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Effective Keyword Strategies

 An important part of creating a website that will rank high in search engines and attract visitors is creating keywords for your site that are relevant and effective. A keyword is a word or phrase on a website that relates to the content of that site. Search engines like Google and Yahoo rank your website partially based on the number and relevance of the keywords found there. Any keywords that appear on your site should be closely related to the content of the site. For example, if you are a surgeon who specializes in arthroscopic joint surgery your website should contain words and phrases such as “arthroscopic surgery,” “joint surgery,” or “surgeon.” These keywords tell visitors – and search engines – what your page is all about.Google


Optimizing Your Keyword Placement

Of course, it’s not enough simply to have the right keywords, it’s also important that they be seen in the right places. When search engines look at your website, they don’t only scan for keywords relevant to your practice, they also determine where on the page those keywords are located. Keywords that appear in the headers of articles or in the flow of text are better than those that appear in sidebars or as unsorted tags. Particularly good places to include keywords to ensure high visibility are in header tags and the ALT text in graphics.


The keywords on your page also ideally will be spread evenly throughout the site, rather than packed into one or two locations. You probably have seen web pages that have blocks of text containing long lists of keywords, one after the other. Some firms that do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) try to use this ploy to cram a lot of keywords onto a page in hopes that search engines will give the site a higher rating. However, many search engines are designed to identify this tactic and can actually downgrade you site for trying this tactic. Your keywords should be located on all of the pages on your site and appear in different places on different pages.

Stethoscope and keyboard illustrating concept of digital securit

Backlinks for Building Your Business

At Axiom Health Care Marketing, our strategy for optimizing your keywords includes not only compiling a list of keywords, but also backlinking to other relevant websites. Backlinking is the practice of locating links to your website on other sites that are likely to attract the kinds of individuals who also will be interested in your practice. This means linking to sites that are directly related to the type of medicine in which you specialize and the kind of practice you manage. We won’t just throw links out to a lot of random sites in hopes of increasing your search ranking, We’ll be sure those links are in places where they will work for you.


However, creating a single set of keywords and then sending you on your way is not the way we operate at Axiom. Our professional staff will continue to work with you to ensure that your links remain relevant and fresh and that your link portfolio reflects the latest updates to your practice. We will also make sure the sites to which you are backlinked remain reliable and relevant to your potential patients. Our top-of-the-line analytical software can help you measure how well your keywords are working for you. We will use this information to update your keyword portfolio to ensure that you stay at the top of search queries and remain visible to potential customers.


The Axiom Approach

To learn more about how a coordinated and coherent keyword portfolio and backlinking strategy can benefit your practice, contact Axiom today. Our staff not only has the IT knowledge to optimize your website, we also have experience in healthcare business and marketing and we bring that expertise to the table in all of our SEO efforts. Let us show you how we can help your website continue to be a key asset for growing your practice.

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Any Plumbers out there?


Are you hoping to find new clients for your plumbing business? As most businesses face tough competition, having good online marketing can be the difference in getting that next client. AXIOM Internet Marketing is aware that the hours you spend working does not give much time for reaching prospective clients. Let us do the work for you and help your business achieve a greater audience through online marketing. That way you can continue focusing on giving your business and residential customers the best plumbing services possible.

AXIOM Internet Marketing is proud to offer our clients of every trade a comprehensive package tailored to each business’s needs. Our services include Search Engine Optimization, which will improve your website’s ranking in search engines, web design and development, video/media production and editing, social media management, graphic design, and communication database creation and management services. All of these tools are performed by one company with the goal of improving your business and helping you reach your goals.

In order to be successful with our clients, we begin this process by learning what your goals are with your business and what your expectations are with marketing strategies. With that information, we then incorporate our skilled technology and writing experts who come up with what techniques will work best to get you the results you desire.  We only utilize white hat search engine optimization techniques, which will enable your content to be rated higher and improve your rankings in the search engines.

