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Axiom Leverages Online, Web, Print, Social Media and Hands-On Networking

social media networkingToday’s blog title may be a bit long, but the word LEVERAGE is the important part. In today’s business and professional world, the small business owner, the service provider or professional must leverage their time, talent and dollars. One of Axiom’s clients, the OurSeniors.net and OurSeniorsDiscounts.net group has a way to do just that.

This is a readymade web presence, social media platform, print distribution and a chance to break into an underappreciated networking group: senior networkers. Yes, seniors network too! In fact, they were doing it “over the back fence” long before smart phones were invented. Seniors tend to have tightly-knit circles of trusted friends, they may live in close proximity, they network and they tell each other about good deals. How can you get your business, professional practice, product or service in front of them?

This opportunity is vast, including a presence on Facebook, mention in web blog articles at Ourseniors.net, online coupons at OurSeniorsDiscounts.net, and extensive distribution of printed offers from the print edition. At last count, that was 241 Pickup Locations and growing!

You can learn more about this opportunity by AxiomAdminServ.com, or by calling Axiom at 800-888-6348, or by contacting the OurSeniorsDiscounts.net organization directly at 386-204-4727 (email them at Contact OurSeniorsDiscounts.net).

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