Diagnosing Your Website’s Ills


Diagnosing Your Website’s Ills

You’ve probably experienced this situation before: A patient comes to you with a set of symptoms and complaints that just don’t seem to fit any disorder with which you are  familiar. You have diagnosed hundreds of different conditions in your career but this one is a mystery. You look at several reference texts, consult various journals, and go back over notes from other patients to see if anything fits, but you just can’t seem to find the key to unlock the puzzle.2nd opinion on surgery

At this point, your next move is likely to be turning to a colleague whose expertise and judgment you respect; someone who can approach the problem from a different direction and perhaps see patterns or connections that you may have overlooked. No matter how well-trained and knowledgeable you may be, solving a problem or moving forward sometimes requires a fresh approach from a unique perspective. The smallest new insight can often be the final clue that allows you to solve the mystery and make the correct diagnosis.


Why Is This Thing Not Working?

The same situation can arise when a practice has an online presence but doesn’t seem to be attracting visitors to its website. The company that designed and built the website promised that your website would bring business to your practice by making you visible to a whole world of online visitors. And, for a while, they were right. Your website attracted visitors, and a good number of them eventually became patients. Your online strategy seemed to be working just as promised.

However, after a while, things changed. The website began attracting fewer visitors, and those that did visit did not stay as long or browse as many pages as they used to. Fewer new clients said they found out about you through the website. You paid good money for what looked at first to be a winning product. Now, however, you’re wondering why it’s no longer producing the results it once did. You did everything the website designer told you to do, so why is nothing working?


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A Fresh Look From Axiom

If you are feeling this way about your website, now is the time to turn to an experienced professional who knows how to diagnose the problem and prescribe the right treatment. Axiom Administrative Services has the technical expertise, marketing experience, and healthcare industry background to approach your online strategy from a variety of complementary perspectives.

We are not just “tech guys,” although we are leaders in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technology. More importantly, we know how to optimize your online technology for the healthcare market and consumer. Our solutions comprise comprehensive, ongoing strategies, not one-time fixes that leave you to deal with problems yourself. If you are dissatisfied with the impact your current website provides, contact us and learn how we can help get your site back on track.


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