Focus Your Social Media on Visual Content


Focus Your Social Media on Visual Content

online marketing“A picture is worth a thousand words,” or so says the familiar advice. Actually, this saying seems to have originated in the early 1900’s. Frederick Barnard, used the term in a book on the subject of graphics in advertising. It is interesting that, from the start, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” has been associated with an advertising message. Advertising professionals have long known that a visual image makes a stronger, more lasting impression than words alone.

This was true in magazines, newspapers, television and now in digital marketing solutions and internet branding strategies. Last month this blog featured an article about the importance of a good logo design service and the impression it can make. Strong visual content is equally important in social media.

The early days of social media consisted mainly of plain text and, perhaps, a few still pictures. As bandwidth capacity increased, so did the imaginative use of pictures and then audio and video productions. Market studies, academic authorities and internet marketing agencies have all found reasons for including visual content in social media sites like Facebook and Google plus. Two of the fastest growing social media platforms, Instagram and Snapchat are dedicated almost exclusively to the exchange of images.

A good internet marketing agency will try to incorporate visual content into its professional SEO services for several reasons-

  • Better Retention– humans process the information in an image much better than text messages. Tests reveal that the average person retains a visual message about 3 times better than a written one. If your social media provides attractive, engaging visuals like videos, graphs or screenshots, you create a memorable experience.
  • Increased Engagement– visual material has the power to tap into people’s emotions, to get their attention and to lead them to look longer and harder at your message. Visual content should be an important part of all branding strategies. Studies have shown that a Facebook post that includes an image is more than twice as likely to be read as is a post with text only.
  • Visual Content Sells– surely, this is the most important reason. Visual material such as testimonials, “before and after” shots, “how-to videos” and others all have enormous impact. They move the viewer to make a buying decision.

All of this sounds great, but how do you go about making visual material part of your Facebook, Google or other social media presence? If you have the time and talent, you can do it yourself; most small business people do not have enough of either. A professional internet marketing agency like AXIOM can do it better! AXIOM has the professional ability to produce videos and the resources to search thousands of copyrighted images to find the one that is right for your message.

AXIOM is more than an internet marketing agency. AXIOM understands the needs of small businesses, professional practices and nonprofits. Our digital marketing and business marketing teams are able to combine traditional marketing techniques like printing and direct mail with creative web services. Please visit our home page to find out how Axiom Administrative Services can fill your digital marketing needs. You can contact Axiom Administrative Services online or call Axiom at 800-888-634.

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