What Is a Content Management System?


What Is a Content Management System?

WordPressIf you have ever investigated the possibility of having an website for personal or business reasons, you are likely to have run across the term “Content Management System” or “CMS.” Put simply, a content management system is a software program that manages (and presumably makes it simple) to create, edit, organize and publish data, graphic and text material. For our purposes, we are speaking only of Web Content Management Systems or WCMS programs. Although they are used mostly for internet or “web” publishing, WCMSs can also be used to manage content on a closed “intranet” or a single computer.

By far the most popular web CMS is WordPress; data recorded late in 2017 reported that almost 30% of all the 1.8 billion websites in the world were powered by WordPress. The invention of WordPress had a great democratizing effect on the internet. This CMS made it possible for people with a minimum of technical knowledge to publish their own website. It is not only amateurs who have turned to WordPress and other CMS providers. Almost any internet marketing agency will have an in-house WordPress expert, as will any small business SEO consultant or organizations specializing in branding strategies and digital marketing solutions.

Famous companies like Forbes, the New York Times and National Geographic rely on WordPress, as well as celebrities like the Rolling Stones and Beyonce. They all have websites built with WordPress. Why has this happened? The fact is that relatively few people will take the time, or expend the effort, to learn HTML, Java programing or the details of CSS. Even professional SEO services and experts in small business SEO are not likely to have the time for this task. By using a CMS these creative, non-technical people can construct a very professional website.

WordPress has numerous competitors, some heavily advertised. You have probably seen or heard an ad from Wix, Squarespace or Weebly. Despite their efforts, WordPress continues to dominate the CMS market. It has an abundance of teaching material, “plugins” that perform specialized tasks and even offers a free version.

All of this is quite interesting and it provides millions of amateurs with a hobby and a way to publish their own blog or a website devoted to their cats or grandchildren. For the small business person, professional, non-profit or service provider, WordPress can be a great help, but it is unlikely to be the full solution. It is doubtful that they can learn to construct, maintain and update their own website.

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