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Check out Axiom’s Facebook video production capabilities

Social media just will not stop growing! In an average month, Facebook has 140 million unique visitors. Many (or most) of those 140 million go back multiple times to look for pizza, haircuts, hardware stores and anything else you could think of. See an example of Axiom’s Facebook video production capabilities by clicking HERE.


Contact Axiom for all your digital marketing needs

It’s easy to contact AXIOM ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES! Like all high-quality websites, AXIOM’s site makes it easy to contact them for a free consultation. Just click the Contact Us button at the top of the website or call AXIOM at 800-888-6348.


Keyword research is important for SEO

You may know that keywords and key phrases are an important part of search engine optimization, but how do you know which words and phrases are really important. Well, believe it or not, there is actually a field of study called “Keyword Research.” Read about it by clicking the link.


Do I need a direct mail marketing campaign?

It’s the digital age, but people still go to their mailboxes and find direct mail ads, coupons and special offers. These advertisers would not spend money on direct ads unless they knew that they work.  AXIOM can make them work for you! Click, “Should you Consider a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign?” to find out more.


How to promote your website

Your website promotes you, your business, non-profit or professional practice doesn’t it? So, it makes sense that you should help to promote your website! Find out how by reading, “How Can I Promote My Website?”.


Mobile Marketing and Web Responsiveness

mobile friendlyDo you remember the VCR, the CD, the cassette tape or the BetaMax? Technology now changes so quickly that last weeks ‘cutting edge’ devices became obsolete yesterday.  Ten years ago, a waiting room might have been full of people pecking away on their laptops as they waited for an appointment. Today they are bent over their smartphones searching for something, say a place to eat lunch or to get a haircut after the appointment is finished.

Several years ago, the number of web searches done on mobile devices overtook and now far surpasses the number done on conventional computers. This is a huge boon to merchants, service providers and customers who can now find each other ‘on-the-fly’ rather than having to return to a desk to locate a product or service. Mobile marketing has changed the internet advertising and digital marketing worlds. Successful web marketing now requires effective mobile marketing. This means that today’s digital marketing requires not just an attractive website and effective search engine marketing, but also the quality of ‘responsiveness.’

Responsive web design, sometimes called RWD, involves designing a single website, located at a single web address that can be viewed and used equally well on a variety of devices. The same website must be useful when viewed on wide-screen desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. These devices include a wide range of screen sizes, orientations and resolutions. The website must detect the type of device being used and ‘respond’ by supplying text, pictures and graphics appropriate to the device. Audio and online video marketing content must also look and sound properly on the mobile device.

What you need to know about digital marketing and web marketing is this: responsiveness and good mobile marketing are essential! If your website is not mobile friendly, your web marketing effort is missing more than half of the target audience.

Radio, television and the internet are all filled with advertisements for DIY websites from companies like Wix, iPage and others. There is certainly a place for these do-it-yourself efforts, but if you want maximum effect from your digital marketing and internet marketing dollars, a professional online marketing consultant is your best option.

A successful internet marketing strategy must have several elements. Being mobile marketing friendly with responsive web design is one of those elements, but there are several others. Good digital marketing includes well-produced online video marketing, professional search engine optimization (SEO), well-managed social network and social media marketing, as well as, a sound overall digital marketing plan.

If you are struggling with your internet marketing and online advertising problems, it would pay to turn to a professional online marketing consultant. Axiom Administrative Services has the professional digital marketing skills needed to guide your web presence to the rankings it should have. Axiom is more than an internet marketing agency. Our digital marketing and business marketing teams are able to combine traditional marketing techniques like printing and direct mail with creative web services. Please visit our home page to find out how Axiom Administrative Services can fill your digital marketing needs.

AXIOM understands the needs of small businesses, professional practices and nonprofits. Please visit AXIOM’s small business services page by clicking this LINK or call Axiom at 800-888-6348.


Axiom can make you a video

How much time do you spend in a day watching videos? Most of us see multiple video productions every day on TV and the internet. Did you know that AXIOM ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES can produce and distribute a video just for your purposes? Click AXIOM VIDEO to find out more.


Need a newsletter?

Successful internet marketing involves a number of undertakings. In some situations, a newsletter can provide added value to your marketing effort. Read how in, “Have You Considered a Newsletter?”.


Do you operate a really small business?

Do you operate a really small business? A ‘one man show’ or a ‘garage operation’? Axiom can work with your small, growing business. You owe it to yourself to find out about AXIOM and SMALL BUSINESS MARKETING.”

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