Local Trades and Services


Local Trades and Services

SEOWe still encounter some service providers or skilled tradesmen who feel that the internet is not the place for them. We could not disagree more! The internet is exactly the right place for you to establish your branding strategies using the digital marketing solutions and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services that AXIOM can provide. AXIOM offers a full range of marketing tools from a logo design service

to direct mail marketing and direct mail advertising, but we understand that the future will depend more and more on digital marketing solutions.

Imagine this very realistic situation- you get up one morning and find that your bathroom toilet will not flush. A quick ‘fix it myself’ effort fails to solve the problem. The pipe is totally blocked. How are you going to get a plumber quickly? In the past, most people would look in the “Yellow Pages” or ask a friend or neighbor. Today, most people are going to their iPhone or Android device and entering a search term like, “Plumbers in zip code 32114” or “Plumbers in Ormond Beach.”

That is how most contacts with service providers or tradespeople start today. If your business does not show up when your potential customers search, “plumbers in zip….,” they are not going to get a chance to consider your business. In a way, this search culture works in favor of small, local businesses; you do not have to beat out Roto Router, USA.  You only need to be seen in your close-knit community, a small neighborhood or just a zip code.

If you have had a bad experience with cheap web design in the past, put that behind you! Take a look at what AXIOM can do for you by clicking AXIOM and LOCAL TRADES. Then find out more by going to Axiom Administrative Services or by calling Axiom at 800-888-6348.


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