Should You Use Google Analytics?


Should You Use Google Analytics?

Google searchDigital marketing solutions and professional SEO services count on gathering accurate statistics about web traffic. Both amateur webmasters and professional SEO services measure their website’s performance using data that is available from Google Analytics. For a professional web developer, an internet marketing agency or a local SEO services provider, these statistics about page views, visitor location and many other topics, are an invaluable resource.

Without getting too technical, here are some questions Google Analytic data can answer –

  • How many people visit my website?
  • Where do they live?
  • How many “convert” into leads, email listings or customers?
  • What other websites send traffic to me (SEO link building)?
  • What blog or other content do visitors like most?
  • What is my website’s speed?

You can create a Google Analytics account by going to “” and following the setup instructions. Learning to use Google Analytics can seem overwhelming, and it is time consuming. If your website has a serious social purpose or an economic motive (like making money), it is worthwhile to learn this skill. On the other hand, if you have a WordPress or Wix template-based site devoted to your grandchildren or to your cat pictures (there are many), then analytics of any type will just bore you.

For serious websites, data from Google Analytics can help you develop your branding strategy, digital marketing solutions, SEO strategy and SEO link building. The ultimate aim is to drive more web traffic to your site and to increase the conversion rate of viewers to customers. That is a great point –for most people, the purpose of a website is not to be technically excellent, it is to get more clients, patients or customers.

Rarely, there are small-businesses or professional people who can do this on their own. Others turn to cheap web design or settle for a static webpage constructed from a template. This is fine for private, limited use, but if you are on the web for professional reasons, it is wise to turn to skilled developers and professional SEO services.

If you want digital marketing solutions that work and branding strategies that develop and keep clients, customers and patrons, turn to Axiom. Axiom delivers more than a cheap web design, and Axiom is more than an internet marketing agency. Axiom Administrative Services has the professional skill and small business SEO skills needed to get your web presence the ranking it needs and the market position your enterprise deserves.

If you are curious about Google Analytics, the YouTube service is full of lessons and demonstrations. While you are there, check out the AXIOM YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Our business marketing team can combine traditional marketing tools like direct mail advertising with local SEO services to build your branding strategy. Please visit Axiom’s small business services page or call Axiom at 800-888-6348.

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