AXIOM Internet Marketing emphasizes on Search Engine Optimization techniques because the most common way for a new client to find you is through doing a search on the Internet. The potential customer goes into the search engine field and types in “plumber” with the appropriate geographical area needed. AXIOM Internet Marketing is knowledgeable of what information to place in your content to reach the residential and business customers you serve and those you are capable of providing services for.  Our expertise is configuring your content with Search Engine Optimization strategies that will improve your ranking within those search engines, and never causing your content to be penalized.

AXIOM Internet Marketing also provides social media management services that correlate with your plumbing business’s website. In order to be a top competitor in your field, having a strong online media presence and staying up to date with it is very important. We utilize Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to help improve your exposure online. It is our responsibility to manage the “likes”, “re-tweets”, and other comments from your social media pages and pass along this information to you.

AXIOM manages every detail of your website, from hosting, image and video creation, website programming and content managing. You are fully included in the process, giving recommendations and ideas to us, but after that you don’t have to stress about any part of your online content.  We are meticulous in ensuring that your website works perfectly, and that your social media is handled quickly and effectively. All of this together will enable you to reach new customers, improve your interaction with your customers, and get your name out there more easily.

Why Create a Website and use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

So if you are a plumber in Florida, California, Texas, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire or know of a superb plumber and need (SEO) Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management and or need assistance with Video/Media Production we are the company for you. Visit our Services Page and we may be reached at (800)-888-6348 Call us for a free consultation. Disclaimer


Monitoring Your Online Strategy

Treating chronic illnesses – from allergies, to arthritis, to heart disease or cancer – is a process that involves constant observation and monitoring of a patient’s physical condition. Chronic diseases progress and cause changes over time that can adversely affect the patient’s health if they are not managed consistently and treated effectively. Failure to keep abreast of new developments or changes in the condition of patients with chronic illnesses can have severe negative consequences.cardiology1

However, it should not be left solely to the physician to keep abreast of the health of patients suffering from chronic condition. The patient also bears responsibility for monitoring his or her own condition and informing the doctor of any changes or anything out of the ordinary. In addition, patients also must commit to following the physician’s recommended course of treatment. The worst thing an individual suffering from a chronic illness can do is neglect essential health regimens such as taking medication, regulating diet, or taking steps to reducing stress.

The One Constant is Change

Making sure your online marketing strategy is healthy and performing as it should also requires close attention and the ability to change strategy in the face of changing conditions. Too many professionals make the mistake of thinking they can pay a company to build a website and, if they do a good enough job, the site will simply run itself. For a short time that may work, but the online environment is constantly changing. If you fail to properly maintain and regularly update your website, you’ll soon find it won’t perform the way you expect it to.CB Weightloss pic 12 28 12

Changing conditions require adjustments in online strategy that many practices’ websites are not prepared to offer. You need a way to keep up with these changes and be able to respond in a way that enables your website to continue to attract and keep visitors. Failure to respond in a timely and effective manner can seriously impact the amount of traffic your site attracts and, consequently, the number of new patients it generates for the practice.

Axiom Tools For Continuing Success

If your website is not attracting new business to your firm, it’s not doing its job. At Axiom Administrative Services, we have the tools to help your website perform up to its capabilities and make your site an asset to your practice. We will not only work to make your website the best marketing tool possible, we will stay with you to update and offer new solutions when needed to ensure that it continues to work for you.

In addition to our proven track record in website design and optimization, Axiom brings to the table a wealth of experience in the healthcare market. We are ideally positioned to offer you solutions that work for both your professional and technological needs.  Let us show you how we bring these various professional competencies together to build a dynamic, flexible, and winning online marketing strategy.


