Standing Out With Branding


Standing Out With Branding

In today’s business environment it is important that your firm stand out from the crowd, that it have something to make it instantly distinctive and distinguishable from its competitors. Branding is a strategy used by many of the most successful companies of all sizes to familiarize the public with their goods and services. Having the right logo can draw the kind of attention to your brand that you need to improve your visibility. A well-designed logo can also function as your company’s professional “signature.” brand-blocks2


What Makes a Good Logo?

If you want people to remember your logo and associate it immediately with your company, you need to make sure it is unique, visually arresting, and communicates the right message about your business. This means not only creating an image that will set you apart from your competition, but also one that your customers can look to with trust and confidence. For a businessperson who is just wading into the world of branding, that can be a daunting task. That’s why Axiom is here. We have experience with branding that you can count on to set your firm in the right direction.


A good place to start with designing a logo is to think about the image you want to project to customers and the message you want to send about your business. People who are close to the business – business partners, employees, and even long-time customers – can be an excellent source of ideas to get your branding kick-started.  Once you’ve developed a few test ideas, present them to a focus group of individuals and solicit their feedback about which best reflects your business and why. This can give you valuable information about how others perceive you and the message each potential logo is sending to you customers.


Spread the Word

Once you have decided upon a logo you need to be sure it gets the widest possible exposure. This means placing it wherever potential customers are likely to see it, whether it is on your website, in a direct mail brochure, on business cards, or any other media in which it can reach the public. One great place online to start your branding efforts is through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Over a billion people have accounts on Facebook alone, offering you access to a world of potential customers. Creating a Twitter account or a Facebook page featuring your logo is an excellent way to reach out to potential customers as well as to stay connected to current ones.

Email Marketing

All of your company’s written communications also should feature your logo. For example, it should appear in the header or signature line of all of your firm’s emails. Printed marketing materials such as fliers, brochures, and print ads should always feature your logo prominently located in the document header. The more and wider exposure your logo gets, the better the public recognition of your brand and the more people who are likely to think of you when they need a professional contractor.


Branding and Graphic Design With Axiom

At Axiom we know what a significant undertaking branding can be, which is why we are here to offer a complete line of professional services to create and market your brand and logo. Axiom features the most highly skilled graphic designers to develop a logo precisely suited to your firm, as well as marketing and IT professionals who know how to get the widest online and print exposure for your brand. Our highly skilled staff is also well versed in the mechanical and electrical contracting industries, and can apply that knowledge to a custom –crafted solution for you. Contact Axiom today to see how we can help set you apart with a winning branding strategy.


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