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More Ideas for a Business Web Blog

Let’s go on with some more ideas for your business blog. Blogging on your own web page or on a social media site is a primary way to establish, maintain and strengthen your branding strategy. It will add fresh content to your website, part of the digital marketing solution you seek. Here are four more suggestions-

  • Do A Product Comparison or A Comparison Test. Do you sell several products or services that are similar? Your customers, clients or patients might be interested in comparative information about those products or services. How do they compare in cost? Is the higher price for one justified? Is one better in a certain circumstance?  Provide informative useful information.
  • Conduct A Reader Poll. Have you ever used SurveyMonkey? It can make getting opinions you need easier. Customers participating in a poll may be franker about products or services, both your own and those of competitors.
  • Profile Your Staff or Workers. Those are the people who your customers think of as being your business. Tell your customers why they are working for you, your company or professional practice office. Let them know about your workers and their talents, what they can do for the clients, customers etc.
  • Tell A Customer Success Story. You probably have a number of highly satisfied customers. Let them tell your story. How did your business, practice or service help them and what can it do for readers?

Maintaining a website while running your business or professional practice may be more than you bargained for. Let AXIOM take care of this for you. Axiom Administrative Services builds digital marketing strategies that work, starting with creative web design, professional SEO services and a full range of web services, including social media content.  Axiom can even coordinate online advertising and professional SEO services with a direct mail marketing campaign. Think about your needs and then contact Axiom by-


Ideas for a Business Web Blog

Axiom Administrative ServicesMaintaining a website while running your business or professional practice may be more than you bargained for. Let Axiom take care of this for you. Axiom Administrative Services builds digital marketing strategies that work, starting with creative web design, professional SEO services and a full range of web services, including social media content.  Axiom can even coordinate online advertising and professional SEO services with a direct mail marketing or coupon distribution campaign. Think about your needs and then contact Axiom by:

Read Ideas for a Business Web Blog.


Ideas For A Business Blog

One of the factors used by search engines to evaluate and rank websites is the quality of ‘freshness.’ For organizations like CNN, Fox News or large corporations like Apple or GM, this is not a problem. By definition, a news site has to have current content and companies like Apple, Amazon or GM are constantly introducing new products, services or ideas to the market and to their websites.

For a small business or service provider, this might be a more difficult problem. A business blog is a good way to constantly add fresh content to your website enhancing both your SEO strategy and branding strategy at the same time. Many times, small businesses or service providers will struggle to find blog topics that contribute to their digital marketing solutions and goals.

If you are struggling with blog ideas, here are some suggestions-

  • Share your knowledge-. All branding strategies should involve a demonstration of expert knowledge. No matter what business, profession or service in which you engage, you must have some type of specialized knowledge unique to your field. Accountants, plumbers, exterminators, et cetera, et cetera all have gems of skill and understanding that might be of interest to anyone at times. Blogging about tax records or clean drains is a good way to let clients or customers know that you understand their problems and can fix them.
  • Put a video in your blog. Build a strong customer bond and branding strategy by using video in your blog. Axiom Administrative Services can do this surprisingly easily. The video can be embedded in your website or posted to YouTube or Facebook with a link from your blog. The link has a side benefit- it counts in SEO link building, one element search engines look for. What would your video be about? Anything in your area of expertise! Seniors might be interested in a tour of an assisted living facility. Homeowners might view a short lesson on how to change a door lock.
  • Give a resource list. If you prepare food or beverages, you might show potential customers the ingredients you use. Tell where you get your supplies and why they are the best for the customer.
  • Link your blog to Facebook and other social media. The social media are a gigantic free billboard. If a link in your blog article steers a reader to your Facebook page, that has strengthened your branding strategy.

These are just a few of the possible topics for a business blog. Writing a blog or maintaining a website is time-consuming, difficult work, but AXIOM can take care of this for you. Axiom Administrative Services can build a digital marketing strategy that starts with professional web design, professional SEO services and then provides a full range of web services, including social media content.  Axiom will coordinate internet marketing, online advertising, SEO, a direct mail marketing campaign and the full range of internet digital marketing solutions and services that you need. Start now by thinking about your needs and then contact Axiom Administrative Services by clicking the link or call Axiom at 800-888-6348.


