Have You Considered a Newsletter for Your Clients?


Have You Considered a Newsletter for Your Clients?

Branding Word ConceptSuccessful internet marketing involves a number of undertakings. It starts with great web design and professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO), bringing traffic to your site, but it cannot end there. Your web design and internet marketing effort should engage the viewer, leading them to understand that they are getting value for the time spent browsing your site. In some situations, a newsletter can provide this value.

It is true that a newsletter is more labor intensive and time consuming than some other forms of email marketing. An email campaign can be a cost effective way to put your business or professional practice in front of hundreds or thousands of people. However, a well-written newsletter can create a sense of ‘family’ or establish a professional relationship more effectively than email marketing services used alone.

For some business or professional practice organizations, this is especially true. If you provide professional services in a field like medicine, law or accounting, you have a set of skills and a library of knowledge that can be of value to your clients or potential clients. Email marketing services can put these skills and knowledge in front of thousands of people, but to many of them, it will seem like mere online advertising. A newsletter is far more personal and relevant to the reader’s needs.

A group practice and/or individual doctor might publish a newsletter addressing current medical questions in a timely manner. Their patients could be informed about subjects ranging from “The Medical Facts about Zika Virus” to “Changes in Your Medicare Coverage.” An accountant or CPA could inform clients about “2017 Personal Exemptions” or “Calculating Your Quarterly Taxes.”

Check out our latest NewsletterThese types of organizations already have mailing lists and email addresses. You can use this valuable resource to build and strengthen the relationship you have with customers, clients or patients. Direct mail campaigns may accomplish this but only at greater expense. Your business, professional practice or non-profit can employ a newsletter to inform and educate your reader and, at the same time, to ‘soft-sell’ a product or service.

That medical practice might inform patients that, while there is no vaccine for Zika virus, they should check their immunization status for influenza, shingles and pneumonia. A CPA might remind clients to schedule a tax-planning meeting for the coming year while reminding them to file those quarterly statements next month. In subtle ways, a newsletter can inform, educate and sell all at the same time. Both the news reader and the writer will benefit.

Newsletters are important or essential to some types of organizations. These tools can build a positive emotional bond between the reader and the organization. A non-profit or advocacy organization can use this to great effect. For example, a church may use a newsletter to inform readers about Sunday school schedules at the same time as reminding them to contribute to the new building fund. A relief organization can show readers what they are doing in places like Haiti while urging contributions.

Local organizations can make imaginative use of newsletters to cross link other organizations, businesses and professional practices. For example, a church group can remind members to check with a CPA about the tax deductibility of their contributions.

There are some caveats that all users of newsletters should observe:

  • Build your relationship, do not abuse it. The primary goal of a newsletter should be to provide value. You must provide your audience with a reason to receive your email communications, including newsletters. Never send a newsletter that does not have informative value.
  • Make it look professional. There is software that can help you do this, but if you do not have the time or inclination, seek a web services provider like Axiom Administrative Services. Axiom has the web design, SEO, email marketing, and other web services abilities needed.
  • Make it timely, but not too frequent. A daily newsletter would soon be regarded as just another piece of online advertising. If you are going to do a weekly, monthly or other scheduled newsletter, have informative content created beforehand. Do not wait until the last minute and struggle for a topic.
  • Get help if you cannot do it on your own. If you do not have the writing or design skills needed, hire a professional.

Axiom Administrative Services has the web design, internet marketing, newsletter, Search Engine Optimization and even the direct mail skills needed to help you succeed. Visit Axiom Administrative Serves today to discover how we can help to grow your business, professional practice or non-profit organization.

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