weight loss medication or eat a lot to earn a body that is either fat or thin. Which is you can do that two kind of thing just to earn the right weight that acceptable and will lead to a better health.

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