Do You Have An Online Strategy?


Do You Have An Online Strategy?

8348494862_1205c103b1If you run a business and want to stay current and up to date on the latest products and strategies so you make the most profit, then you need an online presence and make a website or blog creation and engage in marketing with social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Online marketing is necessary in today’s 21st century with its fast paced global society where people are shopping online 24-hours a day on their computers, laptops, tablet and phones. If you don’t have an online strategy to sell to these potential customers, then your business will lose income.

Online Marketing Strategy Is a Guide to the Success of Your Business

An online marketing strategy is like the rudder on a boat or a map to your destination. It shows your business the steps it needs to take to stay competitive and give the customer what they need at a reasonable price, yet still make a profit for yourself. It lists things like sales goals, your customer niche, your budget, etc.

A customary online marketing strategy usually has certain main components, including:

  • Situation Analysis: A situation analysis provides a summary of what your product or service is, and what it does for your customer. It may list your competitors and explain how well or not well it is doing.
  • Target Audience: You always need to know what your target audience is so you can sell the most products in your line. This lists the age, gender, occupations, etc., that your potential customer base has and forms the ideal profile of a potential customer.8347428961_d8438035f3_b
  • Online Marketing Strategy: The online marketing strategy reports the product, price, promotion and place, which are the Four Ps of Marketing every business needs to have. It shows what your product or service is, how much it costs, how you promote it and how you sell it.
  • Describe Your Niche: All online businesses need to fit into a particular niche, this is the type of business you run. For instance, if you are selling pet supplies, then your niche could be Cat Beds, or some other pet item you make and sell.
  • Content Strategy: You also need online strategy to determine what type of content is best for your website or blog. For instance, do you want to have streaming video of a “how do” regarding your products, do you want customer testimony, do you want up to date informational articles, etc.
  • Goals: The strategy also lists your business goals and objectives you want to meet and how you plan to meet them.
  • Sales and Budget: The plan also lists your business budget and sales information.

What is Needed for Selling Online?

After you have created the online strategy, you need to put it into place. For instance, if you don’t already have one, you need to make a website or look into blog creation to use to tell your potential customers about your product or services.

You should also consider making a Facebook or Twitter page or other social media account so you can have a more personalized way of interacting with your customers to find out their needs and desires, and to tell them about your product and show how it works, etc.

By having an online strategy, you align your business goals with the tools that you need to meet those goals. The Internet is a huge place and has potential customers browsing it 24-hours a day from all over the world, and without an online strategy your business would be like a ship without a rudder or like going on a long trip without a map.

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