Print Plus E-Marketing, A Winning Combination


Print Plus E-Marketing, A Winning Combination

Print MachineBecause Axiom is an internet marketing agency, it may seem surprising to you that we also design and produce printed material. In fact, Axiom does a good deal of print media; we produce direct mail marketing for clients as well as a widely distributed quarterly magazine, Magazine for the organization. is a successful and growing business organization that aims at meeting the needs of seniors, as well as giving professionals and service providers a way to reach the 55+ market. Magazine is a perfect example of the winning combination that print, combined with a successful digital marketing solution can provide. You can read the latest online version by clicking Magazine Fall 2018 Edition Online. At the same time you can find a free physical edition of the magazine at numerous locations. Click here to see a list of those places throughout Central Florida (Volusia, Flagler, Lake, Seminole, Orange, Osceola & Polk Counties) – Magazine Pick Up Locations.

At Axiom, we realize the importance of both printed and online digital marketing solutions. Both have their advantages and limitations, but when they are combined the result is a winning combination. Let’s think about some of the qualities of print, versus digital, versus print plus digital marketing solutions.

  • Print is durable while digital marketing solutions are immediate. At Axiom, we have a heavy emphasis on digital marketing solutions aimed at the boomer generation and seniors. This audience grew up reading magazines, and print is still a core part of an integrated marketing strategy aimed at that demographic. At the same time, we know that seniors are active on all forms of digital media. Axiom makes the content of net Magazine available, both online and as a printed object. The print magazine is often kept as a reference source, handy for finding senior-friendly help (it is durable). The online magazine and the website are always immediate, up-to-date and available. The combination offers both advantages.
  • Printed material is fixed, digital marketing solutions are flexible. The material on a website can be changed in seconds, while it is not possible to alter print copy once it is distributed. Having both offers the opportunity to be available as a fixed reference while also responding to immediate opportunities.
  • Printed material is still the only way to reach some consumers, especially older seniors. However, more and more, the online habits of seniors and boomers are coming to match those of younger consumers. Social media and the internet are becoming their primary source of news, entertainment and consumer information. Having both a digital marketing solution and traditional print media means that net covers all fronts.

Axiom can do for your business, service, professional practice or non-profit what it is doing for the organization. Axiom’s business marketing team can combine traditional marketing tools like direct mail advertising with digital marketing solutions and local SEO services to build your branding strategy. Please visit Axiom’s small business services page or call Axiom at 800-888-6348. If you are struggling to find digital marketing solutions that work and branding strategies that make your business stand out, turn to Axiom

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