The importance of social media marketing


The importance of social media marketing

FacebookToday, the importance of social media marketing cannot be overlooked. Facebook started out as a ‘toy’ for a few college students, but it has now become one of the leading web marketing tools available to digital marketing professionals. Each day, tens of millions of people all over the world look at their own Facebook page, their friends’ pages, celebrities or interest groups they like.  Facebook is literally a ‘web within the web.’

These pages often contain nothing but personal chatter, but there is also a huge opportunity for digital marketing. When your business, professional practice or service provider Facebook page is ‘liked’ by a single Facebook user, it opens the door to being seen by dozens of others in their social network. Often, these are people of similar age, background and tastes. The internet marketing potential of these social networks is obvious. A young woman who ‘likes’ a hair stylist or finds a bargain on her favorite shoes can let numerous friends of comparable taste know this information in seconds. In turn, they may pass the information on to dozens or hundreds of their social network friends.

These communications are sometimes trivial, but they often contain information, advice and opinions on serious subjects like, ‘how to choose a doctor,” “who to vote for” or “where to find legal” help. The digital marketing opportunity for politicians and professional practices is obvious.

If you provide a service, such as plumbing, carpentry, electrical contracting or hair styling, a single recommendation, referral or ‘like’ of your business Facebook page may bring exposure to hundreds of other people in the same demographic group and geographic area. Now, they know about you, they understand that someone they know and trust has endorsed you. When they have a similar need to fill, it is far more likely that they will call on you to do the job.

Search marketing and social media marketing are two of the most powerful forces in the internet advertising field. To learn more, read our blog article on SOCIAL MEDIA AND SEARCH MARKETING.

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