“Just the Facts, Ma’am…”


“Just the Facts, Ma’am…”

marketing to seniorsThat’s what Sergeant Joe Friday said in the 1950 TV series, “Dragnet.” All he wanted was the facts about a crime, so he could solve the case. Solving crime was the problem faced by Dragnet detectives, and the facts were the tools needed to accomplish this task.

If you are a small business person, service provider or professional practice, you face several problems each day. One of the most important is the task of building your customer base or professional practice clientele. In this case, facts may not be as compelling as fingerprints or a “smoking gun,” but they are important anyway.  Imagine that you are a legal, medical or other professional practice in Flagler County, Florida. Here are some facts:

  • The 55+ and senior population of Flagler County is 48,605 people (source:University of Florida, Bureau of Economic and Business Research, Florida Population Studies, Bulletin 181, June 2018).
  • 39 well-placed pickup locations throughout Flagler County distribute our printed publication, the net Magazine, with its OurSeniorsDiscounts pullout section.
  • Aimed specifically at the 55+ and senior market, this publication is distributed free, it is picked up, read and retained.

These “clues” should help you solve the mystery of penetrating the senior market (43% of the total population) in Flagler County. By placing an ad in the OurSeniors.net Magazine or an incentive in OurSeniorsDiscounts pullout section, you can place your practice name in front of a huge audience. The 55+ and senior population of counties like Volusia is not as high, but it tis still one of the most important market sectors. This is true anywhere in Florida, so take advantage of this opportunity now by:

Have a great day, and act now to take advantage of this opportunity.


Using Multimedia to Drive Foot Traffic

OurSeniorsDiscounts.netLocal businesses face a unique set of marketing problems and opportunities. While a local store or service provider might be physically closer to a large part of its customer base, at the same time, they may be less well known. Physical location, visibility, traffic, and proximity to competitors are all factors that determine success.

A gigantic chain like Home Depot will have well-known locations, while a small competitor might be closer, but still unknown to the consumer. How can small businesses or service providers make themselves more visible to the customers in their own neighborhood?

Axiom has a solution to this problem. We have been driving web traffic to customer sites for years. Like all internet marketing agencies, we use techniques like search engine optimization services and branding strategies to entice viewers to visit our sites. Now, we are involved in multimedia projects that are designed to bring actual foot traffic to businesses, services and professional practices. We incentivize patrons to visit a physical location.

Our association with the OurSeniors.net Family of organizations has given us this ability, especially the capacity to reach 55+ adults and seniors. Through Axiom, your enterprise can put its name physically in front of thousands of potential customers each quarter, and with your help, give them a positive reason to seek you out!

The pros at Axiom have been doing printed material and direct mail advertising for a long time. Today, we help to publish a high-quality quarterly magazine, the OurSeniors.net Magazine. Each quarter, this magazine reaches thousands of seniors, their families, friends and caretakers. By placing your business name in the magazine, itself, or in the pull-out supplement (the OurSeniorsDiscounts.net section), you can access the hugely important senior and 55+ adult market. Senior readers may also access the supplement’s content at its online twin at OurSeniorsDiscounts.net.

The OurSeniorsDiscounts.net distribution specifically targets the over 55 market. It is FREE to consumers, distributed with thousands of printed copies of OurSeniors.net Magazine throughout Central Florida, as well as being online. You can find out more right now by:

Have a great day, and act now to take advantage of this opportunity.


Why Make Coupon or Discount Offers to Seniors?

OurSeniorsDiscounts.netThis question sometimes comes up when discussing the rationale for senior marketing. Why should a merchant, shop owner or service provider give a special deal to 55+ or seniors? The answer is simple – it is good business, that’s why!

We have often made the point that senior patrons are brand loyal, repeat customers. The problem is that if a senior is accustomed to using the services of your competitors or shopping in another store, that quality of loyalty works against you. How can you break this established habit? One dependable way is by using senior discounts or special coupon offers. The potential customer is incentivized to at least try your product or service.

