What is Organic SEO?


What is Organic SEO?

SEOMost internet users have heard the term, “SEO” and possibly “organic SEO.” Are you sure that you understand these terms? Knowing the ins and outs of SEO strategy and how to execute good SEO techniques is an essential part of digital marketing. Let’s make sure that we understand exactly what we are trying to accomplish.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a very basic concept. It is the process of managing a website’s code in a way that makes it most visible to search engines. Although the process seems clear and simple in the abstract, executing actual SEO techniques and the development of a good SEO strategy can become quite complicated. In truth, this task is best left to full-time professional SEO services. Still    , it helps the small business person, service provider or professional to know the vocabulary and some of the basic concepts of SEO techniques and SEO strategy, and how this fits into your overall branding strategy.

Let’s start with the difference between organic SEO and paid SEO. SEO techniques that lead to your webpage ranking highly in Google, Bing or other search engine results without purchasing AdWords (from Google) or Bing Ads (from Microsoft) constitute organic SEO.

Let’s take an example, say the search term, “plumbers in Daytona.” Entering that exact search term in Google and Bing will yield two different pages of search term results. At the top of both pages, you will see results that are labeled as ads. Here is an actual example –Ad · www.mrrooter.com/DaytonaBeach . Directly below, is the Google or Bing map with a graphic representation of locations. You need to toggle down a bit to see the organic SEO or the unpaid results.  This is where good SEO techniques can place your web ranking without any ad expense at all.

This pattern is repeated for almost any search term related to a business, product or service. Try it with the term, “medical clinics in Daytona.” You can see that this applies even to professional practices like medicine. The advantage of using professional SEO services from an internet marketing agency like Axiom is that your page is more likely to be found on that first results page.

If you struggle to find digital marketing solutions that work and branding strategies that make your business stand out, turn to Axiom. Your business deserves more than a cheap web design, and Axiom is more than an internet marketing agency. Axiom Administrative Services has the professional skill and small business SEO skills needed to get your web presence the ranking it deserves.

Our business marketing team can combine traditional marketing tools like direct mail advertising with local SEO services to build your branding strategy. Please visit Axiom’s small business services page or call Axiom at 800-888-6348.

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