Reach Your Target Audience by Email Marketing

email marketingWebsite design, graphic design and search engine marketing through SEO services are all prerequisites to success in digital marketing. A strong website design with intelligent text, good graphic design, and possibly embedded video can make your website stand out. However, a static website can go only so far. To reach your customers on a regular and repetitive basis, email is an invaluable tool.

Consider some of the obvious advantages of a mail online campaign. Because email can be produced and distributed so quickly, it can be immediately responsive to market changes and opportunities. The response rate to any given email may be low, but because it costs so little to produce, the return on your investment of time and money can be large. The low cost enables you to try out many different formats and tactics at little risk and to track the success rate of each. If an offer for a 15% discount on some sale item or service works, you can repeat it as many times as you like. If it fails, you have lost little.

Email marketing enables a business, a professional practice or a non-profit organization to target a particular group or class of clients or customers. An auto repair shop can send one message to the owners of GM trucks and a separate one to Mustang drivers. A retailer can target women who have purchased ‘petite’ sizes in the past and a non-profit can hone in on members or contributors who have responded to a given appeal.

All of this presupposes that the business or organization has a mailing list, and the best source of this information is the organization itself. Collect the email addresses of any customer with whom you deal. Your email list is a valuable asset. Save it for yourself and do not share it. If you have done business over the internet, this should be easy. In other business types, the owner or proprietor can offer a small incentive to get a customer to sign up.

If you are starting from zero, there are organizations that offer email lists for sale, but you need to take care. You are almost certainly better off using the services of an experienced web development and SEO company like Axiom Internet Marketing. These professionals are familiar with digital marketing, search engine marketing and mail online campaigns. They have access to email data bases and can combine social media marketing techniques with programs that target mail online customers.

Axiom Professionals can give you specific advice about your product or service and mail online marketing. Here are some general principles that apply to any email promotion.

  • The subject line of an email must be catchy enough to get the recipient’s attention. A subject line like “Special Offer on Dresses” is not specific or exciting enough to stimulate interest in many people. Try “25% off on Size 5-7-9 Summer Outfits” to get the attention of a particular group of customers.
  • The most effective emails are not formal, written letters. They are graphics, filled with images of something that interests the customer. A graphic design with pictures of flying toy drones, colorful summer fashions or mud tires gets the consumer’s attention and conveys your message more effectively.
  • Don’t abuse email. Never email existing or potential customers more than once or twice a week. Doing so risks getting you placed into their spam filter.
  • Include a call to action like “print this coupon and bring it in”, “use this code to get a special offer” or “click this button to order now.”
  • If appropriate, use external links and utilize buttons for a more visually appealing external link.
  • Test your mail online campaigns to see what your subscribers respond to best. Do they respond to emails that have videos, photos or text?
  • Link to social media marketing platforms by including buttons to social media sites.

A few people can do all these things for themselves. For most business owners, tasks like website design, graphic design, online mail operations, and social media marketing are best left to professionals like Axiom Internet Marketing. Axiom has access to the up-to-date databases used to conduct effective digital marketing and mail online drives. Combined with its website design, graphic design, web development and SEO services, Axiom Internet Marketing can add the social media marketing or targeted email power that will put your business, non-profit or professional practice on top. Click Here or call 800-888-6348 to contact AIM and discover what it can do for you!


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Should I consider Social Media Marketing?

Social mediaYou don’t need remarkable social skills to succeed at social media networking. You only need to know how best to deploy your strategy and manage your platform. Axiom Internet Marketing is here to help you navigate successfully with social media marketing services.


How effective can a Direct Mail Campaign still be?

direct mail marketingWe live in the new age of internet marketing. Axiom Internet Marketing (AIM) is an internet marketing company that helps small businesses and web marketing novices achieve their goals. Marketing online, using search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing and internet advertising is what AIM does best. As web marketing experts, we sometimes forget that traditional marketing methods like direct mail advertising can still be effective tools.

The fact is that physical mail can sometimes be a more effective business marketing tool than email marketing. The reader must at least look it over before deciding if it is worth opening. Online advertising can be dismissed with a very fast click, sometimes before the viewer can even realize what it is. Social media marketing can be effective but it involves heavy involvement in trend following, keyword searching and search engine marketing techniques. Online video marketing and search engine advertising require the depth of expertise found only at an internet marketing agency like Axiom.

At the same time, studies have found that direct mail has more cognitive appeal than digital marketing materials. It produced more brain responses than virtual messages which may be ignored or even annoy the viewer. Even if the mail item is discarded before being thoroughly read, it may leave a more lasting and a deeper impression on the consumer’s mind.

Think about this. We recently went through a political primary election cycle. How much direct mail did you receive urging you to vote for one candidate or another, or to support some ballot proposal? Unless you don’t have a mailbox, you got a lot. The professional people who send and pay for that direct mail are not in the business of wasting money. They are paid to produce results and they understand that a good direct mail campaign can make a real difference.

boost web trafficA small business or professional practice cannot afford to ignore the direct response feature of direct mail. A direct mail campaign is intended to generate a specific response to a given piece of mail, not to create brand awareness. Direct-response advertising does not require prior time, effort and expense in branding. In its place, a business or professional practice can reach a potential customer “out of the blue.” Calculating the return on investment is relatively easy compared to digital advertising.

Given all this, why don’t all advertisers do only direct mail and not internet advertising? The answer is simple: direct mail costs more. An internet marketing agency or search engine marketing company can reach consumers literally for micro-cents per person. The cost of designing, printing and mailing traditional material is much higher. The cost-per-person advantages of web marketing and social media marketing is so great that, even with lower response rates, they may still be the way to go.

If cost were no object, every business would have a search engine marketing company, printing, direct mail, and social network marketing expert. But cost is an object, a very important object to most businesses. So you must choose.

Fortunately, there is help. Axiom Internet Marketing has a twin, Axiom Administrative Services, which has long experience in traditional graphic design, direct mail, and targeted mailing list promotions. Together, Axiom Administrative Services and Axiom Internet Marketing can help any business, non-profit or professional practice make the most of their advertising or public relations dollars. Axiom professionals can provide communication help from traditional direct mail campaigns to web design and search engine optimization. Contact one or both of them today.


Can Email Marketing be effective?

email marketingYou have to keep up with the times and Email Marketing is changing the way you can reach out to customers. Check out “Why Direct Mail Campaign is Considered the Most Effective Way of Internet Marketing.”


Web Marketing?

blogThe goal of every website is to reach a lot of people and turn them into customers. A great way to do that is through blog creation. Having an educational Blog is a great way to interact with your customers and keep them coming back. Call 800-888-6348.


Social media? What is that?

Social MediaEverywhere you turn these days you hear about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and so on. Well your customers are using social media; even the presidential candidates are on social media. So if you are interested in reaching out to your customers check out Importance of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses


Interact with Your Customers

Interact with Your CustomersPeople love learning about how things work and if you are running a business, you can be sure that customers are interested in how you go about doing what you do. Through blog creation in Phoenix, AZ, you can interact with your customers and gain new customers through curiosity.

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