More Ideas for a Business Web Blog


More Ideas for a Business Web Blog

Let’s go on with some more ideas for your business blog. Blogging on your own web page or on a social media site is a primary way to establish, maintain and strengthen your branding strategy. It will add fresh content to your website, part of the digital marketing solution you seek. Here are four more suggestions-

  • Do A Product Comparison or A Comparison Test. Do you sell several products or services that are similar? Your customers, clients or patients might be interested in comparative information about those products or services. How do they compare in cost? Is the higher price for one justified? Is one better in a certain circumstance?  Provide informative useful information.
  • Conduct A Reader Poll. Have you ever used SurveyMonkey? It can make getting opinions you need easier. Customers participating in a poll may be franker about products or services, both your own and those of competitors.
  • Profile Your Staff or Workers. Those are the people who your customers think of as being your business. Tell your customers why they are working for you, your company or professional practice office. Let them know about your workers and their talents, what they can do for the clients, customers etc.
  • Tell A Customer Success Story. You probably have a number of highly satisfied customers. Let them tell your story. How did your business, practice or service help them and what can it do for readers?

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