As a typical internet marketing agency, Axiom does a lot of branding strategies for all types of organizations. We know that branding your business as “senior-friendly’” or “senior-oriented,” is one of the most effective ways to get and keep repeat customers. These patrons can form the base of successful marketing campaigns.

It is easy to prove this to yourself. Go to Google, Bing or a search engine of your choice and enter a search term like “Senior discounts” or “senior coupons. The results pages will be full of offers from national companies offering seniors some incentive to buy from them. These are names you know, like Hertz Car Rental, Kohls Stores and other nationwide outlets. These people have professional marketing departments and outside agencies that tell them exactly what we at Axiom are saying: senior customers are golden.

For some time now, Axiom has been associated with a Central Florida organization that can help you to crack the senior market. OurSeniorsDiscounts.net can help you with senior-specific marketing on a local basis in Volusia, Flagler, Seminole, Orange and nearby counties. Find out now what the senior marketing pros at OurSeniorsdiscounts.net can do for you. Take a look at their YouTube presence, The OurSeniors.net Channel or their social media presence OurSeniorsDiscounts.net on Facebook.

You can find out more by clicking this LINK or calling Axiom at 800-888-6348. If you are specifically interested in senior-oriented market programs, contact an OurSeniors.net Advisor at 866-333-2657 or by using OurSeniors.net, Contact Us. Or find out about the OurSeniorsDiscounts coupon program by contacting OurSeniorsDiscounts.net.


Using YouTube to Promote Your Business or Practice

YouTubeIf a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth many times a thousand. YouTube has become an indispensable tool for any internet marketing agency, and Axiom is certainly no exception. Since its start in 2005, the video sharing/social media site has grown to become the second most used search engine on the internet. Only Google itself, which owns YouTube, does more search queries. Billions of YouTube videos are watched each day, and as we have pointed out, 55+ adults and seniors are now among the most loyal YouTube watchers.

At Axiom, we still do a lot of general internet work like SEO link building and branding strategy development, but we have gravitated more and more to the specialty of influencing those critical “Silver Consumers,” the 55+ and senior market. You might say that ‘Seniors R Us’ is a big part of Axiom’s own branding strategy.

One reason for this is our role as the technical arm of the OurSeniors.net family. We are involved in the OurSeniors.net print media, direct mail advertising, social media and traditional web productions. YouTube productions are a key part of our online efforts. At Axiom, we know seniors, and we know that YouTube videos are an effective way to reach that key market.

If a video is worth several thousand words, then we should just point you to the YouTube channel that we maintain for OurSeniors.net. Click on The OurSeniors.net Channel to see! After you watch, contact us at 800-888-6348 for a free consultation. Our business marketing team can combine traditional marketing tools like direct mail advertising with local SEO services to build your branding strategy.

If you are specifically interested in senior-oriented market programs, contact an OurSeniors.net Advisor at 866-333-2657 or OurSeniors.net, Contact Us. Or find out about the OurSeniorsDiscounts coupon program by clicking OurSeniorsDiscounts.net, Contact Us.


Great News for OurSeniors.net Magazine!

OurSeniors.netOurSeniors.net BBB A+ ratingOurSeniors.net Magazine and OurSeniorsDiscounts.net was just upgraded from “A” to “A+” by the Better Business Bureau. So, what’s the difference between “A” and “A+”?

The OurSeniors.net organization has always been ranked as an “A” business, but you cannot get to “A+” status until you have maintained that standing for two years and scored 97 or more out of a possible 100 points. Now you know, the OurSeniors Family is here for the long haul, and we will maintain that high standard. Stay tuned for more great news from OurSeniors.net and its entire family!


Facebook Grows Up

marketing to seniorsMany lay people believe that Facebook is still the exclusive domain of teenagers and young adults. However, media professionals know that the fastest growing Facebook user demographic is 55+ adults and seniors. Recent trends indicate that we will soon see a completely different Facebook, with younger users leaving the platform for apps like Snapchat and Instagram while more and more seniors take it up.

