Doing SEO Right


Doing SEO Right

The competition among contractors of all sorts – plumbers, electricians, heating and air conditioning contractors, pest control firms to name just a few  – is more heated today than ever. Everyone is trying to find a way to get a leg up on the competition through marketing and advertising. A great many contracting firms are turning to the Internet to try to attract new customers and get the word out about their businesses.

There are firms that are reluctant to take the plunge, however. Some believe that a website is a luxury that only large companies can afford. Others are concerned that the cost and effort to create and maintain a website isn’t worth the investment. Still others don’t have an online presence because they think their type of business won’t be of interest to people online. The fact is, a well designed and properly maintained website can be a valuable asset for any company, no matter the size of the nature of your business.

One Size Does Not Fit AllAir Conditioning Repair - Teamwork

When you do make the decision to establish an online presence, it is important to avoid a couple of common mistakes many firms make. The first of these is choosing prepackaged website optimization solutions. Although they claim to work for any website on any platform, prepackaged solutions typically take shortcuts and cannot be customized to your particular needs. A customized package can focus primarily on strategies that are most appropriate for your business’ needs, rather than offering generic solutions.

Don’t Get Stale

A second common mistake is failing to update and maintain the website regularly. Even the best website when it is launched will eventually become dated and even stale if it is not refreshed with new content and spiced up with interesting and unique content. Including features such as video or an interactive blog where you can share information with customers will not only make your site more attractive to visitors, they will boost your rating in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. That means when people use these search engines to find a contractor, your firm’s name will appear closer to the top of the list.

Axiom Internet marketing has the experience and professional skill you need to create a top-flight website and keep it working at its best for you. Let us show you how our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions can put you on top and keep you on top to draw new customers to your business.


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