How to use Graphic Design So That Your Business Can Stand Out

2IuEkDesign is a very valuable part of marketing online because if you don’t have a web design that attracts people, then no one is going to stay on your business website very long, and that means you won’t make any profits.

Having an excellent website is going to help bring customers to your site, help your internet marketing business get visitors, and could make them stay long enough to buy your products and services.

What are the business benefits of good design?

If you have a well-designed website, you likely have a good graphic artist that knows how to design a website. The business benefits of having a website with a superior design will:

  • Help your brand stand out from others – Graphics of all kinds attract people to your website. The right graphic designer knows how to design a website so that it’s pleasing to the eyes, and makes your brand stand out and become well-known. Your properly designed logo can make your brand become a household name in no time. Customers are usually willing to pay more for a product that is better designed than their competition.
  • Help your ideas come to fruition – Good graphics design also helps your company’s ideas come to fruition. A picture is said to be worth a thousand words, and the right kind of graphics can be worth thousands of dollars in showing your customers exactly what your internet marketing business is trying to portray.
  • Make your business look more professional – The better a company’s Interactive_design_in_relation_to_other_fields_of_studygraphics are, the better it looks to clients. If your graphic designer is good at their job, then it makes your company look more professional. By using the proper fonts, colors, shapes, special effects, etc., your web design will look strong, aesthetically pleasing, and attractive to your customers.
  • Save your company money – Proper use of graphic design can also save your company money for several reasons. It can improve efficiency, cost effectiveness, and even the quality of packaging. It can also do things like cutting production costs by making use of minimal packaging, which will then reduce the amount of trash going into landfills, which also helps the environment.

Design involves many aspects of business

Graphic design involves many aspects of a business; from the design of the product itself to the engineering design, packaging design, and then the design of the advertising used to promote and sell a product. If a company is going to do online marketing, it needs to have good graphic designers at its disposal in order to get the job done properly.

Design needs to be part of a business’ strategy in its internet marketing. By incorporating graphics design from the start of creating a product instead of waiting until the end, it can save a significant amount of time and money. Design has to be incorporated in giving the customer what they want and need, and that means studying the process of creating and selling your product or service to identify areas where you can improve things like web design and advertising design. Even the designing of your office could make the difference in your company’s bottom line.

Design is vital for a company. That design is anything from web design to product design and more. So, hiring the best graphic designers is something a company needs to do if they want to succeed. Be sure to do all you can to use design strategically in your business if you want to succeed and grow your brand in today’s modern world.

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What is Social Media?

social mediaSocial Media refers to an ever-growing group of Internet-based applications that grew from the foundations of Web 2.0 and it invites the participants to not only create, but also freely exchange personally- or communally-generated content.

Social media utilizes mobile and web-based technologies to generate highly interactive platforms where individuals and groups can interact and react to user-generated content. Social media have revolutionized how individuals communicate with friends, their communities, and their world. The power of these media is growing every day; according to Business Insider, the average person today spends 37 minutes per day on social media, more than email. The audiences have grown tremendously, with Facebook hosting 1.2 billion users, so far, in 2014.

In comparison to the traditional methods of communication (i.e. direct oral communications or through print and mass media formats), social media offers a level of intimacy and immediacy never before believed possible. It is a known fact that Internet users use social media sites far more than than any other type of site. The time spent on social media in the U.S., whether on PCs or mobile devices, has doubled in just under two years. There are over 9 million blogs. Social media is how and where companies are formed, championed, and destroyed, along with individual reputations, careers, and discoveries. There are all sorts of social media for networking, marketing, researching, complaining; they all share one common denominator — they serve to not only communicate, but interact with the user. They are fluid, demanding constant updating and revisions; they are electronic and highly visual, sparking instantaneous reactions and remarks. Some are purely social in purpose (Facebook), some are for discovering and bookmarking resources (StumbleUpon), some offer world news and solicit approval of the contents (Reddit), some are for sharing visual items (YouTube and Flickr), and some offer forums on a myriad of topics (blogs).

