Dr Bordenave and Axiom


Dr Bordenave and Axiom

For Immediate Release on June 13th, 2013
Contact: Eric Bem
Office: 305-967-7446

Lifelong passion at heart of Axiom client Bordenave’s work

Doctor Bordenave Axiom

Ormond Beach, Florida – Coming from a family of medical professionals, Dr. Jorge Bordenave developed a desire to become a doctor and healer at a very young age. His father was a physician as was his paternal grandfather, a town doctor. Jorge followed suit by becoming one of the top cardiologist in the state of Florida.

Dr. Bordenave is a multi-time recipient of several accolades including the prestigious Heart/Stroke Recognition Award and the Diabetes Recognition Award for Excellence in Patient Care from the National Council of Quality Insurance.

Dr Bordenave completed a residency in Internal Medicine in New York City and Chicago. He then completed a 3 year Cardiology Fellowship at Mount Sinai Medical Center where he learned and trained in Invasive and Nuclear cardiology. In 1993, he started his solo private practice first at Mt. Sinai, and later in Coral Gables where he continues to practice. His first focus was on invasive Cardiology but he quickly recognized the need for prevention rather than in procedures.

He has been ahead of his time by incorporating complementary natural lifestyle changes into his patients’ treatment plans. Lifestyle changes such as understanding the importance of healthier nutrition and diet, exercise, as well as relaxation techniques and stress management, in addition to conventional medical therapy. Curious by nature and fascinated by all the he does not yet know, he continues learning.

He studied healthcare MBA at the G. Washington University. Became the only current South Florida physician certified as a medical examiner of divers, having successfully completed dive and hyperbaric medicine training at the NOAA dive facility in Seattle, as well as by the UHMS.

He then completed a third fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine with Dr. Andrew Weil and has been accepted into the Master’s of Public Health program at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.

For now however, he is focusing on the importance of wellness and maintaining health.

He has always believed that we overmedicate and seem to resolve health problems by prescribing an ever increasing amount of pills and potions.

Not enough thought or consideration is given into individualizing care and in listening to the patient.

Like all great healers, he knows that the body has an innate ability to heal itself.

Because of this understanding and the lack of current, unbiased health and medical information available to the growing Spanish speaking and Hispanic communities across the U.S., he started writing educational materials and books in Spanish.

He has written many medical, health and wellness articles for patients and the general public.  In 2011 he wrote “La Dieta-Anti-Inflamatoria”- Balboa press, which was followed by “Cambie su Dieta, Cambie su Salud”, both available at Amazon & Barnes and Noble.com as well as bookstores. Because of the requests by his English speaking patients, “Change your Diet, Change your Health,” was released in May of 2012. His books serve as an easy-to-read, current and up-to-date manual on the importance of diet and nutrition in both maintaining health and causing illness.

The books have been praised by both medical professionals and patients alike, for its unbiased, easy to read explanations on the causes of our current health epidemics.

The publications are available in both English and Spanish.

He is a frequent guest speaker for community organizations, cancer support groups, churches, and other organizations. He is on Spanish radio several times a month promoting healthier lifestyle choices. He is a member of the Consortium for a Healthy Miami-Dade, a group of stakeholders identifying and establishing healthier public health initiatives and goals across Miami-Dade County.

He is a voluntary Clinical Assistant professor of Medicine at the Herbert Whertheim College of Medicine, Florida International University. Lecturer in cardiology for the Family Practice and Internal Medicine residents at a Miami teaching hospital. Physician mentor for medical students.

He is a member of several renowned National organizations, including NY Academy of Sciences, American Heart Association, where he is on the council on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism, American College of Cardiology, Amercian College of Physician, Divers Alert Network, Screen Actors Guild recognized physician and many more.

A true physician/healer, Dr. Bordenave is always searching for better ways to help patients help themselves. He believes in the importance of individualizing treatment and in listening to patients tell their particular story. “In simply listening to the patient, the healing process starts”. His warm, caring practice style, has endeared Dr. Bordenave to his patients, colleagues and students making him one of the most popular physicians in South Florida.

Axiom Administrative Services in honored to bring in a doctor with such an extensive list of accolades and passion for his profession. AXIOM plans to help Dr. Bordenave grow his relationship with his patients by providing him with a quality Web site that acts as a portal to communicate with the physician and his staff. AXIOM will also help Dr. Bordenave expand his patient base by marketing his site to clients all over South Florida expanding the positive impact that his care and dedication to the medical profession is having on the lives of the people in the South Florida area.

Dr. Jorge Bordenave’s practice is located at:
4908 SW 8 Street
Coral Gables, Florida 33134

The office phone number is 305-446-2444 and they are open on Monday and Thursday from 6am to 5pm; Tuesday and Wednesday from 8am to 5 pm; and on Friday from 8am to 1pm.

