Come on Down to the Daytona Beach Home Show


Come on Down to the Daytona Beach Home Show

Come on down and see us at the 52nd Annual Daytona Beach Home Show on October  26th, 27th and 28th . This is where you’ll find the latest and greatest in all sorts of trends and technology in improvements and décor for your home and garden. Admission is free to the three-day event held at this Ocean Center, 101 North Atlantic in Daytona Beach.

Total Comfort Heat and Air Conditioning, Inc. is proud to be part of this Daytona Beach tradition. Our company has been serving homes and businesses in Volusia and Flagler Counties since 1976. So we’re looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new people at our outdoor booth.

This is a great opportunity for existing customers to get to know the staff of Total Comfort. If you’re not familiar with our comprehensive approach to total home care and maintenance, it’s a chance to get to learn more about all our services.

The Daytona Beach Home Show is a great place to familiarize you with some ways we may be able to serve you even better. Our outdoor booth will enable us to present some of the goodies we have for warming up your home and outdoor living spaces for fall and winter.

Come and see our line of beautiful indoor and outdoor fireplaces in a variety of styles and designs that require no structural installation, yet add the ambiance and warmth that is part of the “hearth and home” look. Check out our propane gas logs to make an existing fireplace energy efficient, useful and beautiful.

We also feature a line of fire pits and gas lighting that will extend the seasonal life of your outdoor living space, creating a cozy, safe and energy-efficient entertainment area. Total Comfort can handle all your propane needs, from appliances and fixtures to fuel.

Whether your home is in Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, DeLand, Flagler Beach Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach or virtually any surrounding community, we’re just a phone call away.

That one call is all it takes to get the finest technicians and products for all your heating and cooling, electrical, plumbing, and propane service. From new construction to renovations to simple repairs, Total Comfort does it all.

As you can see, being a full service company means we wear a lot of hats. For those of you who have been part of the Total Comfort family over the years, we look forward to seeing you and showing you our latest products and services. And we’re anxious to meet new friends and neighbors at the Daytona Beach Home Show.


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All Under One Roof

If you live in Volusia or Flagler County, you’re probably familiar with the name Total Comfort. This locally owned and operated company has been servicing Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, DeLand and New Smyrna Beach since 1976.

Join us at the 52nd Annual Daytona Beach News-Journal Home Show, held Friday through Sunday, October 26th through 28th. This need to rephrase home event for Volusia and Flagler Counties, with over 200 vendors demonstrating the latest in products and services for outdoor living, décor and home improvements. Stop by the Total Comfort booth and get to know us. We’ll show you some of the things we do to keep your home running smoothly.

You’ll also learn how you can reduce energy costs and check out the latest in outdoor fire pits and gas lights, or see our beautiful selection of propane logs and fireplaces to chase away the chill of approaching winter nights while adding ambiance and value to your home. And with hurricane season approaching, it’s a great time to learn how our generators keep your home free of service interruption, protecting everything from your frozen food to computer data.

When you make a call to Total Comfort, you don’t push buttons and wait to be routed to another department. A live person answers every time, whether you’re calling during regular office hours (Monday-Saturday, 8am to 5pm) or for after-hour emergencies. We take this same hands-on approach with all our services, from installation to regularly scheduled preventive maintenance to recommendations on energy-saving products.

Reliability and reputation are admirable qualities in any business. But in something as valuable as your home, their importance becomes tantamount to peace of mind. This is your most important investment – and not just financially.

Home is where your memories are made and your treasures are stored. So when you entrust the vital organs of its health – heating and cooling, electrical, plumbing and propane – you want to be sure you are getting experts in their respective fields.

Wouldn’t it be great to have one source that could install, repair, service and maintain all these systems with one call, like a general practitioner for your home. Total Comfort is such a company, and we have earned the trust of the community through decades of dedicated service.

Originally known for our installation and maintenance of heating and AC systems, Total Comfort has expanded to become a comprehensive resource for homes and businesses, whether you’re building a new structure, making upgrades and improvements or protecting your investment through preventive maintenance.

Along with climate control, Total Comfort now handles all electrical and plumbing needs – from upgrades and modifications to major repairs. And if you haven’t yet elected to make the switch to propane, our experts can make recommendations on appliances like tankless water heaters.

