My website is three years old! Do I really need a new one?


My website is three years old! Do I really need a new one?

Responsive web designYes! If your website supports a small business or professional practice, three years is much too long to go without a webpage update. If you operated a dental practice, how long would you recommend that patients go without getting their teeth x-rayed or cleaned?

The internet is now the most common way in which consumers locate a small business, professional practice or even a ministry or non-profit. This has made the art and science of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a critical part of any internet marketing strategy. If you are wondering why your website is not getting the “hits” it deserves, think about its history.

Three years ago, you may have opted for a cheap web design just to achieve some small web presence. You had no internet branding strategies, no SEO strategy and no idea of what a professional SEO company could do. You felt that you had no time to write a blog and did not know that a local SEO company could do it for you. Stop!

In the past, professional practices and small businesses paid dearly for the space they purchased in the Yellow Pages. When customers or clients wanted to find a lawyer or legal practice, a local engineering or construction firm, a financial advisor, an automotive services business or any other small business, they went to the Yellow Pages. Today, they go to their laptops or their mobile devices, like tablets or smart phones.

That brings up a good point! Most internet searches are now done on telephones or other mobile devices, not on desktop or laptop computers. Local trades and services, small businesses and professional practices, even non-profit organizations are located by searching from these small-screen devices. If your website is three years old or more, it was probably designed to be viewed on a computer screen, not on a phone.

Internet MarketingGood graphic design, a professional logo design service and search engine optimization services can make your website easy to find and give it a stylish, modern look on today’s mobile devices. If a website is several years old, it may be carrying unnecessary or obsolete code that causes it to load slowly, chasing away potential clients or customers. Improved programming techniques can incorporate responsive web design into your site making your visitors interact and engage with you, your practice, your small business or service.

Your small business or professional practice has probably changed in the past several years. How can your webpage reflect these new changes? You may have new services to offer or new products to sell. How can you make the browsing public aware of what you have to offer in the local market?

The answer to all of these questions lies in Search Engine Optimization, something not built into your old website. It is important to understand that small business SEO does not have to get local trades or services to the top of national search engine rankings. If you are operating a carpet cleaning business in Daytona Beach, the best SEO company will get you to the top of the listings for carpet cleaning in Daytona or nearby zip codes. The best SEO techniques use strategies like SEO link building, blogs and social media presence; these are elements lacking in older websites.

Few professionals or small business people have the time or inclination to master the digital marketing solutions and techniques needed to achieve an effective web presence. Professional SEO services directed at the local market and your small business or professional practice are the solution. Axiom Administrative Services (AAS) has the professional skills needed to achieve these results. Using organic SEO strategies, like backlinking and responsive web design techniques, Axiom can guide your web presence to the rankings it should have.

Axiom is more than an internet marketing agency. AAS is able to combine traditional marketing techniques like printing and direct mail marketing with its creative web services. Please visit our home page to find out how Axiom Administrative Services can fill your local SEO services needs, as well as direct mail advertising requirements.

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