Variety of Formats/Purposes

Social media come in many formats, with diverse backgrounds, and purposes; older versions of personal interaction websites (MySpace and Friendster) have morphed into the latest iterations (Facebook), growing in popularity, but not necessarily responsibility or civility. “Following” someone on an electronic media site is considered “cool,” whereas in real life it could be considered stalking. Indeed, social media has created not only its own universe, but also a unique set of rules and transgressions. Sites such as LinkedIn purport to be strictly for business networking and corporate interactions; yet, blogging and endorsing of individual talents and ideas has overtaken resume building on the site. Wikipedia has overtaken the printed versions of information resources, with current day-school children never coming in touch with printed dictionaries or encyclopedias. Virtual libraries allow every type of literature and documentation to be accessed 24/7, no library card needed. There are sites that allow shoppers to browse among millions of items, “pin” them to boards, solicit comments and discuss their good and bad points without ever moving from the computer or handheld device. There are several distinct types of users of social media, ranging from the deeply immersed addicts who spend countless hours on all platforms, to those who sparingly indulge in one or two outlets sporadically. Nonetheless, almost every individual with access to a computer or smartphone or handheld device has some relationship to social media.Throughout Florida, from Hollywood to Tampa, social media permeates everyday life, conversations, and interactions.

Impact on the Business World

Social media’s reach goes well beyond the social realm; it has influenced how companies market their products, how they react to criticisms, how they capture new customers. It has also been responsible for the creation of an entirely new field of service called Internet marketing. Along with Internet marketing comes the need for search engine optimization (SEO), an SEO company to provide it, social media marketing services and web-design. Ranking of companies by search engines has all Internet businesses vying for first page listing in search results. Constant access to the Internet creates a more intimate relationship of business and customer, because feedback can be given and received with the click of a button.


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A New Year and a New Look, Part 2

surpriseStarting things fresh is a side effect of starting a new year and if your are a business owner, it’s a good time to review your website and how it is functioning for your current needs. It may be time to get a new set of eyes and a new set of ideas from a new online marketing company like Axiom Internet Marketing. In Part 1, we covered information regarding the importance of SEO and some of its proponents, such as linking to other websites.

Keywords and Search Engine Optimization

Aside from linking, search engines look for keywords. This is what people use to search for information on the Internet and the thing that people are most familiar with using.

Generally, search engines take note of words in the page (the website as a whole) and where in the website those words are found. Most search engines index all the significant words on a page but leave out the articles “a,” “the,” and “an.” Words that occur in the title, subtitles and the Meta tags (a brief description of the article that normally shows up in search results) are noted for special consideration for later searches.

Weighing of information may involve assigning increasing values to words appearing near the top of a document, links, subheadings, Meta tags and the title of the page. Search engines use different formulas for weighing information, thus you will get different rankings from different search engines.

Other, more complicated activities take place that lead to a page’s ranking that we won’t delve into at this time.

Relevant Content

Having relevant content (text) on your website is an important part of search engine keywordsoptimization ranking. Positioning SEO, the content on your site and how it is presented will have a large impact on how your page is ranked. Titles, Meta tags and so forth, must be related to the subject of your website or they will be disregarded by web crawlers. For instance, you may place “football” in your title and Meta tags because it is a popular subject (and more likely to appear in first page search results), but if the rest of the content on your site is about brooms, the word football with be ignored. Relevant content means content that is pertinent to your business.

Content such as the information on your home page and subsequent pages are included in page rankings. However, this is not enough to move onto the first page of search results with an organic search. In addition to links and other methods, you need web crawlers to visit your site frequently, as this will make your site more important and seen as a leader in your field.

One way to keep web crawlers visiting your site is to have updated content that will draw them to your site in order to index the new content.

blogBlog Creation

An excellent way of providing updated content is to create a blog for your website. Blogs/articles can be on any subject as long as it pertains to your business in some way. It should also be interesting to the reader and encourage further investigating the website. If you are a good writer and have the time, you can write your own blogs, or you can have your Internet marketing team take care of it for you.

Having a successful website needs a successful SEO company like Axiom Internet Marketing. We understand marketing online and how to design a website that includes all of the things that will bring web crawlers to your site and move it up the page rankings.