This is a happy coincidence for experienced senior marketing organizations like Axiom. As a traditional internet marketing agency, Axiom does every day functions like developing branding strategies and SEO techniques and even direct mail marketing. However, we have gradually become more and more of a niche internet marketing agency. We concentrate on senior consumers, the Silver Dollars or Boomer Consumers who can make a business a success. In Florida, that is especially true!

Facebook works for seniors, and if your service or product appeals to 55+ adults, particularly retirees, then Facebook is your new sweet spot. At Axiom, we have long experience in building Facebook pages and in maintaining them. Take a look at two of our Facebook pages that are aimed especially at the senior market. They are OurSeniors.net on Facebook and OurSeniorsDiscounts.net on Facebook.

At the same time, we produce an outstanding magazine format publication (OurSeniors.net Magazine) that is distributed free of charge to thousands of seniors each quarter. At Axiom, we know that seniors continue to read and retain printed material more than other age groups. This high-quality magazine is available in senior-friendly locations like Denny’s Restaurants, CVS and Walgreens Pharmacies, and Walmart.

Let us show you how to leverage your advertising dollars into print, traditional web pages and social media like Facebook. Visit us at Axiom Administrative Services or call us at 800-888-6348 for a free consultation. You can contact OurSeniors.net by phone at 866-333-2657 or by using Contact Us.  You can reach OurSeniorsDiscounts.net by phone at 386-204-4727 or by using Contact OurSeniorsDiscounts.net to contact by email.


Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's DayAxiom Administrative Services would like to wish all mom’s a happy Mother’s Day.


Traditional Web Pages vs. Facebook Business Pages

mobile friendlyThere is some debate about the relative merits of Facebook Business Pages verses traditional web pages. If you are not a web design professional, an expert in SEO techniques or an accomplished Facebook user, you may not even understand the difference.  Both these common digital marketing solutions have pros and cons. Here are a few examples:

  • Ownership and Control. In your traditional website, you have complete control over all content, branding strategy, SEO techniques and other aspects. You own your website. With Facebook, you’re dealing with a third-party site. You follow the company’s terms of service, which are frequently revised. In effect, Facebook, not you, owns the site.
  • Site Design. With a website, you design your webpages to match your own branding strategy and goals. You are free to make changes anytime at your discretion. On a Facebook page, you can add your own logo design and make minor changes in appearance, but you will still have Facebook’s look. On the other hand, you (or your internet marketing agency) must do the design and the maintenance work yourself for traditional websites.
  • Interaction. On a traditional website you have limited opportunities to interact with your audience, especially if it is a “template” or amateur site design. Facebook is a place where you often find participants and “friends” using social media to interact with others. The typical Facebook user is more likely to be engaged in a conversation or leave comments.
  • Timeline. Facebook’s Timeline is a way to easily send your contents to thousands of people spending time on Facebook. With one easy click, users can get all your updates, comment on your Facebook posts and share your information with their own network of friends and family. This feature is not available with a traditional website, unless your audience can subscribe to your RSS feed. The drawback is that your users always must be using an RSS reader to keep information streaming to them. Most people will not do this.

The bottom line is that both Facebook and traditional web pages are needed. There is no substitute for the way branding strategies can be accomplished via a business website. On the other hand, the convenience and efficiency of Facebook’s automatic update and delivery cannot be ignored.

That is why Axiom does both! We build and maintain traditional websites and Facebook pages for clients simultaneously. Take a look at these examples from a medical practice we serve:

Or these examples from the OurSeniors.net Family of Senior Services, serving the needs of seniors in any way we can!

You can get details about some outstanding promotional opportunities by calling OurSeniorsDiscounts.net at 386-204-4727 by email at Contact OurSeniorsDiscounts.net.  At Axiom, our business marketing team can combine traditional marketing tools like direct mail advertising with local SEO services to build your branding strategy. Please visit Axiom’s small business services page or call Axiom at 800-888-6348.


Boomers, Seniors and YouTube

Senior woman with glasses portraitAxiom professionals have been providing traditional internet marketing agency services such as SEO techniques for many years. The pros at Axiom are accustomed to being referred to as an ”internet marketing agency.” At the same time, we have been involved in the older “technologies” used to construct branding strategies (print and direct mail advertising for example).