Total Comfort is also your full-service electrician, with no job too large or too small. We’ll rewire an outlet, replace old (potentially hazardous) panel boxes or install new lighting. And we can do full wiring on new structures.

Our expert plumbers can fix a leaky faucet or handle a major plumbing job. And if you have opted for the economical and ecological advantages of propane gas appliances, Total Comfort is your one-stop for the latest in products like water heaters, fireplaces and fire pits, outdoor lighting and other upgrades and services.

The green trend is no longer – well, “trendy.” It is becoming essential to ensure the conservation of resources and to lessen the impact of harmful emissions to our planet, Total Comfort strives to bring you the most up-to-date technological advances at a price you can afford, while maintaining the utmost in quality and service from your investment.

For example, we offer the first environmentally safe refrigerant from Puron Systems. Our tankless water heaters conserve this valuable resource; and our home survey can show you where improvements can reduce your personal carbon footprint and save you money.

Total Comfort installs and services the most trusted brands for long-term and reliable service. Our expertise helps you match the best products with your needs. And our regularly scheduled maintenance inspections assure you of getting maximum service from your investment.

All this happens with just one call to one trusted company, locally owned and operated. When you make Total Comfort your expert in “total home health,” you can relax. No more juggling plumbers, electricians, AC technicians and propane delivery companies. Total Comfort keeps you on schedule with their regular maintenance programs, so you know your home’s systems are always maintained and working efficiently.

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US Internet population carries on its growth

It appears that 85% of the US population is utilizing the Internet!

Check out this latest Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project Tracking Survey


Latest Survey of US Internet Users





























 In addition, here is what some of the Internet Users are searching for:

  • 80% of the U.S. population gathers health information online.
  • 66% of internet users look online for information about a specific disease or medical problem.
  • 55% of internet users look online for information about a certain medical treatment or procedure.
  • 47% of internet users look online for information about doctors or other health professionals.
  • 42% of adults say they or someone they know has been helped by online health advice.
As you can see the traffic on the Internet is there. This clearly shows that users are searching for Healthcare related information. The question is can you be found, do you have a website, do you need a website makeover and or are you ranked on Google?
So if you are a Physician, Healthcare Provider and or a Hospital in California, Texas, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire or a top ranked Hospital in Florida such as Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center or great surgeon like Dr. Christian Birkedal or need Healthcare (SEO) Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management and or need assistance with Video/Media Production we can help you. Visit our Services Page and we may be reached at (800)-888-6348 or via email at Call us for a free consultation. Disclaimer.

Bilingual Interventional Cardiologist available in Miami-Dade County

Interventional Cardiologist available to work Part-time in Miami Dade County


For anyone interested in interviewing this candidate please contact


Dr. Christian Birkedal top rated by Patients

Check Out The Top Surgeon In Central Florida


Dr. Christian Birkedal

Dr. Christian Birkedal

Dr. Birkedal is a board certified general surgeon with over 15 years of providing exceptional service and care to his patients. He specializes in performing minimally-invasive surgeries that allow a patient to recover quickly and with less discomfort. He grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. He completed his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at Florida State University. He then earned his medical degree at the University of Alabama School of Medicine. During his time there, he received the Tinsley-Harrison Scholarship for academic performance and the Gross Anatomy Instructor honor for academic performance, leadership and teaching ability.He also completed a surgical residency at the Baptist Health System in Birmingham, Alabama.
He has presented internationally on several topics, including “Biopsy Fragment Supernates: A New Modality for the Rapid Diagnosis of Lung Cancer” and has written textbook chapters for Emedicine Textbook of Surgery.
Christian Birkedal is Board Certified in General Surgery and is a member of the American Medical Association, the Florida Medical Association, American College of Surgeons and Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine Society.

Dr. Birkedal’s Vitals Profile

For additional information or to make an appointment visit

Dr. Birkedal’s Website




Dr. Birkedal Honored as Physician of the Quarter

Dr. Christian Birkedal honored as Physician of the Quarter.

The accolades keep piling up for Dr. Christian Birkedal. Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center recently named Birkedal its top physician for the quarter.

