Connecting With Patients, Part 1


Connecting With Patients, Part 1

Doctor greating patientConnect: verb 1. To join together or to become joined. 2. To establish communications, establish a relationship. When it comes to connecting with patients, we want to adhere to the second definition.

A Current State of Affairs

Our health care system has been evolving for many years. Both doctors and patients are exposed to constant changes, generated by new laws and regulations and methods of insurance or the lack of it. In some cases, doctors have had to reduce the time they spend with each patient so that they can adjust to the ever-changing number of demands on their practice.

With the shortened amount of time, doctors have with each patient, medical care has become less personalized and more like an assembly line. It is not unlikely to see that waiting times have increased, and examination times have decreased.

A Bad Reputation

Due to these circumstances, some medical practices are receiving a bad reputation. Most patients want to feel that their doctor is caring and spends an adequate amount of time during the office visit, and overall medical care.humanity

Bringing Back the Humanity

Despite the restrictions placed on physicians these days, they must find ways to maintain and nourish the human need when treating patients.

There is a positive trend toward a more holistic view of patient care. Doctors are more effective when they evaluate the patient as a whole.  Caring for the wellbeing of the mind as well as the body produces better treatment results.

Scientific Authentication

It has been scientifically proven that negative emotions such as stress and depression affect health. It makes sense then that the opposite would be true. However, that has yet to be proven. Making people sad for research is easier than making them happy, apparently.

While having a good attitude hasn’t been proven to provide good health, there are thousands of research articles about how the mind affects the body. Science is starting to recognize the mind-body connection and it is no longer designated to new-age quackery. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been provided for research of the mind-body connection.

happy girlIt is no secret that when we are happy, we feel good. When we are feeling poorly, our spirits drop. This is not to say that the power of positive thinking can cure all ills, but it cannot hurt either.

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In Part 2 we will discuss ways to make connections with patients.


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