We have long believed that there is huge room for growth and development in the senior and 55+ digital marketing sector. Many professionals at other internet marketing agencies ignore this opportunity. A lot of them are “digital natives,” young people who have never known anything but a digital world. Often, these young people believe that seniors and 55+ boomers just do not “get it.” At Axiom, we know that is just not true. We understand that social media like YouTube have become pervasive platforms for sharing stories and spreading knowledge in senior networks.

YouTube allows viewers to watch and engage with stories on a personal, almost one to one level. It gives viewers the opportunity to share their own experiences with peers, family members and friends. It is surprising to us that some of our clients are still skeptical about the ability of media like YouTube to reach Baby Boomers and seniors. In fact, the 50+ age demographic is the fastest growing group of online users. Boomers and seniors spend an average of 19 hours per week, more time per week online than watching TV.  If you want to make your business or service known to this huge market, you must understand the reality of boomer and senior internet activity.

At Axiom, we do understand it! In a big way, “Seniors R Our Business!” As part of the OurSeniors.net Family, we know that YouTube doesn’t just attract high volumes of boomer and senior web traffic. It is also an incredibly effective medium for encouraging engagement and action. This goes hand-in-glove with the OurSeniors.net Family’s policy of proactive networking. Axiom professionals do not sit around the computer and wait for seniors to drop by. We are actively engaged with the OurSeniors.net “Brunch and Learn” program, and Axiom is responsible for putting these events on YouTube.

Check out a few of the recent programs by clicking on one of these links:

You can see the engagement that Axiom can bring to your business, service or professional practice through YouTube episodes. We do it for OurSeniors.net and we can do it for you.  Learn more about this opportunity by clicking this LINK, or by calling Axiom at 800-888-6348, or by contacting the OurSeniorsDiscounts.net organization directly at 386-204-4727.  Email them at Contact OurSeniorsDiscounts.net.

In the Orange and Seminole county areas, you may contact the OurSeniors.net Territory Account Manager, Gena Julian, at 386-516-3969 Ext. 21 or by email at Email Gena Julian.


Axiom is ‘Old-Fashioned’ Too!

OurSeniors.netThe professionals at Axiom Administrative Services work for an internet marketing agency, doing the typical things you imagine – working on SEO strategy and digital marketing solutions. However, there is another aspect to our organization that is just plain “old fashioned.” We communicate in print as well.

In fact, Axiom helps to produce a printed publication that reaches many thousands of consumers. As members of the OurSeniors.net Family of organizations, we have become specialists in communicating with and influencing 55+ adults and seniors. The medium of print is still a big part of that enterprise, and we are very pleased to be part of the team that produces both the print and online versions of OurSeniors.net Magazine and the pullout coupon section inside, the OurSeniorsDiscounts.net ad supplement.

The Spring Edition of OurSeniors.net Magazine is now available at over 240 locations in Volusia-Flagler counties and the central Florida area! (Click to see Pickup Locations.) If you are looking for a way to build your client or customer base, or to build loyalty in established patrons, Axiom and the OurSeniors.net Family can help you! We can leverage your promotional dollars in a way that gives your organization or enterprise exposure in print, on the web and on social media, including:

  • Printed and online coupons via OurSeniorsDiscounts.net
  • Extensive distribution of printed offers in the print edition. See Pickup Locations
  • Mention in web blog articles at OurSeniors.net
  • A presence on Facebook at OurSeniors.net Facebook

Please join Axiom and the OurSeniors.net team of senior and 55+ influencers in the very next printed edition of OurSeniors.net Magazine and the OurSeniorsDiscounts.net supplement. You can appear in the online version even sooner, so act now. You can learn more about this opportunity by clicking Contact OurSeniorsDiscounts.net or by calling 386-204-4727.

For all your other web needs, our business marketing team can combine traditional marketing tools like direct mail advertising with local SEO services to build your branding strategy. Please visit Axiom’s small business services page or call Axiom at 800-888-6348.