Doctor Birkedal Recieving Award

Dr. Christian Birkedal and Dr. Ronald Jimenez, Chief Medical Officer of FHMMC

Dr. Birkedal was given the honor based on recommendations from families and patients, staff voting and a high score on the HCAHPS evaluation. The acronym HCAHPS stands for the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems. It is used as a standard to measure the quality of care provided by physicians and hospitals.

Dr. Birkedal is a board certified general surgeon with over 15 years of providing exceptional service and care to his patients. He specializes in performing minimally-invasive surgeries that allow a patient to recover quickly and with less discomfort. This award has reasserted Dr. Birkedal’s reputation as a premiere surgeon at one of America’s most highly-regarded medical institutions.

Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center (FHMMC) is part of the Adventist Health System, which is the nation’s largest not-for-profit Protestant Healthcare System. The institution serves a wide variety of patients, specializing in cardiology, emergency care, hospice, minimally-invasive care, home health, oncology, obstetrics, neurosurgery, physician practices and services for women. The FHMMC consists of three campuses located in Central Florida with a 227-bed facility in Daytona Beach, a 119-bed hospital in Ormond Beach and a new outpatient clinic located in Port Orange. The hospital is recognized as one of the top in the nation by patients and medical professionals, ranking in the top one percent of hospitals in the country for quality outcomes for patients.

For further Information:

Dr. Christian Birkedal’s practice is located at:
Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center
305 Memorial Medical Parkway, Ste 205 Daytona Beach, Florida 32117
The office phone number is 386-231-3530 and they are open
from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.



Florida Hospital Logo
Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center
301 Memorial Medical Parkway
Daytona Beach, FL 32117
Office: 386.231.3000
Axiom Administrative Services, LLC
Appaloosa Lane, Bldg C, Ste. 201
Ormond Beach, Florida 32174
Phone/Fax: 305-967-7446

The Internet and Todays Healthcare Industry

For Immediate Release on 8-1-12
Contact: Eric Bem
Office: 305-967-7446

Internet a major part of today’s Healthcare industry

In today’s world 8 out of every 10 homes in America are currently using an online connection; the impact of the World Wide Web is being felt across every industry. Although, traditionally a paper-driven industry, Healthcare is also being impacted by the growing use of the Internet.

One of the primary aspects of the Healthcare market being affected by the Internet is the ability of patients to be more knowledgeable about their own care options. There are many online options for patients, that allow users the access to information about health issues and treatment options.  It also allows the users to be more informed about doctors that are treating them. No longer do patients just rely on word of mouth reviews when looking up a doctor. Sites like Health Grades and Vitals provide users with up-to-date testimonials and reviews of any practice. Users are also able to find healthcare providers, with a simple Google search; users can find directory listings of doctors for nearly every major city in the country.

With the ease that patients can access healthcare information on the Web, it has become important for doctors to not only have a Web presence but to manage their presence as well. Unfortunately, the growth of the Internet has also led to the growth of sites that should not be giving advice to patients about their Healthcare. It is important for doctors to distinguish their sites and practices from these negative sites.

A good way to distinguish your practice through the Internet is by highlighting your qualifications on your site and starting a community with your patients through the use of social media. Setting up blogs and social media accounts has made a huge impact on the growth of doctor’s practices. By utilizing sites like Google Plus, Facebook and LinkedIn, doctors can stay in touch with their patients, which make the patient feel better connected with the doctor. This relationship usually leads to an expanding relationship between doctor/patient.

As previously mentioned, it is as important as ever for a doctor to manage his image, especially on the Internet. When creating these online profiles, it is important for the doctor to consider the negative consequences that can arise and do what is necessary to prevent these things from happening.

While it is impossible for a doctor to manipulate their rating on sites like Vitals and Health Grades, doctors with a positive rating should use this information as a way to attract new patients.  Every doctor should have a section on their Web site that highlights their ratings and qualifications so patients know they can be trusted. Also, doctors need to have a social media managing company that monitors their image through social media sites. It is important to quickly remove any comments that may appear on your page that could potentially be offensive to your patients. Also, this company should help your site with Search Engine Optimization, which includes monitor how your site ranks in search engines and making sure that all the sites that link to your site are trustworthy.

AXIOM is a company that can help a doctor’s practice create a positive Web presence. Their healthcare/technology professionals know how to create Web sites that will portray the image that a doctor wants to his patients. AXIOM will create and monitor the social media profiles for the doctor while also performing SEO to ensure that the site is reaching the audience that the doctor desires.

