Axiom can enhance your online marketing


Axiom can enhance your online marketing

online marketingThere are many ways to enhance your online marketing with digital marketing solutions from AXIOM Administrative Services. AXIOM’s SEO techniques, local SEO services, branding strategies and SEO link building can all bring attention and traffic to your website. Our professional SEO services combined with our graphic design and logo design service can make your website attractive and effective.

But in this era of mobile devices and on-the-go browsing from smart phones or tablets, a static webpage may not be enough. More and more, audiences of all types are looking for more than just a still picture or a menu of interactive choices. Short videos are becoming widely used as internet marketing vehicles, and AXIOM can certainly fill this need. AXIOM can professionally produce a video and place it directly on your website or link it to a YouTube address. You can see several examples produced for an AXIOM client by clicking on Videos.

There are some situations where an audio-only link might be more effective. If you publish a newsletter or a blog, the audio format might be more useful. Did you know that you can record an audio recording (an mp3) of your blog, newsletter, etc. and link it to your webpage, Facebook page or other site? AXIOM can do it for you. Clients or customers can listen live or download the mp3 for later listening.

You can see and hear an example by clicking on this link-

This is a good example of making a newsletter or blog article more useful and accessible by providing an audio recording of the written text. If this concept interests you, AXIOM Administrative Services can duplicate the service on your website.

Learn about this and the many other digital marketing solutions available from AXIOM. Axiom Administrative Services  has the professional digital marketing solutions needed to guide your web presence to the rankings it should have. Visit AXIOM’s small business services page by clicking this LINK or call Axiom at 800-888-6348.

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