Website:               www.drbordenave.com


Mailing Address:    Axiom Administrative Services, LLC         
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AXIOM Embraces College Internship Program

For Immediate Release on 5-11-2012
Contact: Eric Bem, Daytona State College-Student and Intern
Office: 305-967-7446

Ormond Beach, FloridaAXIOM Embraces College Internship Program

They say that best way to learn something is by doing it. That is a concept that is at the core of the cooperative work experience program at Daytona State College (DSC). Each semester, students from the computer degree programs at DSC are given the opportunity to gain real-world work experience before entering the job market.DSC work experience coordinator Cheryl Miller says that being able to add professional experience to their resume gives a student a competitive edge after graduation. Many employers won’t even consider an employee that hasn’t had hands-on experience. “Internship experience is a great way to gain work experience in a new profession,” Miller said. “This experience will be valuable, not only during your enrollment at Daytona State, but also after graduation as you build your professional resume.”

Another potential benefit to students is the ability to network while they are performing the duties of the Co-op experience. Students are able to make an impression on professionals that are working in the students’ field of interest. If a student makes a good impression, these connections can be used to find employment after graduation. Many students that make a good impression on the company that hires them for the Co-op are given full-time positions following graduation.

After getting a job, many students continue their studies at Daytona State in order to earn additional certificates within their field of study. The success of the program, led by Chairperson Aninyda Paul, has allowed Daytona State to add a Bachelor’s Degree program in Computer Technology to the current Associate’s Degree Program offerings at the school. Having a job to help pay for the chance to continue their studies is another reason why the work experience program is so successful. It gives students a job and allows them to earn money that they can spend on gaining a four-year degree and potentially getting a higher-paying opportunity.

A recent addition to the impressive list of employers participating in the Co-op program is AXIOM ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES, a company that provides Integrated Healthcare Marketing Services to the healthcare industry. AXIOM its services include:

  •  Search Engine Optimization
  •  Web Design and Development
  •  Video/Media Production
  • Social Media Administration
  • Healthcare SEO

The students will be working the company office in Ormond Beach and working in a new department at AXIOM that is focused on marketing for the healthcare organization. Three students from the DSC Computer Programming program were recently brought in to work as interns for the new department. The fields that the students will be working in include search engine optimization, graphic/web design and social media administration.

Each student said they are looking forward to the opportunity to test their skills in a real job. AXIOM’s President and Founder Julian G. Cantillo stated, “This is a great opportunity for the students to apply what they have learned to the real Business World, we are definitely excited and it is truly been a pleasure so far working with Daytona State College staff and students.” The students head into the position in hopes of the potential of earning the chance to become an employee of Axiom following the completion of their Internship.


Axiom Administrative Services, LLC
69 Appaloosa Lane, Building C, Ste. 201
Ormond Beach, Florida 32174
Phone/Fax: 305-967-7446
Website:  www.axiomadminserv.com
Cheryl Miller, Work Experience Coordinator
College of Technology
Technology Campus
Advanced Technology College
1770 Technology Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL 32117
Office Phone: (386) 506-4143
Fax:  (386) 506-4191
Email: millerc@DaytonaState.edu

Axiom Administrative Services Launches!

For Immediate Release on Friday 4-19-2012
Contact: Charles McLallen
Office: 305-967-7446
Ormond Beach, Florida – Axiom Administrative Services (AAS) which currently provides administrative services to Physician Practices such as billing, IT, and practice management launches its Integrated Healthcare Marketing Services Division.“We use every existing modern day communication medium such as the Internet and Social Media to make Physician practices visible, accessible, uniquely recognizable by patients searching the Internet” stated Julian G. Cantillo, President and Founder.The health care industry is becoming more and more competitive, and is quickly spreading into the online market place. So what is your ranking for you and your practice? AXIOM’s MISSION is to offer services that enable our client’s success by providing the highest level of business performance, guided by the most principled business ethics, and with the utmost excellence in CLIENT Services. Our overriding principle is that whatever we do, we do entirely for the glory of God.
The staff is composed of two groups: one with over forty years of healthcare administration, and the other with accomplished technology experts. This combination gives a unique blend of skills and backgrounds that are perfectly suited to fit your practices needs.
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Design
  • Video/Media Production
  • Social Media Administration
  • Healthcare SEO
  • Communication Database Creation and Management
  • Direct Mail
  • Graphic Design
  • Analytics


Mailing Address:  Axiom Administrative Services, LLC          
                                     PO Box 730956
                                    Ormond Beach, Florida 32173
                                   Phone/Fax: 305-967-7446
Physical Address:  Axiom Administrative Services, LLC
                                       69 Appaloosa Lane, Building C, Ste. 201
                                      Ormond Beach, Florida 32174
                                      Phone/Fax: 305-967-7446


Website:        www.axiomadminserv.com

For Further Information please contact Charles McLallen at 305-967-7446

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