The growth of the Internet has the ability to have a major positive impact on doctors who know how to use it properly. The Internet has given users the ability to find information about a doctor quickly from their home PC, or mobile device. That is why it is critically important for all doctors to have a Web site that is properly managed to portray a positive image of their practice.


Mailing Address:     Axiom Administrative Services, LLC          
                                     69 Appaloosa Lane, Bldg C, Ste. 201
Ormond Beach, Florida 32174
                                     Phone/Fax: 305-967-7446                              




AXIOM adds South Florida's top heart doctors

The premiere electrophysiology physicians in the Miami area are teaming up with AXIOM to help patients with their heart health. The Heart Rhythm Specialists of South Florida provide comprehensive care to individuals suffering from heart rhythm abnormalities.

Dr. Hakop Hrachian

Dr. Hakop Hrachian is the founder and President of Heart Rhythm Specialists of South Florida. He has extensive experience in treatment of cardiovascular disease and is board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Echocardiography, Nuclear Cardiology and Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology.

Dr. Hrachian is passionate about Electrophysiology – which is the study of the electrical system of the heart and has dedicated his practice to treat the conditions associated with this specialty, primarily heart rhythm abnormalities.

Dr. Hrachian is a Health Grades recommended physician with over 19 years of experience. He trained at New York Medical College, Mount Sinai Medical Center and Temple University Hospital.

Dr. Giancarlo Speziani

His partner at Heart Rhythm Specialists of South Florida is renowned Cardiologist Dr. Giancarlo Speziani. Dr. Speziani graduated from the University Of South Florida College Of Medicine and has also trained at Wake Forest University and the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital. He is specialized in clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology and is also board certified in Internal medicine and Cardiovascular Medicine. He has a special interest in clinical cardiac Electrophysiology involving pacemakers, defibrillators and treatment of complex arrhythmias particularly atrial fibrillation.

Each of these physicians has performed hundreds of procedures involving the heart and has saved countless lives. Both are passionate about their work and are willing to work with patients of any background. The Practice also caters to International patients, by helping them with the process of coming to the United States for treatment. Practice is equipped to handle patients of any nationality with fluency in five languages: English, Spanish, Armenian, Farsi and Turkish.

This dedication to their specialty and willingness to work with patients has endeared these physicians with their patients. Patients that are treated by these doctors are amazed at the level of service and the amount of care provided even after the procedure and recovery process is complete.

That is why AXIOM is proud to add this practice to its ever-growing list of clients.
This will get the word out there about the quality of service offered by this outstanding set of physicians located in South Florida.

Heart Rhythm Specialists of South Florida
This practice has an office in two locations:

South Miami
5975 Sunset Drive, Suite 802 in South Miami, FL 33143

975 Baptist Way, Suite 202 in Homestead, FL 33033
Phone: (305) 663-3377
Fax: (305) 663-3097


Mailing Address:

Axiom Administrative Services, LLC
PO Box 730956
Ormond Beach, Florida 32173
Phone/Fax: 305-967-7446

Physical Address:

Axiom Administrative Services, LLC
69 Appaloosa Lane, Bldg C, Ste. 201
Ormond Beach, Florida 32174
Phone/Fax: 305-967-7446


Axiom joins Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce

For Immediate Release on 7-19-2012

Contact: Eric Bem Office: 305-967-7446

Axiom joins Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce

In the last few years, Axiom Administrative Services has become part of the community in Ormond Beach, establishing ties with various medical professionals in the area. One of the primary aspects of the Healthcare market being affected by the Internet is the ability of patients to be more knowledgeable about their own care options.  AXIOM just finished redesigning a Web site for renowned surgeon, Dr. Christian Birkedal, whose office is located at the state of the art Medical Center at Ormond’s Florida Memorial Hospital.

The growth of the Internet has the ability to have a major positive impact on doctors who know how to use it properly. The Internet has given users the ability to find information about a doctor quickly from their home PC, or mobile device. That is why it is critically important for all doctors to have a Web site that is properly mChamber of Commerce logoanaged to portray a positive image of their practice.   AXIOM has a team of healthcare and technology professionals that work to create and maintain a Web presence for top medical professionals. They provide these practices with newly-designed, optimized Web sites, healthcare Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Management along with overall Integrated Healthcare Marketing Services.

