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Social Media and Seniors

marketing to seniorsWe have written about the growing power of social media as a critical part of any organization’s branding strategy and digital marketing solution. Across all age groups, more and more people now turn to social media as a source of entertainment, product information, shopping advice and countless other applications. Social media channels should be a seamless part of any digital marketing solution or branding strategy, including those aimed specifically at seniors. The latest Pew Research Center report on Internet and Social Media Use reports that a majority of 55+ and senior adults use Facebook and YouTube daily or frequently.

But how do you leverage the power of social media for your business or practice?  Most businesses, professional practices and nonprofits are probably missing out on potential contacts, referrals and sales that can come from social media sources. It does not have to be that way!

At Axiom, we have been producing social media content for years, concentrating on Facebook and YouTube. As part of the Family of organizations, we use social media to engage 55+ and senior adults in activities and events that literally build a feeling of family. Often, we combine these two social media vehicles, embedding YouTube video presentations into Facebook content. You can see an example at “ Brunch & Learn Feb 1, 2019,” a YouTube video that is integrated into the Facebook page.

Axiom specializes in digital marketing solutions and branding strategies that target the 55+ and senior markets. Let us show you how we can bring your business or service organization to the attention of Florida’s large and growing 55+ adult and senior population, the “Silver Consumers.” Social media platforms are an ever more important part of branding strategies, so turn to Axiom to reach this key market. Please visit Axiom’s small business services page or call Axiom at 800-888-6348.


“Just the Facts, Ma’am…”

marketing to seniorsThat’s what Sergeant Joe Friday said in the 1950 TV series, “Dragnet.” All he wanted was the facts about a crime, so he could solve the case. Solving crime was the problem faced by Dragnet detectives, and the facts were the tools needed to accomplish this task.

If you are a small business person, service provider or professional practice, you face several problems each day. One of the most important is the task of building your customer base or professional practice clientele. In this case, facts may not be as compelling as fingerprints or a “smoking gun,” but they are important anyway.  Imagine that you are a legal, medical or other professional practice in Flagler County, Florida. Here are some facts:

  • The 55+ and senior population of Flagler County is 48,605 people (source:University of Florida, Bureau of Economic and Business Research, Florida Population Studies, Bulletin 181, June 2018).
  • 39 well-placed pickup locations throughout Flagler County distribute our printed publication, the net Magazine, with its OurSeniorsDiscounts pullout section.
  • Aimed specifically at the 55+ and senior market, this publication is distributed free, it is picked up, read and retained.

These “clues” should help you solve the mystery of penetrating the senior market (43% of the total population) in Flagler County. By placing an ad in the Magazine or an incentive in OurSeniorsDiscounts pullout section, you can place your practice name in front of a huge audience. The 55+ and senior population of counties like Volusia is not as high, but it tis still one of the most important market sectors. This is true anywhere in Florida, so take advantage of this opportunity now by:

Have a great day, and act now to take advantage of this opportunity.


Using Multimedia to Drive Foot Traffic

OurSeniorsDiscounts.netLocal businesses face a unique set of marketing problems and opportunities. While a local store or service provider might be physically closer to a large part of its customer base, at the same time, they may be less well known. Physical location, visibility, traffic, and proximity to competitors are all factors that determine success.

A gigantic chain like Home Depot will have well-known locations, while a small competitor might be closer, but still unknown to the consumer. How can small businesses or service providers make themselves more visible to the customers in their own neighborhood?

Axiom has a solution to this problem. We have been driving web traffic to customer sites for years. Like all internet marketing agencies, we use techniques like search engine optimization services and branding strategies to entice viewers to visit our sites. Now, we are involved in multimedia projects that are designed to bring actual foot traffic to businesses, services and professional practices. We incentivize patrons to visit a physical location.

Our association with the Family of organizations has given us this ability, especially the capacity to reach 55+ adults and seniors. Through Axiom, your enterprise can put its name physically in front of thousands of potential customers each quarter, and with your help, give them a positive reason to seek you out!

The pros at Axiom have been doing printed material and direct mail advertising for a long time. Today, we help to publish a high-quality quarterly magazine, the Magazine. Each quarter, this magazine reaches thousands of seniors, their families, friends and caretakers. By placing your business name in the magazine, itself, or in the pull-out supplement (the section), you can access the hugely important senior and 55+ adult market. Senior readers may also access the supplement’s content at its online twin at

The distribution specifically targets the over 55 market. It is FREE to consumers, distributed with thousands of printed copies of Magazine throughout Central Florida, as well as being online. You can find out more right now by:

Have a great day, and act now to take advantage of this opportunity.

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