Ranking the Social Media


Ranking the Social Media

FacebookA lot of attention is given to social media sites and their influence over everything from national politics to who the best rapper is. Politicians, news media, auto makers, sports teams, famous athletes and entertainers all recognize the importance of social media. In fact, many well-known people, products or causes now owe their fame entirely to social media.

When you think about digital marketing solutions or branding strategies for your small business, non-profit or professional practice, social media cannot be ignored. It is becoming the most important way in which many (or most) people get information, form opinions or interact with others. When building a branding strategy or digital marketing solution, we make the following definition- Social media is any web-based communication tool that enables people to share or consume information.

This information may be simple text messaging, fixed webpages like those on Facebook or general websites, audio material that can be heard or downloaded from the web or audio-visual presentations like those on YouTube. You and your business, non-profit or service provider organization will have a ranking in the social media world, but what about ranking the social media sites themselves?

Some of the results may surprise you. The website, Statista has ranked social media sites according to the number of active users each has. No one is surprised to learn that Facebook with over 2 billion users is the most popular social media website. Not bad for a business that started in a college dorm in 2003. Number 2 is YouTube with 1.5 billion users. This does surprise many people because they have not even thought of YouTube as a social media. It is, and it is used more and more to express opinions, share knowledge and to sell products.

Several of the top social media sites are essentially messaging services for sending and receiving text over the internet. Number 3, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger (number 4), We Chat (5) and QQ (6) all fall into this category. Number 7, and the fastest growing, is Instagram, a photo and video sharing service that allows users to exchange pictures and video freely. It may surprise you to learn that Twitter, even with it famous ‘tweeters’ like President Trump comes in at only # 10 (328 million users).

As an internet marketing agency and a provider of branding strategies, SEO strategies digital marketing solutions and small business SEO, AXIOM’s interest in social media is fitting the needs of our clients to the social media platform that best serves them. It will not surprise you to know that Facebook and YouTube are among our favorite vehicles. You can check us out by clicking on AXIOM ON FACEBOOK or AXIOM ON YOUTUBE. You can call us directly at (800) 888-6348, or use the link to find out more: AXIOM ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES

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