Contacting Axiom Internet Marketing can certainly be the first step in providing your website with a fresh new look for a fresh New Year. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Keys to Keywords

The principal job of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm is to increase the visibility of a client’s website so that it draws more visitors who, hopefully, will become that client’s customers. Most SEO firms employ a wide variety of techniques and strategies to boost a website’s viewership. These range from very technically-oriented practices such as updating and rewriting computer code to “softer” strategies that include creating and maintaining blogs and deploying dynamic video.


online presenceKeywords and Relevance

One of the more commonly used, but infrequently mastered, approaches to website optimization is the creation and placement of keywords in a client’s site. A keyword (or, just as often, key phrase) is a word or words that appears on a website and that is related to the content or purpose of the site. For example, common keywords that would appear on the website of a plumbing company might include “plumbing,” “plumber,” “pipes,” “leaky pipes,” “clogged pipes,” etc. The idea is to identify the kinds of words or phrases a person might enter into a search engine when looking for the types of products or services your business offers. These make the best keywords.


Search engines such as Google and Yahoo list the results of search queries according to a total “relevance” score they assign to each website. The sites that have higher relevance scores appear on the first page close to the top of the results; those rated as having lower relevance are father down, on the second, third, or later pages. Websites that don’t appear on the first page of results are much less likely to get traffic than those that appear at or near the top. The goal of SEO is to get the client’s website on the first page of search results, as close to the top of the list as possible. There are several ways to increase a site’s relevance score, and deploying relevant keywords is one of the most effective.


SEOWhat Makes A Good Keyword?

The more relevant content your website offers – content that includes keywords and phrases used to search in your industry – the higher the site will rank for relevance. However, not all keywords are created equal. Where a keyword appears on a web page, for example, can influence how it is ranked for relevance. Keywords and phrases that appear in headers on a page receive a higher ranking than those that appear in the text of an article on the page. Those that appear in sidebars – especially sidebars that consist of lots of keywords and phrases grouped together – rank even lower still.


Another key consideration when choosing keywords is to broaden as much as possible the number of words and phrases you select. While “air conditioning” and “heating” would be natural keywords for an AC/heating contractor, they do little to distinguish one contractor’s website or business from all the others online. Keywords should include as many industry-specific terms and phrases as possible, even those that you many think are unfamiliar to the layperson. General contractors searching for subcontractors online will probably be looking for those with specific experience or skills. Oftentimes, homeowners seeking a contractor or trade specialist have begun to gather information about their problem or the work they need performed. The broader your net of keywords, the more likely that your website will be at the top of search results.


Air Conditioning Repair - TeamworkSEO With Your Business In Mind

Although selecting the most effective keywords is critically important, many companies choose an SEO firm that has little or no background in their industry. The SEO firm must rely completely on the client’s knowledge and experience when creating keyword content because its IT specialists simply don’t have the industry background to inform and guide their decisions. That’s why it’s key to have an SEO firm that understands your business as well as it understands IT techniques and SEO strategy. The firm you pay to optimize your website should bring ideas to the table based upon a firm knowledge of how your business operates, which is what sets Axiom apart.


Axiom’s highly trained staff includes not only the best IT team in the business, but also professionals with a wide range of experience in fields including electrical and mechanical contracting, plumbing, roofing, air conditioning and heating, and even photography and the legal profession. Axiom believes that there is no substitute for real, hands-on knowledge of the client’s business when it comes to creating relevant keyword content that will enhance your online profile.


Whether you are looking to get online for the first time, or you simply want more out of your existing website, contact Axiom today. Find out how we do SEO and why our team of trained experts is just the group to give your website the jumpstart it needs.


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Standing Out With Branding

In today’s business environment it is important that your firm stand out from the crowd, that it have something to make it instantly distinctive and distinguishable from its competitors. Branding is a strategy used by many of the most successful companies of all sizes to familiarize the public with their goods and services. Having the right logo can draw the kind of attention to your brand that you need to improve your visibility. A well-designed logo can also function as your company’s professional “signature.” brand-blocks2


What Makes a Good Logo?

If you want people to remember your logo and associate it immediately with your company, you need to make sure it is unique, visually arresting, and communicates the right message about your business. This means not only creating an image that will set you apart from your competition, but also one that your customers can look to with trust and confidence. For a businessperson who is just wading into the world of branding, that can be a daunting task. That’s why Axiom is here. We have experience with branding that you can count on to set your firm in the right direction.


