Find the Right Domain Name and Web Hosting Service Before you Make a Website


Find the Right Domain Name and Web Hosting Service Before you Make a Website

15905141631_b1c99cc4e3_bWhat is a Domain Name?

When you decide to make a website, you must first register with the Domain Name System (DNS). A domain name refers to a name that is registered in the Domain Name System and are used to identify IP addresses. Domain names are used in a web address to identify a particular website, such as

How to Get a Domain Name if You Plan to Make a Website

Before you start to make a website, you need to register with a domain registrar. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the organization that regulates and controls the domain name industry. They are responsible for certifying domain name registrars.

List of Common Domain Names

  1. .com: This domain name is given mainly for commercial organizations.
  2. .org: This domain name is usually given for non-profit organizations.
  3. .pro: This domain is given only for registered lawyers, physicians, engineers, and accountants in countries like the UK, the US, and Canada. To register this domain the person has to submit his register number.
  4. .gov: This domain is given to government organizations in the US.
  5. .info: This domain is given to anyone for any purpose.

Cost of Registering a Domain Name

The cost is usually decided by the registrar but is generally paid as annual fees. Depending upon the competition, some registrars offer discounts if you register for more than a year. When registering to make a website, the registrar will ask for information regarding your contact details and other technical information. This information is then stored in a registry that is accessible to others who wish to find information about your website.

After registering your domain name, the next step is to find a web hosting server.

What is a Web Hosting Service?hosting-13348_960_720

A Web Hosting Service, or Internet hosting service is a service that allows your website to be viewed by others through the Internet. There are many web hosting service providers. You should choose the service you want depending upon your budget and your plan to use and make a website.

Types of Web Hosting Services

  1. Free Hosting Service: Free web hosting is the right option for small websites. The main issue with a free web hosting service is that they have lots of advertisements that appear on your website. Because of this drawback, it is not suitable for business websites.
  2. Paid Hosting Service: In a paid web hosting service, the company has to pay for the space. Most paid service providers offer excellent features such as Common Gateway Interface (CGI) access, extra bandwidth, database support, RAM, and some even provide additional space on the server. Paid hosting can be further classified into:
  3. Shared Hosting: In shared hosting service, you will pay a certain amount to buy a shared hosting server. In shared hosting servers, you will be sharing the server space with other websites. The main issue with shared web hosting service is that your bandwidth will be shared. That means your site may be slow to load. Small companies who are just launching a new website prefer shared hosting as the cost is less compared to a dedicated hosting server.
  4. Dedicated Web Hosting Service: In a dedicated web hosting service, your company will have a fully dedicated server for your website, with better performance. Usually, big companies or companies whose sites contain secure information prefer a dedicated web hosting service. The cost of buying a dedicated web hosting service is much more expensive when compared to a shared web hosting service.
  5. Collocated Web Hosting Service: In this type of web hosting service, one will buy their own web server and machines. They use the service of a host to maintain the servers. The main advantage of this type of web hosting service is it provides security and protection to your server while at the same time giving the company full control over the machines.


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