Well-written content is key for good SEO


Well-written content is key for good SEO

SEOA lot of factors must combine to make your website successful. Good web design, professional SEO, a comprehensive internet marketing strategy, device responsiveness, and good search marketing are all important. However, there is an even more basic element: solidly written content. Your webpage ranking and internet marketing efforts can be seriously damaged by poorly produced, out-of-date or plagiarized content.

Google has a term for websites that can affect a viewer’s happiness, health or wealth. This is the “YMYL” (Your Money or Your Life) category, Google’s term for sites that ask you to spend money, frequent a professional practice, buy a product or service, shop at a given store, or make life-changing decisions. In short, these are the types of webpages that are produced and maintained by a business marketing organization or an online marketing company like Axiom Administrative Services.

If you are keeping a website for purely personal purposes, for family communication or simply as a hobby, professional content writing will not help you. On the other hand, if your website is there to promote your service, professional practice, product or non-profit organization, professionally written content is indispensable. Content writing is just one part of a successful web marketing, digital marketing and internet advertising effort. The professionals at Axiom Administrative Services (AAS) can help you to master the digital marketing techniques needed to achieve an effective web presence. You can learn more about the critical importance of web content by reading “Should You Hire Someone to Write your Blog?” in the AXIOM ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES blog archives.

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