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A New Year and a New Look, Part 2

surpriseStarting things fresh is a side effect of starting a new year and if your are a business owner, it’s a good time to review your website and how it is functioning for your current needs. It may be time to get a new set of eyes and a new set of ideas from a new online marketing company like Axiom Internet Marketing. In Part 1, we covered information regarding the importance of SEO and some of its proponents, such as linking to other websites.

Keywords and Search Engine Optimization

Aside from linking, search engines look for keywords. This is what people use to search for information on the Internet and the thing that people are most familiar with using.

Generally, search engines take note of words in the page (the website as a whole) and where in the website those words are found. Most search engines index all the significant words on a page but leave out the articles “a,” “the,” and “an.” Words that occur in the title, subtitles and the Meta tags (a brief description of the article that normally shows up in search results) are noted for special consideration for later searches.

Weighing of information may involve assigning increasing values to words appearing near the top of a document, links, subheadings, Meta tags and the title of the page. Search engines use different formulas for weighing information, thus you will get different rankings from different search engines.

Other, more complicated activities take place that lead to a page’s ranking that we won’t delve into at this time.

Relevant Content

Having relevant content (text) on your website is an important part of search engine keywordsoptimization ranking. Positioning SEO, the content on your site and how it is presented will have a large impact on how your page is ranked. Titles, Meta tags and so forth, must be related to the subject of your website or they will be disregarded by web crawlers. For instance, you may place “football” in your title and Meta tags because it is a popular subject (and more likely to appear in first page search results), but if the rest of the content on your site is about brooms, the word football with be ignored. Relevant content means content that is pertinent to your business.

Content such as the information on your home page and subsequent pages are included in page rankings. However, this is not enough to move onto the first page of search results with an organic search. In addition to links and other methods, you need web crawlers to visit your site frequently, as this will make your site more important and seen as a leader in your field.

One way to keep web crawlers visiting your site is to have updated content that will draw them to your site in order to index the new content.

blogBlog Creation

An excellent way of providing updated content is to create a blog for your website. Blogs/articles can be on any subject as long as it pertains to your business in some way. It should also be interesting to the reader and encourage further investigating the website. If you are a good writer and have the time, you can write your own blogs, or you can have your Internet marketing team take care of it for you.

Having a successful website needs a successful SEO company like Axiom Internet Marketing. We understand marketing online and how to design a website that includes all of the things that will bring web crawlers to your site and move it up the page rankings.

Contacting Axiom Internet Marketing can certainly be the first step in providing your website with a fresh new look for a fresh New Year. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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