Getting the Right Results


Getting the Right Results

As a plastic surgeon that is involved in body shaping, you are used to making big changes for your patients, especially after they have had a huge weight loss. Making such a big difference in a person’s life can be very gratifying. As a specialized surgeon, you want prospective patients to know what you have to offer. This is where Axiom Health Care Marketing comes in. We will work to make sure that your practice information is right at their fingertips when they look for information having to do with your practice.

We Can Shape Your Marketing

Axiom Health Care Marketing specializes in providing medical professionals with the help they need with marketing their practice. We are a full-service marketing firm that can help with traditional marketing such as paper advertising, but our main focus is in Internet marketing.

We know the world of healthcare, and we know the world of Internet marketing. Just as you specialize in plastic surgery body contouring, we specialize in health care online marketing. People looking for medical information online are different from those who are simply looking for a new smartphone. They are looking for information that will have an affect on them physically. You can’t simply blast an advertisement at them shouting, “Buy me! I’m on sale!”

Creating an Effective Website

What we know about internet marketing to prospective patients is that you have to be more subtle and gentle about drawing them in. This starts with an attractive website design created by someone who knows how to design a website especially for medical professionals.

Health care marketing begins with the creation of your website and the use of SEO, search engine optimization techniques. This is the strategic placement of keywords throughout your website design. Keywords are any words or phrases that a searcher may use when looking for information. For your body contouring practice, words such as body contouring, plastic surgery, skin removal, and even weight loss surgery could be keywords. There are many others as well that you can discuss with our online marketing team. 

Creating a Blog

Creating a blog for your website is another tool of search engine optimization and is one of the best ways to keep web crawlers interested in your website. The more often you have new content on your site, the more often the web crawlers will visit, and consequently, the higher you will place in page rankings.

However, blog creation can also be an excellent way to engage prospective patients by giving them something to read that is related to your practice. The blogs should be interesting and informative. A blog will give a prospective patient the feeling of being more informed and will leave your website having had a good experience. This good experience is what is going to stand out once they have whittled down their choices for where to take their business.

Social Media

Social media marketing is another tool used for Internet marketing. The rapid expansion of social media provides an excellent way to spread the word about what you have to offer. Just one person telling another about a positive experience with your surgical skills can lead to a landslide of word of mouth references.

As creating a blog, having a Facebook or Twitter (or other social media) page gives you the opportunity to engage prospective patients, or even current patients. However, this can be on more of a personal level. Through one of these avenues, people can contact and interact with you directly, creating a personal connection that will put them at ease. Prospective patients might ask a question through the Internet that they may be too reserved to ask in person.

Axiom Health Care Marketing has numerous methods through Internet marketing, for putting your name and practice in front of the public searching for your services. We know how to market your plastic surgery and body contouring practice to obtain optimal exposure and bring in new patients. Contact us today for a consultation and learn what we can do for your practice.


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