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Legal SEO From Axiom

There are lots of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and web design firms who are more than willing to build you a website. What sets one apart form the others? And why should you choose AXIOM over our competitors? In short, Axiom knows the legal profession. Not only do we employ the industry’s best IT personnel, our staff also has a deep professional experience in the legal services field. By bringing together both top-notch technical skills and a keen professional insight into your industry, Axiom delivers you a website that meets your needs and is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

We Know The Legal ProfessionScales of Justice2

At Axiom we form strategic partnerships with only the most well regarded legal professionals. We are committed to promoting and recognizing the very best attorneys practicing today. This combination of legal background and technical expertise sets us apart from other Web design companies. A company that doesn’t understand the legal profession is unable to deliver the kind of targeted solutions that Axiom provides. We know that the goal of a website is to not appear cutting edge or tech-savvy, but to increase your business and improve your bottom line. That’s why we approach web design from a strategic, big-picture perspective that considers your firm’s overall goals as well as the technological details of optimizing your website.

With You For the Long Run

Once your site is up and running, we’ll stay with you to maintain and update content to make sure your site remains fresh and relevant. Our SEO strategy will consider every approach to making sure that your site ranks near the top of search engine results and that your rankings remain as high as they were on day one. In addition to coding and backlinking, we will link you to social media such as Facebook and Twitter, create content for your site, set up and maintain a blog, and even deliver top-notch print media. We don’t want just to build you a website, we want to work with you to make sure the site is meeting your firm’s needs.

Talk to an Axiom staff member to day to see how we can work with your practice to create online solutions that ate right for you. From website design, to media creation, to maintenance and updating, Axiom Internet Marketing is your one-stop source for top-of-the-line SEO solutions.

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The Importance of the Right Recommendations

Good physicians tend to build extremely loyal patient families, often seeing the same patients and their children for generations. Physicians find that those loyal patients often are some of the best advertisements for their practices. It is impressive how much impact a few passionate and credible sources can have on a business’ reputation, and highly satisfied repeat customers can be some of a practice’s most effective marketing tools.

What’s Important to the Patient?2nd opinion on surgery

The layperson looking for a physician expects to see impressive professional credentials and fellowships in prestigious societies and academies. A long list of degrees and accomplishments is unlikely to be the deciding factor in searching for a new doctor. Likewise, a magazine poll that rates local physicians might offer some insights, but it gives you no real idea of whether a physician is not only competent, but a good fit for you.

The advice of someone who has personal experience with a particular physician is much more likely to sway a person’s opinion than a rating in a poll or a flashy ad in a magazine. People are more likely to trust the recommendation of family members and friends over the opinions of strangers, even those who are considered “experts”.  The more patients who recommend a practice, the more reliable and competent its image. Conversely, if former patients consistently criticize a practice, potential patients are likely to see it in a negative light.

Links: Virtual Recommendations

Having recommendations from trusted sources is just as important to the success of your website as it is to the success of your practice. This means having links to your site from other sites that are related to your practice and respected within your profession. These links – called backlinks, show how widely known your “brand” is on the Internet and who is aware of it. Just as with patient recommendations, more links is better than fewer, and links from trusted and relevant sites are better than those from random or unrelated sites.

Integrated Internet Marketing

The principal value of a strong backlink portfolio is that increases your website’s ranking in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Highly-ranked sites appear closer to the top of query results generated by these search engines, which means they are likely to get the most visitors. However, just having lots of backlinks doesn’t ensure a strong ranking. Search engines give much more weight to links from sites with content that is relevant to that on your website. Quality is every bit as important as quantity.

Let Axiom Administrative Services show you how we can build a backlink portfolio for your site that gets you noticed in online searches. We combine high-level IT expertise with extensive healthcare industry experience so we know what sites provide the most value in your backlink portfolio. We can also help you create new content for outside sites that will keep your online presence fresh.  Contact us today to learn how we can optimize your links, boost your online profile, and help drive business to your practice.


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Doing SEO Right

The competition among contractors of all sorts – plumbers, electricians, heating and air conditioning contractors, pest control firms to name just a few  – is more heated today than ever. Everyone is trying to find a way to get a leg up on the competition through marketing and advertising. A great many contracting firms are turning to the Internet to try to attract new customers and get the word out about their businesses.

