How Can I Promote My Website?


How Can I Promote My Website?

internet marketingIf you are an individual service provider, the manager of a business or operate a professional practice, you have probably thought about or already had some experience with website advertising and promotion. The truth is that this has become a highly technical and sophisticated field; thousands of people devote their entire professional lives to the skills involved in web design, internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

Still, there are some things that you can do on your own to increase the effectiveness of your website and online advertising efforts.

  • If your business or professional practice has a physical location, use it to make the public aware of your website. Make printed material concerning your website available to customers or clients. Include a reference to the site in your billings if you mail them out.
  • Give the target audience a reason to go to your website. Include a menu, a way to pay bills, reminders about service dates for a car or routine checkups for your customers, clients or patients.
  • Make visiting the website a useful or profitable thing for your target audience. Recently, a large pizza chain offered customers half off the price of a pizza if they ordered online and picked it up. Many small businesses or service providers cannot do this, but they can offer a coupon, a reduced price or some other incentive for using the website.
  • Use direct mail or email marketing to promote your website. Direct mail campaigns are still an effective way to make the public aware of your service and your website too! Think back to the recent political campaign season. How much direct mail did you receive, much of it asking you to go to a website and view the candidate’s credentials. You would not continue to get direct mail if it did not work.
  • If you are familiar with social media, this is one of the best ways to promote a website. The people in your social media network are likely to share your interests and tastes, and they are a free word-spreading machine.
  • Write a blog or have a guest blog about matters that interest your potential audience. You are the best judge of what topics are appropriate to your website and the audience you hope to attract.
  • Learn SEO. SEO is a method of increasing the visibility of your website to search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. This is done by including the words and phrases that are most commonly used in search queries.
  • Investigate tools like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. These can often be cost effective ways to reach a specific audience.

All of these are valid points, but the fact is that the typical small business operator, service provider or professional practitioner does not have the time or the expertise to manage these tasks. Running any small business, nonprofit or professional practice is a full-time occupation. SEO, web design and social media management are particularly important and demanding of time and skill.

internet searchConsider this: when you do a Google (or Bing, Yahoo, etc.) search for any topic, do you ever go very far past the first three pages? It is not likely, nor is it for the audience you want to reach. Don’t be discouraged! In a way, this is good news for small and local business and service operators. You do not have to get to the top of page rankings nationally or world-wide, you just have to rank high in your town, city, community or the zip code in which most of your target audience and customers reside.

To get more people to visit your website, you must make it search-engine friendly (search engine optimization) and submit your information to those search engines. This takes time and know-how. The use of tools like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads may be of huge benefit, but like SEO, using these tools effectively takes time and competence. There are “do it yourself” books and online resources that can help you. However, the bottom line is this: if you want it done correctly and do not have the time to become your own expert, you should contact a professional.

There is simply too much to know about internet marketing, web design, SEO, managing social media, coordinating email marketing and direct mail for most people to deal with. If you are putting up a “hobby” website for your own use, you may be able to accomplish limited goals on your own. If your website has a serious business or commercial purpose, then you would be wise to investigate professional help.

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