AXIOM intends to remain a part of Ormond’s community for many years. This is a large reason why the company chose to become part of the city’s Chamber of Commerce. Ormond’s Chamber includes several well-established businesses that have become part of the fabric of the central Florida community. These businesses include Florida Hospital, Ormond’s chapter of Relay for Life and Cardiology Research Associates just to name a few.

The location and mix of young professionals, families and retirees make Ormond a great place for AXIOM to build its business roots. Ormond Beach was recently rated one of the top 100 cities to relocate by National Strategy Group.

165 W. Granada Blvd.
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
Phone: 386-677-3454
Fax: 386-677-4363
69 Appaloosa Lane, Bldg C, Ste. 201
Ormond Beach, Florida 32174
Phone/Fax: 305-967-7446                                

Preparing for monumental changes in the Healthcare Industry

For Immediate Release on 6-28-2012
Contact: Eric Bem
Office: 305-967-7446

Ormond Beach, Florida- If you start counting since the start of President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, it’s been a 4-year battle over reforming Healthcare in this country.

On June 28, the Supreme Court made a monumental ruling to uphold President Obama’s Healthcare Reform Act. The ruling is sure to change the industry, affecting not just patients but practitioners and insurers alike. The major part of the bill that affects Healthcare practitioners is the requirement for individuals to have a Healthcare plan or face a penalty.

The general design of the bill is intended to lower Healthcare costs for individuals by creating competition among insurance companies and regulation of costs. It is undetermined if this will be detrimental to large insurance companies who may have to lower costs to keep customers. However, in theory those companies could benefit from an influx of customers in need of Healthcare coverage into the market. This could also benefit physicians greatly. With people having to get coverage, more people are going to take advantage of being insured and will be in the market for primary care physicians and doctors.

Knowing how to attract those customers is a key for any physician that wants to stay ahead of the game. Since 9 out of every 10 Americans has internet access, a majority of the people seeking Health insurance are going to take to the Web to find the best policy and doctor for them. It is important for physicians to cater to this new generation of Healthcare shoppers.

Setting up a Website for your Practice is a must. Not only can it be a great resource for your current patients but it can be a forum for potential patients to find out everything they need to know about Healthcare. Your site should have pages, blogs and articles dedicated to helping potential patients with all of their questions regarding Healthcare. What’s even more important is having your site optimized so that it stands out among the crowd as a reliable, go-to resource for patients. You will want your site to be optimized to rank highly for as many relevant keywords as you can. The higher you rank, the more potential patients your Practice will reach.

Also, have social media accounts and forums to get people talking about you is a must. Word of mouth marketing is still one of the most effective tools out there to promote a practice. With so many people active on these sites, digital word of mouth marketing has become just as effective. Comments, Likes and Tweets are the new interactive way to reach a wide audience. With the law just being upheld, it will take time for many features of Healthcare Reform to go into affect, but now is the time for your practice to start preparing. The pool of potential new patients is as large as it will ever get today, so now is the time to focus on moving forward.

There is a company in Florida dedicated to helping you with this process. AXIOM Administrative Services is a leader in Integrated Marketing Services for Healthcare Professionals. We have a very exclusive client list that only includes top physicians in fields like General Surgery, Cardiology, Dentistry, Family Practices and Cosmetic Surgery to name a few.

AXIOM has recently completed a Web site overhaul for renowned surgeon Dr. Christian Birkedal and is working with another highly-regarded practitioner in Dr. Jorge Bordenave. AXIOM provides a new Web site for each physician that is tailored to meet their needs and optimized to reach as many people as possible. AXIOM’s specialized leadership in Healthcare, offers cutting edge Integrated Healthcare Marketing, and exclusive monitoring for its Clients. AXIOM has a team of Healthcare and Information Technology professionals that possess the skills and knowledge necessary to promote and improve access to your Practice via the Internet World utilizing the latest in Healthcare SEO.

For further information contact:




Physical Address:Axiom Administrative Services, LLC

69 Appaloosa Lane, Bldg C, Ste. 201

Ormond Beach, Florida 32174

Phone/Fax: 305-967-7446


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