Where Can I Find a List of Professionals That I Can Trust?


Where Can I Find a List of Professionals That I Can Trust?

Senior woman with glasses portraitIf you are a senior or have a loved one who is approaching their senior years, you may have already thought about the important decisions and challenges that lie ahead.

  • Should you be considering an assisted living facility?
  • Have you made the tax and estate plans you should complete?
  • Are legal documents like wills, powers of attorney and medical directives properly prepared?
  • Are your financial plans and investments well prepared and secured?
  • What about your real estate holdings? Do you want to move, to downsize or to stay home instead of making some assisted living or senior care decision?
  • What about past life events like a divorce? How will this affect your planning?

These demands can overwhelm even well-prepared and highly-educated people. No one person can be an expert in all the fields of law, finance and estate planning, taxation, asset protection, medical affairs and the many other questions and tasks that must be faced. In some cases, the advice of a trusted friend or family member may turn out to be a good choice, but it is unlikely that they will have the answers to all, or even most of your questions.

FindingAssistedLiving.comThe mission of Finding Assisted Living (FAL) is to provide answers to all of these obstacles. Finding Assisted Living and FindingAssistedLiving.com provide knowledgeable, unbiased and trustworthy answers and solutions to the questions faced by those approaching their senior years or transitioning into a senior lifestyle. Finding Assisted Living is not a single business, profession or professional practice. It is a network, a collection of highly-qualified professionals in the fields of medicine, law, taxation, finance and estate planning, real estate and senior placement.

In moving from middle life to senior years, you are likely to face challenges in one or more of these areas. Finding Assisted Living can help you find a real estate pro in your area, an accountant or CPA who understands your particular situation, a physician who can evaluate your medical needs, a placement specialist who can help you choose an assisted living facility or an attorney who can prepare needed legal documents. The Finding Assisted Living network of professional specialists and related businesses can help you make these important and difficult decisions.

FAL real estate professionals know the market in your area or in the area to which you wish to relocate. Finding Assisted Living placement specialists know the qualifications, capabilities and reputations of the assisted living facilities and other senior-care choices in your area. By directing you to vetted businesses and highly-qualified professional practices, Finding Assisted Living can make the task of planning easier, safer and more satisfying.

You can start now to assemble a team that will deal with these choices, decisions and challenges. Go to FindingAssistedLiving.com or call 866-333-2657.


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