There are firms that are reluctant to take the plunge, however. Some believe that a website is a luxury that only large companies can afford. Others are concerned that the cost and effort to create and maintain a website isn’t worth the investment. Still others don’t have an online presence because they think their type of business won’t be of interest to people online. The fact is, a well designed and properly maintained website can be a valuable asset for any company, no matter the size of the nature of your business.

One Size Does Not Fit AllAir Conditioning Repair - Teamwork

When you do make the decision to establish an online presence, it is important to avoid a couple of common mistakes many firms make. The first of these is choosing prepackaged website optimization solutions. Although they claim to work for any website on any platform, prepackaged solutions typically take shortcuts and cannot be customized to your particular needs. A customized package can focus primarily on strategies that are most appropriate for your business’ needs, rather than offering generic solutions.

Don’t Get Stale

A second common mistake is failing to update and maintain the website regularly. Even the best website when it is launched will eventually become dated and even stale if it is not refreshed with new content and spiced up with interesting and unique content. Including features such as video or an interactive blog where you can share information with customers will not only make your site more attractive to visitors, they will boost your rating in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. That means when people use these search engines to find a contractor, your firm’s name will appear closer to the top of the list.

Axiom Internet marketing has the experience and professional skill you need to create a top-flight website and keep it working at its best for you. Let us show you how our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions can put you on top and keep you on top to draw new customers to your business.



Get Personal With a Blog

 As a physician, you know that some of the most valuable insights into your patients’ physical and psychological health come not from the results of clinical tests, but from the opportunities you have to talk with them at length, one-on-one. In today’s busy world – and especially amid the hectic pace of modern healthcare – you are aware that those opportunities are becoming rarer, and when they do arise they are usually all-too-brief. While you would probably like to be able to spend more time simply talking and sharing information with your patients, your schedule and responsibilities frequently rob you of the time you need to do so.


 2nd opinion on surgeryThere is another way you can reach out to your patients and offer them the information, advice, and opportunity for communication that just doesn’t seem to be available when you’re in the office. By maintaining a blog on your practice’s website, you can open up an avenue for sharing with your patients the knowledge, experience, and expertise you have gained through your medical training and practice. Even if you don’t have the time to speak to all of your patients about the latest studies or advances in your field, you can make that information available to them through a blog. A blog is a great way to help your patients become informed so they better understand any treatments or procedures that they may be considering.


A Two-Way Street


What makes a blog unique, however, is that the communication goes both ways. Not only can you use a blog to touch base with your patients, they can use it to talk to you. While contact forms and company emails are fine for gathering basic patient information, they don’t offer the patient – or prospective patient – a chance to find out more about you or your practice. Visitors who may be reluctant to send information or questions to an anonymous email address may be much more likely to post to a physician’s personal blog. The availability of a space dedicated to patient-doctor dialogue invites greater openness and sends the message that you want to communicate with your patients.blogging-blog2

Opening Your Doors


There is also a very practical business reason to maintain an active blog – it helps you attract online visitors. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo give higher rankings to websites with blogs that remain active, contain relevant and interesting information, and that are regularly updated and maintained. That means prospective patients who search for physicians practicing in your area of specialization will be more likely to see your name at or near the top of the search results. Greater online visibility translates into more visitors to your site and more prospective clients.


Why Axiom for SEO?


Axiom Administrative Services has years of experience in helping physicians create a strong online presence by using a comprehensive suite of techniques that includes website design and creation, creating and maintaining blogs, providing content, creating and managing communications databases, media and video production, and much more.


We’re not just well-versed in IT and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Axiom knows the healthcare market and understands the challenges of running a practice in today’s healthcare environment.  Let us show you how we can leverage our dual strengths in technology and healthcare expertise to help ensure that your online presence is making a positive impact on your bottom line.


Let Axiom show you a range of options to optimize your website, including creating a dynamic blog, to increase your online traffic and improve your online presence. Our state-of-the art Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, combined with our healthcare industry experience, can help put you at the top of everyone’s list. 



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