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About Facebook

FacebookLast week, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, spent several days testifying before Congress (both the Senate and the House of Representatives).  At the same time, celebrities, politicians, knowledgeable and clueless ‘experts’ began to chime in with their opinions ranging from doom to “who cares.”

Take a moment to think over the history of Facebook. Ten years ago, Facebook hardly existed. Six months ago, people were predicting that Facebook, Google and YouTube would come to rule the world. Last week, Facebook was under attack by almost everyone concerned (including Mr. Zuckerberg). Some of those people announced that Facebook would follow MySpace into the digital graveyard.

There is no doubt that Facebook has suffered a big black eye from the Cambridge Analytics fiasco, but let’s not rush to the conclusion that it is going into headlong decline. The users that Facebook has lost in the last few days are expressing concerns over their personal data being insecure. That is a real and legitimate concern, but it probably does not affect small business, professional practice or service provider sites. To begin with, those types of Facebook users want their data shared! They want potential customers, clients, patrons or contributors to know their address, phone numbers, business abilities, etc.  That is why they are on Facebook, Google +, YouTube or Pinterest!

The indirect effect that the Cambridge Analytics affair may have is that fewer people will be going to Facebook for sharing of personal experiences and information.  That may spill over into a somewhat smaller audience to see your products, services, created content or branding strategy on Facebook. It should not change the digital marketing solutions that are working for you. The users that do abandon Facebook are not going to take up newspaper reading or going to local libraries to get information about the best dentist, hair stylist or auto mechanic. They are going to stay on their mobile devices transmitting or looking for information of all types.

If you don’t believe this, take a look at any of the press photos of Zuckerberg while he testifies. Behind him is a row of earnest people, all bent over and looking intently at their mobile device of some type. If Facebook comes under some form of government regulation, it is likely to rebuild consumer confidence by adhering to personal privacy guidelines. This will not change the importance of creating digital marketing solutions that involve social media. SEO techniques, SEO link building and local SEO services directed at the local market are still going to be the keys to success. This too shall pass!

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