A good place to start with designing a logo is to think about the image you want to project to customers and the message you want to send about your business. People who are close to the business – business partners, employees, and even long-time customers – can be an excellent source of ideas to get your branding kick-started.  Once you’ve developed a few test ideas, present them to a focus group of individuals and solicit their feedback about which best reflects your business and why. This can give you valuable information about how others perceive you and the message each potential logo is sending to you customers.


Spread the Word

Once you have decided upon a logo you need to be sure it gets the widest possible exposure. This means placing it wherever potential customers are likely to see it, whether it is on your website, in a direct mail brochure, on business cards, or any other media in which it can reach the public. One great place online to start your branding efforts is through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Over a billion people have accounts on Facebook alone, offering you access to a world of potential customers. Creating a Twitter account or a Facebook page featuring your logo is an excellent way to reach out to potential customers as well as to stay connected to current ones.

Email Marketing

All of your company’s written communications also should feature your logo. For example, it should appear in the header or signature line of all of your firm’s emails. Printed marketing materials such as fliers, brochures, and print ads should always feature your logo prominently located in the document header. The more and wider exposure your logo gets, the better the public recognition of your brand and the more people who are likely to think of you when they need a professional contractor.


Branding and Graphic Design With Axiom

At Axiom we know what a significant undertaking branding can be, which is why we are here to offer a complete line of professional services to create and market your brand and logo. Axiom features the most highly skilled graphic designers to develop a logo precisely suited to your firm, as well as marketing and IT professionals who know how to get the widest online and print exposure for your brand. Our highly skilled staff is also well versed in the mechanical and electrical contracting industries, and can apply that knowledge to a custom –crafted solution for you. Contact Axiom today to see how we can help set you apart with a winning branding strategy.


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Any Plumbers out there?


Are you hoping to find new clients for your plumbing business? As most businesses face tough competition, having good online marketing can be the difference in getting that next client. AXIOM Internet Marketing is aware that the hours you spend working does not give much time for reaching prospective clients. Let us do the work for you and help your business achieve a greater audience through online marketing. That way you can continue focusing on giving your business and residential customers the best plumbing services possible.

AXIOM Internet Marketing is proud to offer our clients of every trade a comprehensive package tailored to each business’s needs. Our services include Search Engine Optimization, which will improve your website’s ranking in search engines, web design and development, video/media production and editing, social media management, graphic design, and communication database creation and management services. All of these tools are performed by one company with the goal of improving your business and helping you reach your goals.

In order to be successful with our clients, we begin this process by learning what your goals are with your business and what your expectations are with marketing strategies. With that information, we then incorporate our skilled technology and writing experts who come up with what techniques will work best to get you the results you desire.  We only utilize white hat search engine optimization techniques, which will enable your content to be rated higher and improve your rankings in the search engines.

AXIOM Internet Marketing emphasizes on Search Engine Optimization techniques because the most common way for a new client to find you is through doing a search on the Internet. The potential customer goes into the search engine field and types in “plumber” with the appropriate geographical area needed. AXIOM Internet Marketing is knowledgeable of what information to place in your content to reach the residential and business customers you serve and those you are capable of providing services for.  Our expertise is configuring your content with Search Engine Optimization strategies that will improve your ranking within those search engines, and never causing your content to be penalized.

AXIOM Internet Marketing also provides social media management services that correlate with your plumbing business’s website. In order to be a top competitor in your field, having a strong online media presence and staying up to date with it is very important. We utilize Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to help improve your exposure online. It is our responsibility to manage the “likes”, “re-tweets”, and other comments from your social media pages and pass along this information to you.

AXIOM manages every detail of your website, from hosting, image and video creation, website programming and content managing. You are fully included in the process, giving recommendations and ideas to us, but after that you don’t have to stress about any part of your online content.  We are meticulous in ensuring that your website works perfectly, and that your social media is handled quickly and effectively. All of this together will enable you to reach new customers, improve your interaction with your customers, and get your name out there more easily.

Why Create a Website and use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

So if you are a plumber in Florida, California, Texas, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire or know of a superb plumber and need (SEO) Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management and or need assistance with Video/Media Production we are the company for you. Visit our Services Page and we may be reached at (800)-888-6348 Call us for a free consultation. Disclaimer

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